Skrew my other article, im working on better thing now.I give you...My best short story In the history of JustaNutherKh Articles.

Memories. they fill your head. Drown toi in love, with warm happy feelings. Don't they? But fro me, all they do is fill toi with dread. Knowing that all of your Associated memories that were only meant for happiness? Gone. All that's left in their place is Anger. sadness. pain.Imaging if that's all toi remember.sad, isn't it?

well, that's all Im here for. i messed up all those happy memories for me, my friends. everyone. So now Im fixing them. i knew the king,Mickey.i knew the 'chosen one' Sora, his friend's, Kairi, Riku, Donald and Goofy. But, somehow, i was écriture about their memories i had ahold of for them. Like back-ups, but the Journal is gone now. So, Now i teamed up with Namine. I had to fix Sora's first. yeah, she is still alive. So is all the bad guy's. I am now working on his memories first. His memories are happier than mine, but all i feel is Anger and pain, because of all that darkness i once held in my heart. my only joy is practicing my fighting skill's and écriture out my thoughts. my only friend now is The darkness. I embrace it, but i never understood why i also hate the darkness.Who am I, toi may ask? easy.