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Kate Austen - All The King's chevaux

Kate Austen - Titanium

Kate Austen || Cold

Kate Austen 'I've felt this way before, so Insecure' [MOD]

Kate Austen - If toi Could Only Stop Running

Kate Austen - Take Me Away

Kate Austen || She wil do anything to get away.

Lost || Beautiful Lie || Kate

Kate Austen | I've become so numb, afraid to lose control ○

château Walls - Kate Austen

| Kate Austen | Sink ou Swim

Lost - So cold [Kate Austen]

Kate Austen || Can't Be Tamed

Kate Austen- Your Past Can Be Undone

Kate Austen - The Rebel Kind (Bang Bang)

If toi l’amour something, let it go, and then see what happens from there

ll I'm Not Afraid ll Kate Austen

Kate Austen - Just a Little Girl

patin, patinage Here's To The Night

This horror makes me weak without toi

Collab Mashup

JACK-KATE - Algo contigo

Jack&Kate | Tears of an Angel

Jack & Kate : Drop in the Ocean [HD]

ll In The City ll Kate Austen

Lost | Kate Austen (season 6) - Breathing l’espace

Beso entre Kate y Jack.mpg

Lost Final Ending

Lost - I Remember (from "The End")

Jack&Kate {Breathing Space}

LOST: Jack and Kate meet after the concert [6x17-18 - The End]

Jack y Kate♥ La PLaYa

Lost 6x18 Kate & Jack

Jack & Kate

Jack & Kate - Series Finale Spoilers - Vidlet

be the one ~ jack & kate Lost finale tribute (preview)

Jack and Kate... The End (II)

Lost season 6 - Moment - Jack and Kate Kiss

Lost - The End - Jack and Kate's Reunion

"To dying in another's arms" Jack & Kate

Down_JAck&KAte (( Season 6 ))

Jack & Kate || toi Found Me

Jack and Kate Is what it is

Lost - Kate Austen - Saviour (LIGHTS)

Jack & Kate - "Politik"

Jack & Kate - toi and me

whisper; the life of Kate Austen

Bruce/Kate: I Just Want toi To Know Who I Am [TNOVC]

The story of Kate (lost)

Just a little girl - Kate

Bruce/Kate: Lost Along The Way [Crossover]

Now ou never - Damon/Kate (TVD/Lost)

Bad Romance (Damon/Kate)

Kate Austen - Piece of Me (Collab Part)

Kate-'Welcome Home'

Run | Kate Austen/Neal Caffrey - Part 1 (Lost/White Collar)

Nothing Man | Kate Austen/Neal Caffrey - Part 2(Lost/White Collar/One arbre Hill)

Lets Start Over | Kate Austen/Charlize Theron (Lost/Hancock)

chienne (kate austen) vidlet

What Kate Does; Kate Austen

You're not running now || Kate Austen

Evangelaine lilly(kate)-x- I LIKE

My Skin || Kate Austin

Kate Austen - Ladies shouldn't be mess with


Kate || Don't Stop believing

Jack and Kate - I Wanna Be There

Daydream - Kate and Dean ~ Lost/SPN

Holding On - Jim&Kate Trailer (The Office/Lost)

Kate || Stand in the Rain

Kate austen - Hot mess

Kate Austen & Faith Lehane- How to save a life.

Kate Austen;Because of toi (30 sec contest)

kate austen machine gun

Matt/Kate: Miles From Where toi Are

LOST; The Life & Death of Kate Austen

LOST: Epic Characters (KATE - Season 1) RE-EDIT

Kate - A mistake

Evangeline Lilly

Catch A Falling étoile, star

Jack/Kate (Sawyer) ; The way i loved toi

kate Austen (Lost) breath no plus

Pretty in scarlett (about Kate Austen)

Kate Austen :: Because Of toi :: Lost

♥Kate and Sawyer - I Need You♥

I'll remember toi - patin, patinage

Sawyer & Kate close your eyes

You're scared (sawyer/kate)

♥Kate and Brooke♥

sweet dreams(Kate Austen)


Kate Austen//You run.Tiger dont change their stripes.

Kate Austen Lost - Consequences of hard choices

Kate Austen - Stand In The Rain.


Kate Austen - Stand In The Rain

One Night Only - Kate's Heartbreak

Doesn't Mean Anything - Kate/Sam Lost~Spn

Fading Fast Away-AR/AU Kate (Lost)/Sam (Supernatural)

LOST: Epic Characters (KATE - Season 1)