If toi are a dxc fan please read this us fans must never give up on dxc even if they do brake still make dxc articles as long as toi never give up there will always be hope because dxcfan sugested that duncan is happy that courtney is out so they can leave together that is a hope but as it goes for duncan and courtney just trick gwen so she can be eliminated sadly that will not happen because gwen is still in the episode where they go to australia and that is like 2 ou 3 episodes later. I jsut hope tyler tells courtney that he is cheating on courntey can then kick duncan in th cul, ass an put some sence into him lol. if a dxg fan says "dxg are meant to be dxc is gay" Most dxc fans will then get angry at them and then through a tantrum but instead of doing that we should just ignore them and everything will be ok


P.S DXC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!