I'm a huge fan of One Direction, i met them once at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, New York and I also went to one of their concerts with BTR in Mashantucket, CT. It's so easy to find out where they are at all times because of twitter. However, I am an even BIGGER fan of Josh Hutcherson. I have loved him since his episode on ER. Obviously he has become plus and plus populaire now because of Hunger Games so i think someone who has connections to him ou can find out where he is at all times should make a twitter and update all of us. It's so hard to meet Josh, especially because he's not on twitter and twitter accounts like "JoshHutchersonSouce" only post photos ou interviews that were previously taken of him. If we could get someone who is able to find out where Josh is at all times, there would be a bigger chance of people meeting him. I want to meet him so bad, i've googled and tweeted and have tried so many ways to find out his upcoming appearances, hunger games events, etc and nothing has any valid information. If toi can help ou know someone who can help with this issue please reply!! :)