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JosepineJackson a dit …
I was in one of my favori cafes recently. I am shocked about how everything changes with time. Now it's just so atmosphereless, with loads of hurrying people, and some loud, mainstream pop/DJ musique in the background. I just want to go back to the time when sitting in that cafe, slowly drinking coffee latte, in a snowy winter morning with John Coltrane, Bill Evans ou Dave Brubeck in the background was a thing... I just feel old now, though I am not... 🎵☕ posté il y a 17 jours
Bluebell-in-May a dit …
I and violet had a very serious talk about this : Anyone can participate in the icone contest. There js a bit of mess regarding correct size of icons. So let me make it very clear to all of you. toi can participate just with deviantart ou pinterest fanarts ou normal images. toi aren't forced to éditer that. Except they shouldn't be bigger than 300×300 pixels. Just crop the large images. A perfect square ou not, that depends on toi completely. If they are small, no problem. posté il y a 1 mois
JosepineJackson commenté…
Okay, thats great that toi changed rules a bit, changes are always good, actually the reason I don't really care about all those contests (including my own) is mostly because I have a lot going on in real life so I have less time for fanpop in general. I am a quite back here now so I think I will try to save everything about contests and check out what's going on in yours soon too. Don't worry, I have nothing against your contests and I take part in them when I have time. Also I like editing pictures as much as my editor allows so... Anyway, thank toi for letting me know and have a nice jour 🙂 il y a 1 mois
Lavendergolden commenté…
^ She didn't mean toi have anything against the contest. We just got curious why toi and Berni stopped participating suddenly il y a 1 mois
JosepineJackson commenté…
Okay, got it. il y a 1 mois
Bluebell-in-May commenté…
^ But toi and Bernadette still aren't, are you? il y a 6 heures
JosepineJackson a dit …
Now a little quizz for my friends, can toi guess who is that '30s actress' in my new profil icon? 😄 link
Nevermind, just asking...
I am back (a kinda) par the way 💛 posté il y a 2 mois
yorkshire_rose commenté…
Is it,Deanna Durbin ? I'm probably wrong.She's very beautiful who ever she is :) il y a 2 mois