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JosepineJackson a dit …
Now a little quizz for my friends, can toi guess who is that '30s actress' in my new profil icon? 😄 link
Nevermind, just asking...
I am back (a kinda) par the way 💛 posté il y a 1 jour
yorkshire_rose commenté…
Is it,Deanna Durbin ? I'm probably wrong.She's very beautiful who ever she is :) il y a 1 jour
JosepineJackson a dit …
I am not away again, just somehow I don't have time and energy for clubs... I am having a room makeover and a lot of other stuff. But I am still here. If toi want to connect with me just write message in boîte mail ou wall. Probably with time I will be fully back here. But living in makeover mess, always waiting to finally get my new furniture, all trip plans on july... Anyway, wish toi all a wonderful weekend 💚 posté il y a 18 jours
yorkshire_rose commenté…
No worries,Liana.Just come here when toi can.I am the same,everything is so time consuming.You are always in my thoughts a nd prayers 💚 il y a 17 jours
JosepineJackson commenté…
💚💚💚 il y a 16 jours
JosepineJackson a dit …
Okay, I am here again. At the moment I don't really feel like doing all the comments, saving my contest etc. Probably I will do it later 💛 Oh gosh, so much is going on around me! My prom was yesterday and toi just wouldn't believe what happened (shocked in the positive way). There is so much going on with my family, I am having a room makeover again and so so much more! Just know that I am back here again 💛 posté il y a 1 mois
JosepineJackson commenté…
Probably it will take a while to get fully back and I will still have delays because I am so busy these days. il y a 1 mois
yorkshire_rose commenté…
It's nice to see toi back Liana,no worries about any delays :) il y a 1 mois
Lavendergolden commenté…
Ah, wonderful 2 have ya bck il y a 1 mois