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Justin Bieber has reportedly admitted that some of his experiences with fans have been "pretty crazy". Female fans of the 'Baby' étoile, star caused a stampede at a New York mall last November in a bid to catch a glimpse of the singer ahead of a performance. "The incident in Long Island was pretty crazy with the fans shutting down the mall and me not being able to montrer up," Access Hollywood citations him as telling Seventeen. "When I was in Seattle, this girl came out of nowhere and she tried to hug me, but she tackled me instead. It was really scary. Then there was another girl in Miami whose mum got...
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There is nothing better than a good meal to put the past behind.

ou at least this is what Justin must have thought when he invited Miley Cyrus to eat out with him at a Japanese restaurant.

They both left the restaurant feeling really happy with big smiles across their faces. Photographer were waiting for them as the exited the restaurant and caught them all smiles in the photos below.

Justin put up on Twitter that he had gotten together with a friend for dinner. That friend was Miley Cyrus and it was confirmed a few hours later when the photos of the two together went up on the net.

We hope that none of Justin's many fans feel upset about the peace agreement he has now with Miley. Also, we hope Miley doesn't receive and threats on her Twitter for having had dîner with Justin!

One thing is for sure, Miley is very happy with Liam and dîner with Justin was nothing plus than dîner between friends.
posted by faith99
salut fans of justin bieber all the girls that l’amour justin bieber toi go but the truth is youll never be able to go out with him hes 16 and hes famous now rlly wats the chance that hell go out with a fan i mean i know everything about him but does that mean hell go out with me no i wish he would but no im already dating somebody so i would not give my bf up for a famous jerk i bet hes a jerk all famous people are i mean brittney spers is i meet her shes a b**** and all of toi that think that justin biebers favori color is blue and his b-day is march 14 toi are wrong his b-day is march1st du and his favori color is purple why do toi think that my world 2.0 is purple and his cd is 2 drrrr....p.s i l’amour justin bieber
posted by justweng
Baby par Justin Bieber Lyrics

Ohh wooaah (3x)
You know toi l’amour me,I know toi care
You shout whenever, And I'll be there
You want my love, toi want my cœur, coeur
And we will never ever ever be apart

Are we an item? Girl quit playing
Were just friends, ou are we saying
So theres another one, Looks right in my eyes

My first l’amour broke my cœur, coeur for the first time,
And I was like
Baby, baby, baby nooo
My baby, baby, baby noo
My baby, baby, baby nooo
I thought youd always be mine mine

Baby, baby, baby nooo
My baby, baby, baby noo
My baby, baby, baby nooo
I thought youd always be mine, oh oh

For you, I...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Eminem's new song disses Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Why does he have to be so rude? -_-

Eminem is pretty mean in his new song. Dissing on Lady Gaga par dredging up the old, ridiculous rumors that she is a hermaphrodite.

"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She's still a male lady," he raps in his song. Talk about ridiculous and hurtful! Of course, with the number one album in the world right now, Gaga probably doesn't mind what Shady has to say.....

The rapper also takes on Justin Bieber in the song, saying that "evil seeps through him," and name checks Katy Perry, though he's much friendlier in his address to her, to say the least. What do toi think he means par "evil seeps through him,"? I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound good!

Eminem will offend a lot of fans with these comments, that's for sure!

source: huffingtonpost
Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith Prank Willow Smith On Stage!

We feel payback is due...

Willow Smith has revealed that she was pranked par Justin Bieber and her brother Jaden while on stage in Manchester last night.

The whole thing started when Willow tried to play her own joke on Justin, who immediately vowed revenge on his 10 an old tour buddy.

So the other jour @officialwillow decided to try and prank me," he Tweeted, adding: "PRANK ME!! lol. well now is PHASE 1 of my REVENGE!! Manchester get ready!!"

The 10-year-old 'Whip My Hair' singer was chant her debut hit when Bieber and Jaden stormed the...
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posted by max_sam
justin bieber is so cool guy.., he is like aaron carter.., and i think he will gonna be a legend.., justin drew bieber & caitlin beadles is a good couple...,,, u think justin bieber have a crush on selena,beyonce,miley,taylor? i think justin bieber is playboy,, thats only my opinion,,, does he have a broken family??? his song is so good..,, do toi think justin is boastful???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//////////////
posted by alicecullensBFF
im posting this js for your information... here are his exact tweets--->
"just got accueil from a wild night. i see alot of toi are wondering what happened. well i had a great montrer in front of a great crowd and in the last song ONE TIME i tripped over something on stage coming down the ramp and felt my ankle roll in a very bad way. turns out I fractured my foot and had to finish the song on a broken foot. After i was done i was in such pain i skipped the encore and got off stage and back to see the medics. @taylorswift13 came backstage to see me b4 i went to the hospital because she is awsome! spent the rest of the nt in the hospital getting xrays and now a cast. sucks. But dont worry Manchester, me and @taylorswift13 = the montrer must go on!!"

he's such a sweetheart :) leave justin a get well message if toi wuld lyk
posted by biebersmexy
I've been there with Justin ever since he was Kidrauhl. I remember seeing and hearing Justin sing for the first time on his video of him chant With toi par Chris Brown. Then when he became famous, I remember seeing him on Yahoo news as "Phenomenal kid sings the National Anthem" so I recognized his face and looked him up on YouTube and at the moment his only two singles that were out was One Time and One Less Lonely girl. Now he is 18 and I have to say our Bieber is growing up extremely fast. But he will forever be kidrauhl. The kid that loved to sing and wanted to send vidéos to his family...
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 Justin Bieber broke down in tears while performing in Melbourne on May 2. His tears of happiness are for us Beliebers !
Justin Bieber broke down in tears while performing in Melbourne on May 2. His tears of happiness are for us Beliebers !
It's his concert, and he can cry if he wants to! Justin Bieber made his Melbourne fans go wild on Monday when he sang "Favorite Girl" on stage in the Australian city. He was so overwhelmed par his fans, the singer stopped performing and just looked around the crowd with tears in his eyes.

What do toi think was going through Justin's mind as he looked out at all of his loyal fans?

He was obviously so genuinely moved that brought him to tears. He even pulls out his earpiece so he can hear all of the Beliebers screaming for him! This is a much warmer reception than he received in Sydney.

This night...
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i was with my mom and i was bored and my mom a dit go to the compter and i went and typed j and it showed justin bieber and jonas brothers and i clicked justin bieber and watched one time and when i saw it he was ok but when i saw baby i fell in l’amour with him and my brothers say he's gay but he is not at all and i started collecting posters and cd's and everything and when i saw pics of him i a dit wow he is hot and cute and my family did not know him yet so i told them and they a dit who is Justin Bieber but i did not have this club yet but i was trying to but i just could not and when i saw the movie i was so happy to see it when it was 3D it felt like he was touching your soul,and i was watching plus and plus vidéos of him.
posted by godsgirl8494
Everyone pls STOP asking my Friends for information about my personal life. I actually don't tell my Friends all the details about me ou justin. Although, some would like to think they know plus than they honestly do. I'm just a simple girl who would l’amour nothing plus than to be known as me ... Caitlin Beadles. Not Caitlin Beadles Justin's ex ou Justin's best (girl) friend. Please understand I l’amour all of toi who support me but messaging my Friends to get info is not cool. The truth is no on knows the whole story because I am a private person.

That is one of the qualities Justin likes about...
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Justin Bieber fans shouldn't be surprised that the l’amour of the entertainer might find him a special place in New York City ou Los Angeles. ou maybe both. According to a video released Thursday, the Madame Tussauds in New York City is working on their suivant project and it appears the lad is up next.
At the unveiling of Kim Kardashian's wax figure, the spokesperson talked a little too much on who they were working on suivant for Madam Tussauds. Saying it was a 'he' and 'young' on camera and then off camera the staff is saying they are working on an 'entertainer the girls scream for' this could only...
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Wow, this is..incredible ♥
Interviewer: "What does it feel to be changed for another artist, Justin?"
Justin: "It hurts, it hurts a lot... but toi know what? I understand them because they have told me that I hurt them too with my attitude sometimes and I apologize if I ever hurt them because I know I'm a very impulsive person and I don't even know what I do sometimes, but I'm human and I'm sorry if I ever hurt anyone of them. They get mad at me sometimes on the internet, they think I won't notice what they say about me, but I do. I see everything and it seriously tears me apart when I see...
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Breaking news: Justin Bieber was involved in a traffic accident while driving his black Ferrari expensive ... his car collided with another while the étoile, star was at the wheel. The incident occurred in Los Angeles, but the police did not reveal details about the time and place of the battle.

Luckily Justin Bieber is completely unscathed, even his assistant, who was in the car with him, reported no injuries. The same can be a dit of the driver of the other machine. In short: a good scare but no damage! There remains controversy over the fact that a young boy and "novice" like Justin Bieber, drive a car as powerful and expensive as before ... maybe a Ferrari car is a bit 'exaggerated?
Pixie Lott met Justin Bieber recently and thinks the Baby étoile, star is cute.
Recalling her meeting with the 16-year-old pop sensation, the 19-year-old Turn It Up singer said: "I did a TV montrer with Justin Bieber recently. He is a little cutie.
"I went looking for him before the montrer to introduce myself and he was in his dressing room," Pixie added to Sugar. "It was full of people and I was like, ‘Hiiiii!’
"He was so nice and friendly but, before toi ask, no he didn’t flirt with me!"
As for her current relationship status, Pixie told the teen magazine: "There is someone I like. "He’s new to my friendship group, but we’ve only met a few times, so I don’t really know what’s going to happen, if anything. But, I do like him.
Ever wonder what it’s like to tend to the tresses of the hottest pop étoile, star on the planet right now? Well, celebrity hair stylist Vanessa Price told Teen Vogue exactly what it’s like to handle Justin Bieber’s coveted hair. Check out what she had to say about the Canadian chant sensation!
How long have toi been working with Justin?
Vanessa: “I met Justin about a an ago, when we were shooting the artwork for his first album, My World. It’s been a whirlwind ever since!”
What do toi guys listen to when you’re working together?
Vanessa: “When I’m cutting Justin’s hair we usually...
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posted by santos21
justin iz soo hot & i bet alot of gurlz say jour & maybe guyz idk..anywayz i really like justin bieber hez good lookin & i have a feeling hez a very nice person ...well i hope anywayz so i would have 2 call myself a justin beiber fan..but not 1 of thoughtz wacky onez there just retarded (not 2 be meen)but really y wuld sum1 stock a person & if yueh c sum1 y cry they aint dying like 4realz im 1 of those gurlz who likes justin & if he ask meh out yea i wuld say yes but im just a normal gurl dat like a guy...(named justin bieber)
posted by justin-beiber-
salut fans, i wanna let toi to know some of my magic dreams about justin bieber.

every jour i think about justin and listen to he's songs and i got abstract dreams about justin beiber.

where i can find justin and Kiss it from my heart. where i can find justin alone and make l’amour to him.
where i can be alone with justin bieber and i tell him i l’amour toi my rose dream why i can't stay with toi for every why . tell me why i so far of toi and i can't hear your live songs in concerts and meetings . why why and why?!! and then i crying for long time and still in justin's dream. then i see justin and me in the plage in shiny jour and happpy l’amour with him . eveyone if toi see justin , just Kiss him as me , from your deep cœur, coeur and tells him i really l’amour justin bieber for every time i alive.

i wanna keep this l’amour till every time im alive.

and the end of my dream is a deep rose Kiss of justin's lips and flying to sky.

i l’amour toi justin , i l’amour so much.
"I don't know Usher,I just want a girl that won't break my ear drum when she sees me."

Justin Bieber was kind of tired of his "OMGJ(Oh My Gosh Justin) FANS.Justin was really looking for someone to spend time with that wasn't overly obsessed with him.But unfortunately a lot of those girls didn't exist in the line outside this stadium.

There was about 150 girls outside ready to buy tickets for Justin's "Bieber's World" tour.Austin,Texas was Justin's first stop and he really excited about tonight but yet, he was lonely.

Valentine's jour was coming up and Justin was still single.Don't get me wrong,Justin...
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