I thought this was interesting, so i wanted to put it somewhere, because people are always asking him how he can write about love.

What he a dit was that he writes some songs about past relationships (Caitlin Beadles, wink wink, some that he thinks people can relate to.

But what got me was he a dit he writes a lot of his songs like he's telling a story.

Like, he has the cœur, coeur of a poet ou something.

How BEAUTIFUL is that?????!!!!

I think it's beautiful that he writes a story with his songs, because I was kind of wondering where he got his materiel. Like, did all that happen with Caitlin?
He a dit his favori song off of the album was "Up", which is my seconde favori after U Smile.

But I l’amour the whole album!

What should his suivant album be called? I think My World was inappropriatly named, he should have named it My Heart,or My Love. I like "My Heart."

My cœur, coeur 2.0

Yeah, because it is about his heart.

Oh well. But hey, that's the only thing I would change :)

Oh yeah, I got the thing about how he writes his songs from his interview on people.com/bieber

But toi probably will too if toi read the issue of People in which HE IS ON THE COVER!!

GO Justin!!!

Aw, man, I l’amour this ride!