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I hope i'm not the only one écriture these fanfics. Enjoy!


I'm 13 years old. My name is Kit and I have 5 sisters and 1 brother, I look like my older sisters Khloe and Kim. I'm invisiable to the whole world and I am annoyed par it, nevermind forget that. I have to go Kendall is calling me.

Kit K.Kardashian

I put away my diary in it's hiding place and went downsairs "What do toi want, Kendall?" "Kit, how come your always like...grumpy?" she asked, walkig over to sit on the couch. "I don't know, why would toi even care about it. No one ever notices me! Even when I speak, it's like...
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 The Kardashians
The Kardashians
My good friend Randy Jernigan is a successful celebrity journalist, screenplay writer and has even authored a diet cookbook.

And guess what? The 54 an old is totally obsessed with the Kardashians! Really, no joke.

The Losing to Win! auteur was recently interviewed par a New York radio station promoting his upcoming Ellen DeGeneres bio when he reluctantly admitted to the listeners that he's totally obsessed with watching the reality montrer 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and just can't get enough of the show.

"Actually I don't watch a lot of télévision but I'll admit I'm quite taken with the Kardashians....
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posted by rms5934
What's up with these cowardly men who are TOO AFRAID to own up to what SCUM they really are? Kourtney's EX & Kloe's EX a volé, étole every minute they spent with them. They got what they got through deception, because, truth be told, they wouldn't have gotten it any other way. COWARDS!!!! THIEVES!!!! SCUM!!!!

I hope women out there realize, once a cheater, always a cheater. People who cheat should be branded on their faces so there's no mistaking what they are. SCUM!

I wonder how many people would choose to cheat, instead of telling their companions they want to see other people if they knew they were going to be branded if they got caught?
Perez Hilton is a known hacker in the hacker group Anonymous! His hacker name is AnonyForecast! toi can see Perez Hilton with his Anonymous mask on in the documentary The Hacker Wars. Look for Perez as AnonyForecast in the group chat as Journalist Barret Brown is being raided par the FBI! Perez Hilton hacks celebrity’s phones even their children’s phone and makes his cash! Perez also writes the story lines and comes up with publicity stunts par useing the microphone and camera to hack and listen and watch toi through the cell phone and computer! He can see your emails and Google searches par hacking phones! He writes for tv shows, commercials, films par using hacking celebrity phones and who ever else he wants as muses to write for these shows, films and tv commercials. He has to use avatars to sell his scripts Anonymously because he can’t sell anything using his real name! Perez Hilton is a sick Psychopath, stalker and hacker!