"Death sentence?"I choked out.

Today was the day. The jour of my life. The jour I say goodbye to this hell hole and all people in it. The ending of my life.
"You have a visitor" the guard a dit before leading me to a different cell.
There was a girl with long brown hair in a white coat, black leggings pants and boots with dark sunglasses covering her eyes. My face turned grimace when I recognized who it was.
"I'm not so happy to see toi either"
"What are toi going here Selena?"
"Good toi know who I am; saves valuable time in introductions. My reason here is simple just tell me where you're holding my best friend and maybe toi wouldn't be doomed to this fate"
"Best friend? " I scoffed.
"Just tell me" she a dit taking off her sunglasses so I could see her murderous glare.
"I'll tell toi this," I a dit pushing myself up from the table, tableau looking straight into her frightened eyes, "Your apart of the reason why she's gone. toi and your whole palace entourage including her witch of a mother. toi guys owned her life and pushed her to the point of breaking down. She could barely stand on her two feet anymore so she left a thing she was dying to do since she was born. You've known her for all your life and yet toi couldn't figure out she was hurting"
"You have a nerve to speak to me like that especially since toi were once paralyzed"
"You were too busy controlling her life for her. Heck, toi wanted to be her. toi don't care that she's gone, you're overjoyed. toi can't wait to place your feet in her shoes"
"Hell can't wait for toi to rejoindre in burning in feu and brimstone!" she a dit stomping out of the cell trying to hold back fake tears.
She was a fake. She walked away because she knew everything I a dit was true.
"I'll see toi there sweet heart"
I was about to leave when the guard stopped me and told me I had another visitor. I wonder who it will be this time. Oprah Winfrey?
"What the hell?"
A girl dressed in a black jeans and a capuche, hotte that covered her face came running in and immediately engulfed me in a hug. I could feel her whimper in my arms as she let the tears she was holding in flow and messed up my white shirt. I looked over her shoulder to see that the guards had left us alone for a while. For some strange reason, I placed one hand around her waist hugging her back and the other to stroke her head through her capuche, hotte while whispering comforting words. I just wanted to help this unusual stranger get through whatever she was going through. After a while she calmed down, pulled back and starring straight into my eyes whispered,
"I'm sorry"
I froze.