It’s been announced that 4minute‘s Gayoon will be making a short appearance as actress Lee Ji Ah‘s friend on ‘I’m a fleur Too‘!

On Octobe 18th, a source revealed that Gayoon finished filming her cameo as a high school student, who was a childhood friend of Cha Bong Sun (played par Lee Ji Ah), on October 16th.

The source stated, “During scenes such as taking the college entrance exams, she was able to successfully pull off jouer la comédie that was short but impactful.”

Although it was only a short cameo appearance, viewers are curious to see Gayoon making her first jouer la comédie debut.

Her fellow labelmate, Kikwang of B2ST, is a part of the cast for ‘I’m a fleur Too’ and plays the young cop who harbors feelings for Cha Bong Sun.

The drama has been in the spotlight recently for the switch of lead male actors. The original lead, Kim Jae Won, had no choice but to pull out due to a shoulder injury caused par a motorcycle malfunction during the filming of the drama, and Yoon Shi Yoon was cast to take his place.

Catch the first episode on November 2nd!