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This Jemi fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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This is definitely an opinion article. I'm just going to say my thoughts on Camilla Belle, the rumors that have been going around lately, and how there is no way that they're true. This article might change your mind of the Camilla and Joe news, and all toi Jemi fans, listen up. Because this article is coming directly from a huge Jemi fan, ready to supply the Jemi side on anything. So here it is, straight from the Jemiest Jemi lover who can Jemify anything.

OMJ! toi just heard the new Jonas rumor! Joe Jonas, the only guy out there PERFECT for Demi, is reportedly dating Camilla Belle, a 10,000...
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"I know that toi know what I am Demi," a mysterious said.He mumbled something under his breath.I suddenly knew that it was Joe."I don't know what your talking about," I a dit knowing that he probably knew that I was lieing."I know that your lieing.Tell the truth and I won't hurt you,"he a dit montrer his amazing fangs that glew a pretty white in the dark.I was hypnotized par his beautiful fangs.I ouickly snapped out of the phase."Fine..OK!!I know your stupid secert,"I yelled at him fiercly.He looked at me suprised that I actually yelled at someone."Well,what am I," he asked with a little smirk...
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Being my curios self I followed the mysterious shadow.I followed the shadow to a shed.The shadow went inside.I slowly peeked inside the shed to see Joe sucking a girl's neck.When he pulled away I saw a stream of blood down the side of his mouth.I looked at the girl to that she was alive,but she was unconsisnce.I gased ver silently and ran back to the house.As soon as I reached the house I went to my room.When I got to my room I thought about what had happened.I only had one thought on what this family:


I woke up to Mrs.Jonas saying"Demi it's time for breakfast."I...
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