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posted by demon_wolf
~~outside the building~~

"Well Mira i have to go but ill be back be fore it gets dark." He said

"What am i supposed to do till toi get back?" toi whine at him

"I dont know im sure toi will find something. Bye."

He then left toi standing there alone.

'Great now what?' toi think

You then pick up Akita and start walking around not caring where toi are headed. toi came to some woods and started walking around in them. About an heure later toi realize that yo are lost. toi sit against a aléatoire tree.

"Great what am i going to do now? Im lost." toi say to yourself

You then tilt your head and stare at the clouds.(Me:kinda...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of taking shower, brushing hair etc...... After all that toi are standing in front of your mirror looking at your self in your brides maid dress, trying to figure out what toi could do to make yourself look better, When toi heard your name being called.

~~ Kiba's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of getting in the shower, brushing teeth etc......... toi are standing and looking in your mirror trying to figure out what toi could do to look better, when your mom came in.

"Kiba no matter what toi do that girl is still going to fall...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Naoko P.O.V~~

You were on your way to Shikamaru's house.
Well because toi are putting your plan into action.

You arrive at his house and knock on his door. toi wait a few moments untill someone answers, but it is not shikamaru. Instead it is a women that looks a lot like him.

"Hello Naoko. What brings toi here?" She asked.

"Well I was wondering if Shikamaru Nara is here?" toi ask.

"Yes he is. I'll go get him for you." She dissapeared into the house again.

Then toi heard someone come to the door. There stood Shikamaru Nara looking tired as usual.

"Hey. What do toi want?" He asked.

"Well dont toi look...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~ Mira's P.O.V~~


~~FF at the gates 7 in the morning~~
You are all waiting there for Kurenai. it was now 7:30 and she still was not there.
"What the heck where is she?" Kiba yelled.
"Calm down pup she will be here when she gets here." toi say.
He stares at toi with a look thats says toi cant tell me toi arn't mad that she is not here yet. toi smile at him.


~~Mira's P.O.V~~

Kiba was still pacing. and toi watched him. Finally toi could not stand him anymore.

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posted by demon_wolf
In the morning toi were a mess. after what had happenend last night toi just wish toi could fufill Kiba's wish and die. but knew that would never happen. so toi got up and took a douche then fed Akita, not bothering to feed yourself.

~~In the kitchen~~

Yukimaru was eating, and he saw that toi were not eating anything.

"Mira-chan why are toi not eating?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry." toi answer.

"But toi have to eat if toi want to be strong. Well at least that is what toi tell me."

You stare at him.

'He would of been one of the people that I would of killed if I did not save him, and just haveing him...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You stop talking to Naoko when your Mother comes walking down the aisle.

'She looks so pretty!' toi think

~~FF ater wedding~~

People come up and congratulate the new married couple, this is when toi take your chance to leave. toi dont want to be around so many people and Naoko. She got toi so mad when she a dit that it was to early for toi and Kiba to start kissing.

'Who does she think she is, I mean she started s’embrasser whoever she was going out with that very same jour she started going out with them.' toi think to yourself.

You are now running through the woods at a fast speed,...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~training grounds~~

~~Kiba's P.O.V~~

You walk to the training grounds and see that shino is already there.

"Hey Shino." toi say in a I really don't care kind of tone.

"Hey Kiba." He said.

You sit on the ground to wait for Hinata, Kurenai and Mira to montrer up.

"So have toi figured out a way to fix your relationship with Mira?" Shino asked.

"No." toi a dit and sighed. "I dont know how to fix it."

"Im sure toi will find away."

"Yeah, but when, I dont think I can live my life with out her anymore. I feel so stupid for saying that she was a murderer when she is not, toi two were just doing what toi were told."...
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posted by demon_wolf
toi are walking down the dark hall when a dark figure grabs toi and pushes toi against the wall.

"What are toi doing here? Tell me and I may let toi live." The voice says to you.

"I'm here to rejoindre Orochimaru." toi say with no emotion at all.

"What is your name? and where are toi coming from?"

'Oh no they did not tell me a name to give ou a village'
you think quickly.

"My Name is Aki and I come from the Rain village."

"Follow me." The voice comands you, so toi do as your told.

You walk for a long time untill toi see a light at the end of the hallway. Once at the light toi come to find out it is a...
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posted by demon_wolf
toi walk through the gates of Konoha with Yukimaru on your back.

"Uh its so good to be back home." toi say.

Shino looks at you,
"Yeah it is." He says.

"So Kakashi sensai, what will happen to Yukimaru now that he is here?" toi ask.

"I dont know that is up to Tsunade not me." He answers.


You all walk to the Hokage's building. Once inside Tsunade just tells toi not to tell anyone because the less people that know the better and the less people that may ou may not get hurt ou even killed, If ororchimaru found out what happen. She also lets Yukimaru live with you.

you were only accueil for two days...
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