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Marianas Trench shake tramp
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Good to toi marianas Trench feat Jessica Lee
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I walked to the mall and i noticed i had two missed calls in less then 5 minutes from the same person. It was Joshs' number. I called and he awswered after two rings.

"Lila. Come home. I need to go to the hospital" He said.
"Okay im coming back. I'm not far from the house." I replied. I turned around and half-ran to the house.

I ran into the house and saw blood all over the ground. then I saw Josh. I looked around to see where the blood was coming from.

"Josh where is the blood coming from?" I asked. then I saw it. The stiches that he had to get because he during a video a few days il y a split...
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I was sitting on my lit thinking about my boyfriend.He had to go to Vancover and I had to watch over his house. His chats Tux and Anenome were meowing at my door so I let them in. Why did I miss him.

His name is Josh Ramsay.He is the lead singer of the band Marianas Trench. we fell in l’amour in high school and we met again when I moved suivant to him. we reconized eachother as soon as our eyes met.

Days past and I still haven't heard from Josh. Maybe he was busy ou something. I fed tux and Anenome slowly. Then i snapped and called him. He answered after two rings.

"Hello?" he asked
"Hey Joshie why haven't...
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I think Marianas Trench should be considered a drug. 'Cause Im sure as hell addicted!

Ramsay cancer

If toi find anymore please post it in commentaire :)
l’amour you!

It won't let me post :(
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traverser, croix my cœur, coeur par Marianas Trench :)
traverser, croix
cœur, coeur
marianas trench