*Current Time*

Taken off guard par the sudden attack, Axel, and Roxas struggled to get their footing. Axel was being forced to the ground par Riku, while Sora thrust Roxas into the air. Sora quickly finished off Roxas who was still in midair as he grabbed the front of his waistband pulled down so his feet would go straight through Sora’s legs. As Roxas slid through Sora’s legs the waistband of his Kingdom Hearts Two briefs, (Had this on it back and front Pic ) shot up into his balls causing him to scream. With all the force behind it the underwear ripped clean off, and left Roxas to recover. While this was going on Axel had recovered, and was fending off Riku fairly well. They grappled one of them would slip, the other would try to get the waistband. Sora decided to intervene he ran full force into Axel knocking the red-head on his side. Riku jumped behind him, and pulled on the feu pattern briefs. Axel tried to get up, but Sora had him pinned. About a minute of gasping, pulling, and struggling later the underwear had reached mid head height and loud popping noises could be heard. No to long after Axel’s crack got relief as the material gave in; and off cam his underwear. They had both Roxas, and Axel sign, high-fived, and congratulated each other on a days work well done. Now it was time to turn in for the night.

Name- Color/type Points
Cloud- tighty whities 4
Sora- Striped and solid color 4
Riku- red and black 4
Leon- solid color 3
Axel- feu pattern 3
Roxas- Cartoon 2)

After the events that occurred last night the six males found that going to sleep was an uneasy event. They made sure their doors were locked, and tried to sleep lightly. After Roxas thought everyone else was asleep, however he snuck out of his room. He first went to Sora’s room since it had a window and for his revenge from earlier. Sora had forgotten to lock his window, and scaling the building was easy for Roxas. He made sure he was silent as he got into position. He took a chaussette from the floor, and got onto Sora’s bed. The sleeping target stirred a bit at the motion, but didn’t wake. Roxas then tapped down, thoroughly, Sora’s arms and legs. During the process Sore woke up, but it was too late. He was about to scream when the chaussette was inserted into his mouth, and taped there.

Roxas then reached down for the brown colored briefs Sora was currently wearing. Sora tried to fight back, but the tape had been tapped to the mattress not the lit sheet. Roxas had lifted up the corners to make sure he wouldn’t get out. After a bit of effort Sora’s briefs came right off. Roxas whispered “I’ll have toi sign later; I don’t want toi out to wake the others right now.” He then exited the same way he entered.

His suivant target he was a bit plus afraid of. It was Riku; Roxas was plus scared of Riku for several factors: 1 he didn’t know how heavily he slept, 2 Riku is stronger than him, and 3 Riku can be a tad bit aggressive when surprised. However Roxas wants revenge on Riku as well and he’ll get it any way he can.

Roxas snuck up to Riku’s door, checked to see if it was locked it was, shocker. Roxas then proceeded to pick the lock with some tools he found. After he was in he saw Riku lying on his back dead asleep. “This might be easier than I thought.” Roxas thought. Again Roxas snuck around and grabbed a sock, then snuck up to Riku’s sleeping form, and got his tape ready. He was able to get one of Riku’s arms taped down before he woke up. Roxas shoved the chaussette in his mouth and taped it shut just like Sora. He then pinned Riku’s other arm, not being afraid of his legs as much, and with difficulty pinned it.

After that it was a simple matter to tape his legs down. Roxas then in a hushed voice a dit “Better brace yourself, this is going to hurt.” With that Roxas grabbed Riku’s black briefs, and gave the still struggling boy a huge melvin. The intense pain seared through Riku as his underwear crushed his balls. After a couple of minutes the underwear was making the ripping sounds toi would expect. Off came Riku’s underwear and Roxas told him “You’ll have to sign later.”

After that he went to Axel’s room so he could get help for his suivant two targets. Axel’s room had a window so Roxas decided to enter from there. He jumped up, but when he got into the room he was tackled. He a dit “Hey Axel let me go, it’s just me Roxas. I need toi help getting Cloud, and Leon.” But when he looked back it wasn’t Axel who tackled him, but Leon! “Oh is that so Roxas well surprise.” Leon a dit as he lifted him to his feet, firmly holding both arms. “I saw what toi did to Sora, it seems toi and I had a similar plan of attack. After seeing Sora taped down I went and checked all the other rooms, yours was the only one unlocked.

“I figured toi would take Riku down, so I came here to wait for toi after waking nuage up. And as toi can see I have already taken care of Axel.” He was right Axel was taped just like Sora, and Riku. “Now since toi cost both me, and nuage a point we’re going to have some fun.” Leon a dit with a smirk. Just then nuage walked in, and was ready to help “escort” Roxas downstairs. They had decided to make a fool out of him for costing then each a point. They stripped him to his underwear without much fuss; at this point Roxas knew it was hopeless. They shoved a chaussette in his mouth, and tapped it. Then they tapped his wrists, and ankles to the wall, well enough so he couldn’t escape. The nuage grabbed his Lion King cartoon briefs, with the entire Lion King gang on it, and pulled being very careful not to rip it. Through a few minutes of work, and very delicate care nuage got the underwear over, and onto Roxas’s forehead then tapped it down. The two older males had a good laugh, and left him there to suffer till morning.