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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 3: Lethal Looks 
The girl waltzed in the door in a plaid mini skirt, which she struggled to keep at a reasonable height. A long brown ponytail, red bow, slim glasses, black boots, and a  white crew neck tee. She was the total package...for a stripper that is. "who?-" Kick whispered back to Gunther. "I have no idea." she stood awkwardly. The eyes peeling off her skin. " Jackie! Don't toi guys remember!?"  the girls rose an eyebrow and turned away, obviously not caring. Gunther cleared his throat "well let me help toi with your...bags." she watched him walk over and pick them up, struggling...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 14: Stereotype 
 Grease dripped off Kick's pizza, falling onto the paper plate. Gunther had already gone through about six. Kick was on the phone with Vicky, he was gonna find his Jess. "Well, the way I see it, she's still in Lansing, but who's to know where." Vicky's voice echoed from the Hotel phone. Soft musique played in the background, Kick recognized the familiar tune. He put his head into his hands and sniffled, a tear came to his eye. "I never got lost, spent years in the dark, you're here now my heart's unbroken." the ghostly musique just continued to play, sparing him no mercy....
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 2:  Success and Failure
"Magnuson!" Kick smiled and waved at the older blonde male. "Where ya been man?" he high-fived him. Gunther looked around Kick to find Kendal, smiling and giggling at the counter. "what's her problem?" he whispered, motioning to her. Kick looked back" I think she had one too many  heavy drinks."  he looped his fingers around in the air near his ear. "ah." Gunther nodded and followed Kick up the grand staircase.
"So Gunther..." he looked back at Kick expectantly. He was unpacking, they were to share rooms. "married? Kids?" "Neither." Kick dropped his case. "really?!...
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posted by yoyo98
"I don't know about this, Kick. Your mom a dit they was gonna leave and go back accueil tomorrow first thing in the morning, wether we're in the hotel room ou not. What if we're not back par then?"
"That's not gonna happen. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?"
"So many things......" Gunther mumbled, slightly worried but still excited to go to the party. When they got to the party, Billy Stumps wasn't there yet.
"Do toi think there's donuts here?" Gunther asked.
"I'm sure there's donuts." Kick replies.
"WOOHOO! LET'S PARTY!" Gunther screamed. He saw donuts. With out hesitating, Gunther ran straight...
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posted by yoyo98
Gunther thought it looked creepy outside, which made him rather stay in the hotel until morning.
"Kick, I don't wanna go out there. It looks creepy." Kick just ignored him and dragged him outside.
"If toi ever want to see your parents again, we have to go now. We stayed here too long."
"Fine....... I just know something bad's going to happen....." Gunther mumbled timidly.
"Can we-"
"Gunther, I knew toi were gonna say that, so I brought doughnuts."
"WOOHOO!" Gunther started stuffing his face. Kick had a doughnut. After walking a few miles they set up a tent and went to sleep.
posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 20 : In The End
Jessica gathered her things, getting ready to déplacer in with her mother and fiancé. She walked out the door of the Buttowski residence, suitcase in hand. She put it down when she found the group of kids outside. "I'm gonna miss toi guys." she smiled and clicked her way to the beginning of the crowd  " Brad, let's face facts, im too young for you, and your too perverted for me" she left him with that to mull over. suivant ws Kendal. "Kendal. I haven't known toi a while," she searched for something to say, but came up empty, so she moved on. "Jackie, I understand toi hate...
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posted by yoyo98
Gunther was fast asleep for 3 days. Kick decided to slap him across the face, waking him up.
"What.......... What's going on?"
"You were asleep for 3 days straight. We're going twice as far as we did today." Gunther sat up, his back in pain from the mattress at jail and sleeping on the hard ground.
Curious, Kick asked "Are toi okay?"
"No, my back hurts really bad. I feel like I'm gonna die......" Even though he slept for three days straight, he was extremely drowsy.
"Kick, I'm tired."
Kick thought in his mind "How can he be tired?!"
"We're too far from the hotel to head back."
"I-........ zzz..........
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Alright, let me first go way back to 1983, my an of birth! I always knew I had a thing for cartoons, I remember watching Ducktales and Winnie The Pooh on weekend mornings, my first cartoon crush was Jessica Rabbit. In the 90's I moved on to Sonic The Hedgehog and mostly everything Disney and Warner Bros. I liked Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic, those dames were kick-ass!! Then in 1997 i saw the movie l’espace Jam, toi know the one with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, and I was blown off-chair par one girl. Lola Bunny! Wow, "what a babe", I thought! I knew I was in love! Now,...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 9: A Little More
"I'm baaaaack! Who missed moi?" Jessica threw her bag on the floor and made her self at accueil again at the cabin. Dante followed suit. "Hey, where you-  woah." Kick stood at the foot of the stairs, mouth agape. "Kick, this is Dante, my boyfriend."she a dit cautiously. "I was wondering if he could stay with me for the remaining time." she smiled hopefully at him . Kick sighed and acquiesced. "Yeah"he leered at Dante before walking away, distastefully. He thought to himself "she will come crawling back, after I saved her life, she will realize her feelings for me, and want...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 8: One Night Stand?
"That déplacer was horrible!" Jessica tossed her pop out while making her way out of the theatre with Dante. "You're tellin me babe." Dante rubbed his neck. "So" she clicked on her heels to face him. "what now?"  then kicked the ground, smiling shyly. The man twirled her hair that matched his "maybe we could, oh I don't know,  visit at my house." she laughed quietly. "I'm not sure, we just met." she chuffed her arms, the breeze signaling rain. He cupped her petite chin " Is your name as pretty as your face?" Kick, on the other hand, was walking with Scarlet. The red...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 4 : Vomit And Violins 
Jessica put down her bags "yeah, I'm here." she looked around at the awestruck faces. "well, I'm glad nobody missed me." she trotted over to the stairs. Kick followed "want some help?" he smoothed back his hair and put on that charming smile. "no thanks."she heaved them over her shoulder "I got it." he scratched his heads as he watched her walk gallantly up the stairs. She wore a black chemise that stopped at her elbow with a white cami under. It was belted at the abdomen. Along with a scalloped white  skirt. Her kinky hair was half way pulled up, a lighter shade. ...
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Kick and Gunther were in the car with Brianna and Brad, on their way to a campsite surrounded par the wilderness.
"Just a few plus hours, kids!" Denise said, excited. Kick sighed, not that excited about where they were going.
Gunther patted Kick on the back. "What's wrong, Kick?"
"Remember last time?...... It's just........ I don't want to go through all that again. Plus, toi almost died and toi don't want that to happen, right?"
"Of cour-"
"This time stay away from high up ledges, okay?"
"Sure." Gunther was a little worried now. What IF something happened to himself ou Kick? Gunther knew he would have to be plus careful than usual. For some strange reason, it seemed liked going on a road trip wasn't the only thing Kick was stressed out about. He wanted to know more.
"Hold on guys. We're almost there. We have to stop for gas." Harry a dit with a booming voice.
"Hey, Dillweed!" Brad yelled with a smirk. Kick stared at him with his steely gaze. Gunther was skipping right suivant to Gunther when Brad picked up Gunther and gave him another wedgie. Denise slapped Brad across the face really hard, making him drop Gunther on the hard ground.
"Gunther, are toi okay?" She asked, with a worried look on her face.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Gunther made a growling sound at Brad. Brad started
giving Gunther a dirty look like he wanted to kill him. This made Gunther timid.
"Stop being stupid, kids! We're here!" Denise yelled. Kick was bummed that they weren't out in the wilderness..........
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posted by yoyo98
"Gunther?.... What's going on?"
"KICK! I'M SOOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" Gunther cried while sqeazing Kick.
"It's good to see toi too." Gunther looked at him, with wide eyes and a huge smile.
"You're a good friend, Gunther."
"You too, Kick." Kick closed his eyes.
"Kick?.......... sigh..... he's...... dead......" Gunther mumbled, sobbing. Kick passed away.
"I guess..... He's gone now, Gunther.
"Nooo......." Gunther hugged Kick again.
"I'm sorry Gunther..... I need to go fill up the gas tank. Be back soon."
Morgana got out of her red caliber to
pump the gas. Gunther sat in the car,
depressed. What would...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 18:Caught
Kick layed out a map and smoothed it out across the Hotel bed. " Start here." he pointed to The school. " No Kick, theres nowhere for him to put her without getting caught." Gunther squealed. " Okay, well the stores are all closed at night, but theres the same problem with the school." Vicky's eyes lit up "The Station! Its abandoned!" The boys looked at her quizically. " Haven't toi met the guy?! He's not that bright!" They aquiesed silently. " That's where we go, tonight." She circled it with her finger.

Kick and Gunther swiveled theirs heads around the room, making sure everyone...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 19: Saving Myself
Marshall pulled the trigger, ou so Kick thought. There stood an officer, accompanied par 7 others. "Put down the weapon, we will shoot if provoked." Marshall slid the pistol to the officer. It made a shrill scraping noise across the concrete."Kick?" He watched her worried eyes with wonder "it's over." she beamed "It's over!" she hugged him tightly. They fell to their knees in an embrace. "I thought I Lost toi " he spoke I to the nape of her neck, making her sigh. "The feeling was mutual" he tucked a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. She flinched.  "I could never hurt...
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posted by yoyo98
Gunther put Kick down in the tent.
"I think I accidentally whipped him in the face with my stick...." He started panicking. He began to wonder what he would do if Kick was........... dead. He doubts he could ever live without Kick. Even if that did happen, he'd make it accueil for Kick. To say they survived..... at least one of them. Gunther wanted to cry, but knew everything would be okay. He just layed there with Kick in the tent the whole day, until something occurred to him.
"I know! I'll get Cheetah Chug XE!"
Making sure he had money, he darted off to a nearby store and immediately came back with some Cheetah Chug XE. After he made Kick drink some, he was astonished.
Gunther couldn't believe what he was seeing.
posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 17: Lie Cheat Steal
January had passed par quickly, it seemed like the warmer the months got, the faster they would move. Passing him like a hand out the window as cars passed by. He didnt want time to pass him par and leave him standing in her shadow. Gunther waddled beside Kick, grunting every now and then. Kick watched his breath plume in front of him. They were working their way through the crowded streets, passig strange people left and right. If this was bad, he would hate to see Detroit. They tried to make it to Vicky's apartment, it wasnt working so well. The helmet-less teen wtched...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 16: Tough Girl
Jessica sniffled quietly to herself on a mattress in a concrete room. She looked at her bruises that adorned her legs. Her bright eyes no longer blue, plus of a turquoise, her fluffy brown hair had become an ashy blonde. Thats the way he liked her though, if toi l’amour somebody, they can do anything to you. weren't those the rules? "whats the matter? don't toi like your living conditions?" Marshall's boots tromped across the floor the the weak child. Her eyes darted upward to meet his. he knelt down and cupped her chin " salut cupcake," she jerked her head away and felt her...
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posted by yoyo98
Gunther sat in a chair at the hotel, staring at the TV all day. He drooled all over the chair and himself while Kick packed their bags later that night. He was still mad at Gunther for what he did, but now he's furious because Gunther didn't even bother to help him after Kick asked him a billion times. Gunther kept saying he had plus important things to do, but all he did the whole jour was sit in the chair and watch TV. He didn't even get up once all day.
Eventually, Kick had enough. He just walked in front of the TV with his arms crossed, wearing his usual steely gaze.
"What?!" Gunther asked,...
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