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posted by Humphry-Real3
this is a poem i wrote for my sister!!!! hope u like it!! :D

you are always there
when i need you,

sometimes toi are
too good to be true

we will always
be together and i will
always l’amour you

i want toi to know
that toi are my true
friend and i hope
i can be one to you

you have no idea
how pretty toi really are

you shine brighter
than the brightest

ther is an open spot
in my cœur, coeur for you

that will never
ever fade to blue

you'll always be
that special part,

that is located
deep in my heart

i hope toi know
tha all this is real

that toi make me
happy and that' the

i will always be that
person you'll call

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My Sister,You may be the younger one But you’re wise beyond your years When I look to you, I look upAnd I admire what I see A sister; a friend So full of love, so full of strength What toi may not knowIs that I l’amour toi ...Your heart, your soul The way toi set out To make all your dreams come true toi often thank me for my support What toi don’t see Is that if it weren’t for toi I would not l’amour you, my sister plus than I could ever describe And I’m thankful everyday That you’re in my life <3