~Eli's P.O.V.~
I'm standing here in the dark where nobody can see me.I know they miss me,but I can't go back EVER!I used to be normal,a mortal.Now everything's different.Every time I get hungry my eyes turn bright red.Fangs sprout and I have to drink blood,I turn into a blood sucking monster leech.Most of the time I play it sûr, sans danger and drink animal blood from the woods,but every now and then I lose control and get human blood.The foolish humans should not come into the woods.They're so stupid.I get human blood in the first place par the dumb humans who get Rebelle and go into the "haunted" forest.They get tired and see a old mansion,which is my house.They come into my house and then thay go to sleep.After a couple of days I take about two people of the whole group and let the rest go.I take the two most rudest people of the group.I watch out of video cameras and lock the doors when they come in.I have a sister,who is a vampire like me,named Demi.She looks so much like my mother.Demi has a vampire husband named Joesph.He's my bestfriend.When humans come into my house.Joe and Demi go hunting because they don't like killing humans.Anyway we all appear to be seventeen years old.I'm two hundred years old.Joseph is one hundred ninety-seven years old and Demi is one hundred ninety-four.
I'm Eli Goldsworthy.I'm your worst nightmare.I hope toi never see me in your worthless human lifetime.I l’amour to spend precious time drinking your blood and then killing you.
~Clare's P.O.V.~
I can't believe Fitz dared us to come down here.Too bad he had to come along to. Alli,Adam,Drew,Declan,Fiona,Holly J.,Sav,Jenna,K.C.,Fitz and I all came.We were all getting plus freaked out par the second.I started to get really tired.That's when we spotted this very old mansion."Lets go in there," Fitz said."I don't think so.There is a creepy legend about that place,"Alli says back,shivering in horror.I look at her and say,"What legend?" "Supposely,a long time il y a a boy named Elijah,Eli,Goldsworthy,his sister,Demetria,Demi,Jonas,and his sister's husband,Joseph,Joe,Jonas,lived in there.It is a dit that they're still in there and can't die.They say they can kill us in two seconds.Hell no!I'm NOT going in there,"Alli says in a freaked out tone.I was starting to get scared two.Vampires was all that was running into my mind when she a dit that."So, you're saying they're vampires,"Declan a dit in a tone that wasn't pleasant and that broke my train of thoughts. "That's ridculous," Fitz says."Yeah,I'm saying that there are vampires like in Clare's fanfictions," Alli replies. "We're still going in there right?I'm sooo sleepy,"Holly J. said. "Yeah."Drew says."Thank toi lord my feet are KILLING me,"Fiona informs everyone.We all started walking except for Alli.Sav went back and started dragging her along with us."LET ME GO!!!I'm NOT going in there,"Alli yells.We all just kept walking,letting Sav just drag her along.When we reached the enterance I had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.Somthing bad was going to happen.I just knew it.