~Demi's P.O.V~
The suivant morning I walked downstairs to see my mom and her new fiance s’embrasser on the couch.I faked a cough so that they would stop.They both looked at me.
Dianna:Hi,Demi.Ohh,by the way your Friends should be here any minute.
All of the sudden our doorbell rang.I quickly went and answered it.My friend's,Selena,Miley,Nick,and Liam came in.
Demi:Hey guys!
Everyone else:Hey Dems.
We all ran into my bedroom.
Selena:Hey,Dems who was that hot guy downstairs? Demi:Ohh,that's my soon to be stepdad.
Everyone else gasped.I knew what they were thinking.They were thinking..OMG that's sick the dude's is like 20 years old.Why would he rendez-vous amoureux, date a 46 an old.
Demi:Guys it's ok I can already tell toi he will probably be out of Dianna's and my life in less than a week.
Selena:Ohh.I still find it gross though.Well,bye the guys promised us that they would take us to the mall.
Nick and Liam:Ugh!I don't wanna go!
Miley:Too bad.Now say bye to Demi and lets go. Liam,Miley,and Nick:bye Dems.
After my peeps left I was sooo bored.I just layed in my bed.About a heure after everyone left Joe and Dianna came up and sat at the foot of my bed. Dianna:Demi,I got to go on a two week business trip in Paris.You and Joe will be here par yourselves.Try to get along and be nice .Ok? Demi:Ok.When are toi leaving?
Dianna:Right now.Bye Demi.Bye Honey.
Joe and Demi:Bye.
Joe and Dianna walked back downstairs.When it was seven at night I was craving food.I went downstairs and into my kitchen.I was in the mood for pasta.I waited until the water in the pot started boiling then I put noodles in to the steamy water.
~Joe's P.O.V.~
Dianna had left.Which meant I could rape Demi anytime I wanted to.I walked downstairs because I figured she was starting to make nourriture for herself.I got a rag then went in to the kitchen.She looked so hot making food.I sneaked up behind her.All of the sudden I put the rag on her face covering up her mouth and nose.She let out a scream before passing out.I turned off the stove then I carried her to her bedroom.I dropped her on her bed.I then got out my emergency handcuffs.I took off all of her clothes then handcuffed her to the lit with her arms and legs spread apart.About ten minutes later she woke up.She screamed when she remeber what happened. Joe:Shut the fuck up!
She automactily stopped screaming.
Joe:Good girl now I'll make sure it doesn't hurt that bad ok?
Demi:(in a weak and scared voice)O-ok.
I Took off all my clothes.I then sat on her stomach.
Joe:Suck it!
I stuck my penis in her mouth making her suck it.I started moaning. I quickly stuck my penis into her vagina.She started screaming in pain.I thrusted in and out fast and hard ignoring her calls.I continued for a heure without stopping.She never stop screaming.I finally pulled out.I uncuffed her.
Joe:Don't ever tell anyone ok!
She nodded.She was clearly in pain.I didn't care that was awesome!I finally fucked that bitch!
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