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Jack&Kate - Say It Like A Lie

Jack&Kate - Falling Slowly

Jack and Kate: Never Say Never

Jack & Kate - Everytime

Jack and Kate - Who Knew

Jack & Kate - On feu

Jack & Kate - Goodbye Apathy

Jack & Kate surrounded par your embrace;

Jack | Kate Battlefield

Jack and Kate - Before the Worst

Jack & Kate - Realize

May I Jack ♥ Kate

No Ones Gonna l’amour You/Jate

Jack y Kate (Jate/Lost) - Save toi

Jack y Kate (Jate/LOST) - Thinking of toi

Jack and Kate - Keep Holding On

Jate Losing grip

Sawyer&Juliet | Goodbye my lover

Juliet & Sawyer [Romeo y Julieta] (Juliet and James)

Sawyer & Juliet [Pretty Woman] (Juliet and James)

Too late to Apologize Jack & Kate

Jack and Kate l’amour remains the same

The Scientist - Jack and Kate video

Jack&Kate | Memories

Jack&Kate | The Measures of Fate

JATE; Lost along the way

Jack and Kate - Over toi

Jack and Kate - When your gone

Jack\Kate - l’amour Should

Jack\Kate - All I Need

Jack\Kate - Into The Night

Jate- Who knew(By Pink)

Jack & Kate - Trouble In Here

Jack & Kate, You're Still the One

Jate - My Happy Ending

So much for my Happy Ending - Jate

LOST- Jack and Kate (because of you)

Lost Without toi - Jack + Kate

Jack & Kate || Say it again

Jack + Kate " You´re my Everything"

Jack and Kate- Everything

Jack and Kate Forever__True l’amour

Jate Kiss - My Skin (Edited)

Jate&Suliet - Gotta be somebody

Jate & Suliet {Just Say Yes}

Jack & Kate- It's Only l’amour

We Don't Live Here (Jate)

Jack/Kate- Gotta Be Somebody

Jack / Kate - Smash into toi

Jack/Kate- What Happened To Us

Roadside- Jack/Kate

Jack & Kate- Here I Am

Jack & Kate - Walkabout

Strange Days - Jack & Kate

Jack/Kate: Apology Story

toi Went Away || Jack & Kate

Jack & Kate - fleurs For A Ghost

Jack & Kate- "That's it"

Jack & Kate- Hallelujah

Jack and Kate (Lost) - Gotta be somebody

Jack and Kate - I Will Always l’amour toi

Heartless - Jack and Kate

To Build a accueil (Jack & Kate)

I Felt It || Jack ♣ Kate

Jack/Kate ; All ou nothing

Jack ♣ Kate || Season 6

"Madly In Love" || Jack ♣ Kate

fleurs for a Ghost || Jack & Kate & Sawyer & Juliet

Lonely - Jate AU

Jate- Iam your Angel

Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet - Already Over


Jack&Kate - James&Juliet (Jate&Suliet Tribute)

sawyer/juliet, jack/kate ; never say never

James & Juliet - Anytime

Sawyer/Juliet (Suliet) montrer me What I'm looking for

What About Now - A James and Juliet fanvid

Until The jour I Die Sawyer & Juliet

Sawyer & Juliet (Juliet and James) [Yesterday]

sawyer/juliet; pieces

Jack and Kate - I'll Stand par toi

Jack & Kate - Angel

Jack & Kate - I Turn To toi

Jate - Life and Death

Jack&Kate | What About Us

Jack&Kate - Destiny

sawyer and juliet who am i to say

Sawyer and Juliet 5x16/17 and recollections (Juliet´s death)

Lost: Sawyer & Juliet ''Jai ho''

Lost: Sawyer and Juliet "Goddess Of Mine"

toi Found Me Sawyer Juliet

Dharma Lady

[Jate] ♥ Rejected

Jate - who knew?

[Jate] Lost n Insecure

Jack Kate | Breαthing Spαce|

Jack-Kate l’amour will Conquer

Little Wonders (J/K)

River flows in toi (J/K)

Sawyer+Juliet - l’amour Story