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Recently, rumors of F(x) Victoria and TVXQ Changmin has been gaining much attention online.

Victoria had recently posté a picture on her weibo account of her in China, but fans were plus interested in the reflection of the person in her spoon.

It was revealed to be TVXQ member Changmin. Due to this, many fans believed that the two may be dating.

However, SM Entertainment made a statement that the two were just Friends and that during the time of the picture, the staff members were there as well.

Still, many internet users could not let this issue go as they searched the web for clues and evidence...
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SHINee‘s Taemin suffered a wardrobe malfunction on ‘KBS Gayo Daejun‘.

During their stage of ”Sherlock” with a mix of “Clue” and “Note“, SHINee showed off their usual incredible live performance. The boys kept up their perfect vocals even with their intense, complicated choreography without a hitch except for one.

The actual problem came with a wardrobe issue that had some fans smiling. Initially, SHINee’s multi-colored, tie-dye Suits – Avocats sur Mesure had some fans wincing, but the mood soon changed when maknae Taemin’s seams burst open during one of the dance moves. However, Taemin handled the situation professionally, continuing with the performance like nothing happened.

posted by shiraz97
1.When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn’t pay attention to other things.. (Win Win Ep. 11)
2. Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..
3. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she’s talking about Tiff that cares her so much.. (IY Ep 1)
4. Yuri is thinking about the member when she’s jouer la comédie crying in K.Will’s MV (Jeon Hyunmoo’s Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])
5. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days (Win Win Ep. 11)
6. Yuri got slapping habit

7. Yuri was a dit a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member par plus than...
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posted by sone123456snsd
21. F.CUZ
F.Cuz (Korean: 포커즈, "Focus"), is a South Korean boy band managed par CAN Entertainment. The group made their debut on January 8, 2010 with their first single, "Jiggy" on musique Bank. F.Cuz originally debuted as a four-member group (Jinon, LeeU, Kan, and Yejun), but LeeU made his departure on August 23, 2011 to pursue a solo career. F.Cuz promoted shortly as three-member group in Japan, but were joined par new members Daegun and Raehyun in 2012.[5][6] The official fanclub for F.Cuz is 'For U' and their color is Twinkle Light Silver.

20. JYJ
JYJ (formerly known as Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun...
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posted by sone123456snsd
Girls Generation/SNSD
1. Kim Tae Yeon
2. Jung Soo Yeon
3. Im Yoon Ah
4. Choi Soo Young
5. Kwon Yu Ri
6. Kim Hyo Yeon
7. Seo Joo Hyun
8. Lee Soon Kyu
9. Stephanie Hwang

1. Jung Soo Jung
2. Victoria Song
3. Choi Sulli
4. Luna
5. Amber Liu

1. Song Ji Eun
2. Han Sun Hwa
3. Jun Hyo Sung
4. Zinger

After School
1. Lee Joo Yeon
2. Nana
3. Uee
4. Lizzy
5. Lee Ka Eun
6. E-Young
7. Kim Jung Ah
8. Raina

A rose
1. Jung Eun Ji
2. Park Cho Rong
3. Yoon Bo Mi
4. Son Na Eun
5. Kim Nam Joo
6. Oh Ha Young

1. Park Hyo Min
2. Ham Eun Jung
3. Lee Gyu Ri
4. Park Ji Yeon
5. Jeon Bo Ram
6. Park So Yeon

1. Goo Ha Ra
2. Park...
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Name: Park Chan Yeol 박찬열
Fan Name: ChanYeol
Birth: November 27th, 1992
Height: 184 cm
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: Guitar, Drums, Bass, African Drums, Rapping, Acting, listening to music, playing instruments
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Siblings: Older Sister
School: Seoul Gangnam-gu High School (Graduated)

Rapper in EXO-K


-Appeared in SNSD's Genie (Jap. Ver) MV
-Appeared in TVXQ!’s HaHa Song,
-2008 Smart Model Contest Winner
-joined SM in 2008 par Casting System
-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children so he played with them...
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Hey guys I made some clubs so if toi like it please rejoindre ~

Sunmi - solo artist under JYP Ent
(former Wonder Girls)

Leo(VIXX) - a member of boy band VIXX

Lim Hyun Sik - a member of boy band BTOB

Jung Ilhoon - a member of boy band BTOB

Go Jun Hee - korean actress also was in We Got Married with Jung Jinwoon

Jeon Hyosung - a member of girl group Secret

Yoon Bomi - a member of girl group A Pink

LUNAFLY - a korean band

WINNER - Upcoming boy band under YG Entertainment

Woollim Entertainment

Lee Seunghoon - YG new boy band WINNER member

Song Minho - YG new boy band...
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posted by 5lads
SNSD Dance Ranking :

1. Hyoyeon
2. Yuri
3. SooYoung
4. Yoona
5. Seohyun
6. Sunny
7. Jessica
8. Taeyeon
9. Tiffany

Most Voted Beautiful Personality in SNSD:

1. Seohyun
2. Taeyeon
3. Tiffany
4. Yuri
5. Hyoyeon

Most Voted Good actrices in SNSD:
1. Yoona
2. Yuri
3. Sooyoung
4. Taeyeon
5. Jessica

Most Voted SNSD Members in Korea:
1. Kim Taeyeon
2. Im Yoon-Ah
3. Seo Joo Hyun
4. Jessica Jung
5. Tiffany Hwang

Most Voted Members in European Countries:
1. Kim Hyoyeon
2. Choi Sooyoung
3. Kwon Yuri
4. Tiffany Hwang
5. Lee Sun Kyu

The Prettiest Member in Hoot MV:

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posted by CielXlizzy19
This liste is not mine. I found this somewhere on Tumblr. All credit goes to it's respective owners.

If Kpop Fandoms Were Cities

Blackjack City: Boomboxes on every corner, where the inhabitants wear crazy yet cool hairstyles, drive really fast in racing cars, and wear sunglasses, even at night. "I Am The Best" bumperstickers are on every car. A lot of inhabitants have families in A+ City but Blackjack City is very friendly with VIP City inhabitants.

A+ City: Everyone is a ninja, every restaurant is a buffet, Engrish waffurs are the breakfast of choice, mailboxes are named Pigeon Folders. City...
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posted by Leesoneul
 IU and Eunhyuk
IU and Eunhyuk
IU and Eunhyuk, what happen?

You must be wondering what happend to them!
A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around. The photo was posté onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.

The photo shows Eunhyuk clearly, but only shows a part of IU’s face. The most shocking part is that the two seem to be lying on a bed, and that Eunhyuk has no chemise on.

Furthermore, fans have pointed out that the pajama is the same one that IU got from her fans, that she tweeted in the past. She tweeted it when she burnt...
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SNSD has been extremely successful in both Japon and Korea, and their popularity can be attributed somewhat to their long, slender legs. However, there are other Korean artists who are also known for such desirable legs. In a survey done par dermatologists and plastic surgeons, the haut, retour au début five were chosen as follows:

1. UEE (After School)

She is known to be the master of “honey thighs”. As a former competitive swimmer, she has trained her leg muscles extensively. Unfortunately, she has recently been plagued with negative commentaires over her weight. Nevertheless, commentaires par the judges included:...
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posted by shiraz97
Kwon Yuri (Hangul: 권유리; Hanja: 權侑利 born December 5, 1989) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actress, promotional model, entertainer and TV presenter. She is a member of the girl group Girls' Generation.
Birth name 권유리
Born December 5, 1989 (age 23)
Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea[1]
Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop, dance-pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, TV presenter, promotional model, entertainer, MC, rapper
Instruments Vocals, violin, piano
Years active 2007–present (singer & actress)
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts Girls' Generation...
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1. Seo JooHyun is her real name
2. Her birthday is June 28 1991
3. Her blood type is A
4. She is the Maknae (youngest) in the group
5. She and Yoona are childhood Friends
6. She loves eating Goguma (Sweet potatoes)
7. She hates hamburgers
8. Tiffany is her former roomate
9. Hyoyeon is her current roommate
10. If toi notice, She sometimes sings first in some of SNSD's songs like s’embrasser You. Honey. Gee. Oh and Way to Go
11. She is a lead vocalist in the group
12. She once brainwashed Taeyeon into watching Keroro.
13. She loves watching Keroro and Nodame Cantabile
14. She is the seconde tallest...
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posted by shiraz97
Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, 1989) is a South Korean idol singer, TV presenter, dancer, actress and promotional model. She is the leader of Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

Birth name 김태연
Also known as Taeng, Taengoo, DJ Taengoo, Tae-Tae, Umma, Ajumma, Taejumma, Jummataeng, Kid (Ggoggoma) Leader
Born March 9, 1989 (age 24)
Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B, Dance-pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, actress, Promotional model, TV presenter, DJ
Instruments Vocals, guitar[1][2]
Years active 2007–present
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts...
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posted by Gretulee
Name: Do Kyung Soo 도경수
Fan Name: D.O
Birth: January 12, 1993
Height: 173 cm
Horoscope: Capricorn
Blood Type: A
Skills/Hobby: Singing, Beat boxing, interpreting lyrics

Main Vocal in EXO-K


-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children, playing with them and tidying up the facilities
-there are 3 rooms In the dorm D.O shares the room with Kai
-D.O is The Cleanest from EXO-K
-always loved chant ever since was little
-he is close to Super Junior's Ryewook
-has great English pronunciation
-took up vocal lessons and such even before auditioning SM
-auditioned SM in 2010
-want's Exo to...
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posted by shiraz97
1.Yuri used to call Yoona on set so much just to hear Yoona’s voice that Yoona had to turn off her phone during recordings. Yuri was at the Madame B performance for JeTiHyun cheering like a fangirl, and used to stay up at night to tune in to Chinchin & Chunji (with Sunny) and make call-ins as aléatoire listeners.
2. When Yuri is angry , she quietly goes into her room and write what she will say and her comebacks. During the argument , when someone gives an unexpected answer , she say ” Wait one seconde ” goes back into her room , write plus stuff , and come backs out.
3. Yuri once found...
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1. she always uses the safety ceinture even if she seats at the back siège

2. she is part of We Got Married, partner on CNBlue's Yonghwa

3. she keeps a camera but rarely uses it, she brings it for practising SELCA (self-camera)

4. she likes to read livres but doesnt read ALOT.

5. she likes to read self- improvement livres like eg. No One Will Live Your Life For You!

6. she likes sweet potates

7. she is a great pianist

8. she has a habit to sleep at 12 midnight sharp. because thats when her 'cells regenerate'

9. she is a fan of sergeant OST Keroro

10. she cares about her health and remains healthy...
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Name: Kim Joon Myun 김준면
Fan Name: Su Ho
Birth: May 22, 1991
Height: 173 cm
Blood Type: AB
Skills/Hobby: Acting, Golf, cycling

Leading Vocal and Leader of EXO-K


-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children so he played with them and tidied up the facilities
-there are 3 rooms In the dorm Su Ho shares the room with Se Hun
-dreamed of becoming a singer since he was in elementary school
-was discovered through rue casting and joined SM in 2006
-want's Exo to become an established group, and to become a multi-talented entertainer.
-he was mentioned par Super Junior's Kyuhyun in...
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Technically February is the beginning of 2013 in the Lunar Calendar, and rightfully so as we reviewed the haut, retour au début ten most viewed articles on KpopStarz. In February, we saw a trend going for scandals, confessions and new beginnings. Idols are signing on and off their télévision commitments.

Apart from these most viewed news though, we did cover some important ground this month, that can shake and make the Kpop industry better. In the middle of the scandals, we also raised the questions and explored things in depth.

Without further ado, first we round up the haut, retour au début ten issues, with page views, ou what...
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posted by sone123456snsd
☆ Best Male Group

☆ Best Female Group
SNSD/Girls Generation

☆ Best New Male Artist
BTS / Bangtan Boys

☆ Best New Female Artist
Lim Kim

☆ Best Male Artist

☆ Best Female Artist

☆ Best Sub-Unit
Trouble Maker

☆ Best Original Soundtrack
Taeyeon - And One (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)

☆ Best musique Video
B2ST "Shadow"

☆ Best Song
EXO "Growl"

☆ Artist of the year