Kraucik83 Betty White's tips for living a long and happy life! (from the Late Show) Pick yours!

Pick one:
#10 Get at least 8h of beauty sleep, 9 if you're ugly
#9 Exercise. ou don't. What the hell do I care?
#8 Never apologize -- It shows weakness
#7 The best way to earn a quick buck is a slip and fall law suit
#6 Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts
#5 Schedule nightly appointments with Dr. Johnnie Walker
#4 Take some wheatgrass, soy paste and carob, toss in the garbage and cook...
#3 Try not to die
#2 Never dwell on past mistakes, esp. toi LeBron
#1 Don't waste your time watching this crap (Late Show-David Letterman)
 Kraucik83 posted il y a 1 mois
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