Klaus isn't visually in the picture here, but he's a big part of the scene.

Caroline opened the door of her bedroom and almost stumbled over a big, flat box. She bent her knees and picked it up. She walked to her bed, put the box down and opened it. There was a red strapless dress in it and matching gloves and tiara. Caroline took it in her hand and held it up. She walked to the mirror and looked at it. It looked plus like a wedding dress. She wanted to check the size and noticed a note.
‘I hope you’ll wear this dress tonight. I’ll meet toi at Homecoming’
Caroline put the dress back in the box and carried it downstairs. She walked to the cuisine and threw the box on the table.
“What’s your deal?” Liz asked surprised.
“Was Tyler here? Did he ask toi to give me that?” Caroline asked accusatory.
“I haven’t seen Tyler” Liz a dit honest. “Or anyone else for that matter. The box was on the front porch. It had your name on it. Why? What’s in it?”
Caroline nodded at the box. “See for yourself” Liz walked to the box and opened it. She took a long deep breath, which she let go slowly. “Wow. I think someone really wants toi to go to the Homecoming dance. You’re wearing this, aren’t you?”
“I don’t know. Why does Tyler send me a dress for Homecoming when he’s dating Veronica?” Caroline asked insecure.
“Who says Tyler send toi the dress?” Liz fired back. “Look at yourself, Caroline. You’re beautiful, intelligent, independent, strong. Men are standing in line for you”
Caroline peeked at the dress. “It really is a nice dress” she said, giving in.