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~2. New and Mysterious

uddenly, a great light shone before me in the dark. And the Key responded to it, so - as if on instinct - I lifted the magic Key and pointed it right at the light. I heard a sound, like a door opening, and suddenly I was engulfed in the pleasant warmth of light.

Very slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked a few times until my vision cleared. I immediately saw tall town-like buildings, a white stoned ground (the ground I was sitting on), and clear, open skies full of light. I stood up, marveling. Where was I? What was this place?

I was just thrilled to be back in the light and out of the darkness! But, first things first, I've got to find out where exactly I am, see how far Keylexia is from this place....
And then a thought came to me. Did I want to go back? I was free now, and besides, everyone from my world hated me anyway... I can go and live my life freely now...

Grinning widely at this new revelation, I began walking around here and there and found this place... intriguing. Eerie though in some places.

I wonder what it's called?

Abruptly I begin sensing that familiar burn in my heart, and I wondered where the threat was.

"There's plus over here, Riku!" I heard a boy's bright and tender voice shout somewhere close by.

There's people here too? Great! Maybe they can answer my questions!
As I near where I heard the voice shout, the burn intensifies, and then I see one of those shadowy thingies, but in a different form - it had armor all over it.

And it was standing in front of some people. A boy with spiky brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and wearing a black adventure-type outfit. Another boy with long and spiky silver hair, turquoise-like eyes, ivory skin, and he wore a white jacket-like chemise with jeans. There was a petite girl with them and she had crimson red hair that was straight and a little long, cerulean blue eyes, creamy skin, and she had on a relatively cute rose and black outfit. Who were they?

My senses started burning uncontrolleably at the threat in front of me. It coiled to spring at them.

Oh no toi don't!

I summoned the invincible Key and dashed to it. The Key radiated in light as I sliced right through the dark shadow effortlessly. I landed lightly on the ground and twirled the Key in a spin (like I normally do) around me and then made it fade into light behind me.

Well, that was quick.... too quick. Why was I still so, so, energized? Maybe it was because I'm back in the light... I don't know, I feel oddly buyouant. Weird....
I looked up and met the curious and astonishing eyes of the three strangers.

-Riku's P.O.V.

The sun's rays beat down today like any other jour on the Islands. I thought I would never get use to being back on Destiny Islands after being gone for so long...

There was a small, faint rustle in the leaves behind me.

"Riku!" Sora shouted as he lunged to try and take me off guard and take me to the ground with his surprise attack.

I moved slightly out of the way so he would miss and end up head first in the sand.
"Nice try," I a dit as he sat up.

"Agh! Now I got sand in my mouth!" he complained as he tried getting it off his tongue.

I laughed and shook my head, Sora would just never change...

"Hey, guys!" We heard Kairi yell and we turned to see her running to us. She was carrying a message in a bottle and I had a sense of deja vu all over again. Last time it was a message from Mickey telling us that the stability of the worlds have increased and the Heartless population has decreased significally, and the Nobodies are all but forgotten. Everything pretty much seemed perfect.

"Kairi! What's up?" Sora asked her, still having not seen what she's carrying.

"It's a message from the King," she a dit when she reached us and gave it to him.

"Again?" Sora questioned as he grabbed it and quickly got it out to read it.
Kairi and I both looked over his shoulder to read as well.

I hope everything's all right. Give Leon a visit, he a dit he had to tell toi three something.

"I wonder what it could be..." Sora pondered aloud as I wondered what might be bothering them... it's only been about a mois since the last letter....

"So are we going?" Kairi asked us after a minute.

"Yeah," Sora responded cheerfully, looking at both of us before placing his hand over his cœur, coeur and concentrating. We learned that Sora can now summon a light portal - sort of like the door to light from before - and it can take us to anywhere we wish. Which is kind of handy since we have no other way of traveling.
Sora turns to us and smiles as the portal forms.

"Well? Ready?" he asked us and we nod.

He takes the lead and we follow him through the portal.

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