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le choix des fans: The Lost Boys
le choix des fans: 5
le choix des fans: His talent
His talent
His smile
le choix des fans: YES! I l’amour IT! KEEP GOING!
YES! I l’ amour IT! KEEP GOING!
Maybe just one ou two more.
le choix des fans: The Lost Boys
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jlhfan624 a dit …
I recently saw an article that claims to "expose" rude célébrités and one of them was Kiefer. I cannot express enough how blasphemous that is. On his first ever tour, he stopped in the city I live in first. It was a small, intimate bar setting with maybe only hundreds of people there. Hipsters and true die hard fans mostly. After his concert, he stayed to meet with everyone. He took pictures, hugged us, even let fans Kiss his cheek and gave autographs. posté il y a 3 mois
jlhfan624 commenté…
I have met a small amount of celebrities, some of them I already had high opinions of and they disappointed me. If Kiefer did, everyone would know it. He was so incredibly kind, don't believe anything negative toi read about him! il y a 3 mois
jlhfan624 a dit …
Just thinking today how I met him and he was so soft and smelled good and I hugged him and he yelled my name to the concert audience and he's the greatest person to ever exist. posté il y a 8 mois
jlhfan624 commenté…
Legitimately a perfect man. People don't talk about his kindness enough. il y a 8 mois
big smile
MTahmisian a dit …
Today I get to see Kiefer Sutherland perform in Nashville!!! I'm so excited!!!! Best birthday gift ever! posté il y a 10 mois