Even though reps deny any fighting between Ashley and Demi, a new rapporter says otherwise!

Remember how the reps were adamant that it was all sunshine and roses between Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene when the Disney starlet was sent to rehab? And remember how toi really didn’t really believe it? Yeah, neither did we. And according to a new story, Demi took her anger toward Ashley online…

X17online is reporting that when Demi, 18, found out her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and Ashley were going to take their new couple status on tour, she sent a “very nasty e-mail” to the 23-year-old Twilight star. In the e-mail, Demi blasted Ashley for “stealing her boyfriend and parading around with him on tour.”

Ashley, of course responded, and according to their source, all she did was reply with a picture of her and Joe, asking Demi to leave the couple alone. That was apparently only the beginning of the catfights between the girls, and they continued to butt heads throughout the tour — at which point, Demi had her meltdown and entered a treatment facility.

While Demi may have been shooting death looks at Ashley every day, another member of the Camp Rock 2 tour felt differently toward Joe’s girlfriend tagging along. Alyson Stoner recently gushed to Teen Magazine that Ashley was “so genuine, really down to Earth, and super adaptable to any situation.” She even claimed that the Breaking Dawn actress wasn’t butting in at all, and that she “didn’t try and steal the spotlight. She definitely knew her place while we were on tour.”

Apparently the only place Demi wanted Ashley was off the tour and out of her face.

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