About four days later, in another part of North Korea. A colonel named Lu Hatata walked into the room where the launch codes were. "Have toi came up with new launch codes?" He asked a technician

The technician was too busy with his work, and didn't here what Hatata had a dit to him.

"Have toi came up with new launch codes?!" The colonel asked again, plus louder this time.

"No." The technician replied.

"Then toi need to hurry up with your work. We must get them back as quickly as possible."

A captain walked in "Sir? Your flight to Chicago is all set." He said.

"Thank you." Replied the colonel. He walked towards the door, and looked back at the technician, "If those launch codes are not ready par the time I get back, toi are a dead man."

Meanwhile in London, Bond was waiting for M to see him. "What are toi so happy about?" Money Penny asked.

"I get a two week leave after this assignment." Bond said. "Whatever it is must be tougher than my last assignment."

Bond's précédant job was in Skyfall.

Tanner walked into the room, "He'll see toi now 007."

"Thank toi Tanner." a dit Bond. He walked into the room where M was waiting. "Good morning 007." a dit the new M.

"Good morning sir." exclaimed Bond.

"What do toi know about a korean colonel named Lu Hatata?" asked M.

Bond was a little nervous. "Four days ago, he was going to launch missiles into the United States, and much of Europe. I believe he is still working on that, and he recently left North Korea to get to Chicago."

"That's right." M said. "He'll be arriving tomorrow morning at 11:30. I have another question for you. Have toi ever heard of the Empire Builder?"

"You mean the Empire Builder? The train run par Amtrak?" Bond asked. He was getting plus curious.

"Yes." M told him. "After arriving on his flight, Hatata will take the Empire Builder out of Chicago, and head into Portland Oregon."

"Why doesn't he just take the plane to Oregon?" Bond questioned M.

"He has plans to assassinate Felix Leiter." M a dit with some sorrow.

"What?" That was all Bond could say?

"Felix has an assignment to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent in North Korea. He'll be in Chicago, at the airport just when Lu arrives. toi must prevent Lu from killing Felix. After that, wait until toi get into Portland to kill him."

"Yes sir." a dit Bond. He was just about to leave when M said, "Go, and see Q."

"Yes sir." a dit Bond, and he left at once. 'I was afraid he would say that' Bond thought, and went to the lab at once.

To be continued