Katy Perry has spanned every dimension of pop culture. She's everywhere. If toi turn the dial on your radio, you're likely to hear her trademark voice going over the airways. I recently talked to a six-year-old girl, whom I know well. I asked her, who her favori singer was, fully expecting to hear the typical, "Hannah Montana" ou one of the manufactured girl-next-door who has their own montrer and par the way she also sings. No, She said, without hesitation, "Katy Perry." My first thought: "Really? California Gurls, which blatantly says the 3-letter S word, among other things? That's your favori song? Then I realized that that is a testament to her appeal. That a woman going through a tough time and a six-year-old kid l’amour Katy Perry. And then I began to ponder, "Why?" I think the answer is as multifaceted as her character. Firstoff, she isn't manufactured. In fact,
I perceive her candy-cane image, ou that side of it, anyway, as satirizing the practice of marketing squeaky-clean, frankly mediocre girls to the world via a record deal and a TV show, and trapping them, This leads, I think, partially to what Lindsay Lohan has had to undergo. As she grew into a woman, perhaps she was so trapped par the limiting power of her fame she didn't know what to do with herself. ou maybe she's a kleptomaniac But anyway, back to Katy. She isn't manufactured, and she breaks convention par being both different- spelling the common name K-A-T-Y, and somewhat provocative, wearing a bra that squirts whipped cream, and dying her hair wacky colors. Katy Perry has been labeled as one of your dime-a-dozen raunchy glamour girls in music, While the lyrics to many songs lead one to believe such an accusation, such as the aforementioned CA Gurls. and Teenage Dream, other songs, such as Firework, Wide Awake, and Part of Me, showcase her dual vulnerability and the strength which she has. So, she is a living example of a woman- at times flirtatious and fun, but also painfully prone to heartbreak. And this is what makes Katy Perry so inspiring.