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 Joe Jonas 2011 (HQ)
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Joe Jonas 2011 (HQ)
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We wish we could rapporter that the Jonas Brothers would be releasing a new album, but instead we know that Joe Jonas will be releasing a solo CD early suivant year.

Joe has been in the studio a lot recently working on his new music, and an insider revealed about the new sound Joe is going for:

He is working with various writers and producers on music. [Joe] wants a plus dangerous sound.

As for Joe’s new wardrobe to go along with the new sound? The insider reveals Joe is going for a t-shirt and leather veste look.

Are toi excited to hear Joe’s solo stuff?
 Beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes
Insolent chains of luv clunged my innoscent heart,, causing chaos in evry divisé, split of its part,, changed my world changed evry scenario of mine,, creating indelible thoughts of JOE in evry nick of time,, the pleasant climate outside seems to make laugh on me,, thru the smoky sky evn faries &angels can see,, furius wind squizing me in its arms leaves me infatuated (mad) ,, i beg it to take me along but my flight was resticated,, i just wanted to peep inside his world,, instead it whispers 2 wait as there r mysteries still to be unfurld,, meloncholy of joe's eyes cannot be expressed in words,, despondent was my plea i.e why nobdy heard...........
 best smile..
best smile..
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