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This Jemi fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

"I know that toi know what I am Demi," a mysterious said.He mumbled something under his breath.I suddenly knew that it was Joe."I don't know what your talking about," I a dit knowing that he probably knew that I was lieing."I know that your lieing.Tell the truth and I won't hurt you,"he a dit montrer his amazing fangs that glew a pretty white in the dark.I was hypnotized par his beautiful fangs.I ouickly snapped out of the phase."Fine..OK!!I know your stupid secert,"I yelled at him fiercly.He looked at me suprised that I actually yelled at someone."Well,what am I," he asked with a little smirk...
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Being my curios self I followed the mysterious shadow.I followed the shadow to a shed.The shadow went inside.I slowly peeked inside the shed to see Joe sucking a girl's neck.When he pulled away I saw a stream of blood down the side of his mouth.I looked at the girl to that she was alive,but she was unconsisnce.I gased ver silently and ran back to the house.As soon as I reached the house I went to my room.When I got to my room I thought about what had happened.I only had one thought on what this family:


I woke up to Mrs.Jonas saying"Demi it's time for breakfast."I...
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"I'm Joe Jonas," the boy a dit in a very rude voice."Okay,Demi since toi know the kids alittle better why don't toi let Joseph take toi to your room,"Mrs. Jonas said."Okay," I replyed because I didn't want to get on her bad side already par saying that I didn't want to let Joe montrer me to my room."Joseph, like I a dit montrer Demi to her room," she said.The boy whose name was Joe motioned for me to follow him.We went into a red and black decorated room.All of the sudden Mrs.Jonas and her kids popped into the room."Your mom told your favori couleurs were red and black.I hope yoy like it," she said."It's...
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This is too funny and cute.
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Title: Someday

Author: Jewel_2

Pairing: Jemi

Characters: Joe and Demi

Author's Note: I don't own anyone. I got this story idea from the video of Demi cuddling a baby. Please review

What a sweet picture I have in front of me. My Demi girl holding in her arms a baby boy of about a an old a few feet away from me. The little guy looks like he is enjoying being held par my girl, he isn't crying at all ou anxious to find out where his mommy is, he has his head on Demi's shoulder and looks like he is about to fall asleep and looks like he is very comfy and has no plans of crying out for his mommy.

No matter...
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