For my whole life I have thought as Justin bieber as my inspiration. I have always wanted to sing but gave up on myself a lot but anytime I would fell as if I couldn't achieve my dream I would simply think of him. All I do is watch TV but when Justin was my age he had 1 million subscribers and chant on streets and in talent competitions. I wake up every morning and think about him. I know times are rough for him now but he is strong and I also know a lot of people turned on him just because he made mistake. That's dumb and mean. Everyone makes mistakes so live with it. If I had a chance to talk to Justin I would say that I loved him and I cared about him not just and a fan girl but as a friend and that as long as I'm living he will as have someone to turn to when he's felling down.If want to montrer Justin how much toi l’amour and if toi fell the same way like ou commentaire i l’amour toi JB. If toi can i'm new so wouldn't know. Bye bye my fellow believers.
par Marie M