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 Sora and Roxas
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I was walking down the long,long hallway to my room. When all of the sudden I ran into Demyx.

Demyx-"hey Xion"
Xion-"hey Demyx"
Xion-"I thought your mission was over"
Demyx-"like I tryed my hardest right?"
Xion-"well I gess toi got me there"
Demyx-"I can't help that I'm lazy"
Xion wispered"I bet toi could if toi wanted to"
Demy-"what was that?"
Xion-"hu I didn't say anything"
Demyx-"really? I could have sworn"
Xion cut him off "nope. So what are toi doing down hear?
Demyx-"oh ya I was going to play my sitar"
Demyx-(she looks sad) he thought
Xion stared walking back to her room
Demyx-"hey wait!"
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at the end of the last episode sora runs in to the woods because he hears kairi scream he asked her are toi ok??so let's see/read what happend
Sora:Kairi toi ok??
Kairi:Oh sora umm...yeah im ok i just cut myself on a thorn it really hurt.....:(
Sora:Oh thank god i thought toi were being attack.......
Kairi:(She smiles at him) and toi were coming to save me??
Sora:Umm....Well yeah Kairi your my my friend i do anything for know that right??
Kairi:well yeah but toi were right serious about it....
Sora:Well....yeah because..(Kairi kisses him)
They share a true loves first kiss..
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 Cute Heartless
Cute Heartless
A little heartless was wandering alone in his Heart. He was scared, mostly because a scary boy had tried to kill him with a Keyblade. His cœur, coeur was long gone, Just an empty shell. He sat down on the black floor and pouted. Thinking about how he had gotten into this mess, He wondered how he was going to get OUT of this mess. As he was thinking, A little light came into his life. He didnt notice it at first. Then when the light was right Above him, He looked up. At first, he didnt know what it was. He looked a little closer, and he saw it was Light. He stood up, Wanting to touch the light. But...
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So, lately, I've been trying to figure out the meaning of the pages and the stories in the introduction for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

A lot of people have been confused par this as well. For example, many have mistaken that it could be Ansem's ou Xehanort's Reports all gathered into one that later evolved into this story. So this could be true. But, then again Ansem and Xehanort were caught up in other affairs. Sure they were present when Sora became a keyblade wielder, but they wrote their reports when Sora was just a little boy, yet to know his own destiny.

Now, I know that their...
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