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 shirtless, broken foot and plus ♥♥ hes hot ♥
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Pics of Justin ♥_♥ hes so fit ♥♥♥
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"I don't know Usher,I just want a girl that won't break my ear drum when she sees me."

Justin Bieber was kind of tired of his "OMGJ(Oh My Gosh Justin) FANS.Justin was really looking for someone to spend time with that wasn't overly obsessed with him.But unfortunately a lot of those girls didn't exist in the line outside this stadium.

There was about 150 girls outside ready to buy tickets for Justin's "Bieber's World" tour.Austin,Texas was Justin's first stop and he really excited about tonight but yet, he was lonely.

Valentine's jour was coming up and Justin was still single.Don't get me wrong,Justin...
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