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New Moon Jacob/Bella "Beside You"

Jacob[x]Bella- I had a dream that toi were with me; and I stood outside her heaven

New Moon - Jacob & Bella - Sacrifice

Bella & Jacob-Indigo

bella & Jacob

Jacob et Bella

Bella//Jacob--She Is The Sunlight

Jacob and Bella "warm"

keep on forgetting // bella & jacob

New Moon - Bella and Jacob

Jacob/Bella/Chemicals react

Aurora-Motel || Jacob Bella

New Moon | The loup Pack

Jacob/Bella | She Has No Time [Preview]

Bella & Jacob - Footprints in the Sand

"Guardian Angel" -Jacob Black

Jacob and Bella |||||| Before The Storm

Bella & Jacob// Breathe Me

Bella & Jacob// Breathe Me

Jake processing the break-up [ Running ]

Jacob/Bella - "He makes me feel better"

::Jacob & Bella::Broken::

Bella & Jacob || "remember when we...."

B4 THE STORM || Jacob and Bella

Bella and Jacob~ Your guardian angel~

Jacob/Bella // Black cœur, coeur

II Jacob & Bella II


Bella/Edward/Jacob- Near To toi

Bella & Jacob// Dare toi To déplacer

Bella & Jacob// toi Found Me

Bella & Jacob// Say When

bella & jacob - wonderful surprise

New Moon- Jacob Black-"I tried to keep toi sûr, sans danger from harm..."

To My Lovely Santa [Jake & Bells}

Edward/Bella/Jacob || ...this an to save me from tears, i'll give it to someone special...

i'll be waiting (jacob/bella)

Jacob and Bella - [Right suivant To The Right One]

Ill Be Waiting :: Jacob/Bella

Bella/Jacob - Monster

Jacob And Bella; Colorful//

Find A Way - Jacob/Bella

That boy is a monster [ jacob I bella I edward ]

NM Bella and Jacob ; "I would try to fix you"

Jacob/Bella - Everything

Bella and Jacob Lucky I'm in l’amour with my best friend

Bella|Jake; 'The place where I can feel better'

Jacob & Bella // Cold Desert

New Moon || A Walk To Remember Style || Jacob & Bella

Twilight Saga: New Moon/Twilight - Jacob and Bella Beside toi

Please don´t go II Jake & Bella

Bella & Jacob// Dare toi To déplacer

jacob•bella;; find a way

toi decide;; don't waste my time (jake & bella)

Bella & Jacob - This is us


toi are loved bella●don't give up●

Bella & Jacob// toi Found Me

Set Me Down (In Your Warm Arms) ;; Jacob and Bella

Jacob & Bella // I should've known

My cœur, coeur // Jacob ♥ Bella

New Moon Jacob/ Bella **Crawl Back To Love**

Jacob and Bella~ Your Guardian Angel~ New Moon

New Moon - Everything toi want(Bella/Jacob/Edward)

Jacob Black and Bella Swan: "You're a werewolf"

Nobody Sees (Bella/Jacob)

Change Player Size Watch this video in a new window Jacob and Bella-Barking at the New Moon

She's So High - Tribute to Jacob and Bella

•♥• Jake&Bella, You're Holding Me Back...•♥•

Jake & Bella | The weight of us

Memories seep through my veins || Bella & Jacob AU

Bella & Jacob -" I won't ever hurt toi , i promise "..

Jacob, Mike and Bella at the movies!

Jacob & Bella // He's Got Something Special [ prévisualiser ]

Bella and Jacob - we belong together

Jacob & Bella - Bliss

Crying in the Rain (Bella and Jacob-New Moon)

Bella and Jacob Meet me half way

if I could be all toi wanted...|| jacob & bella

Jacob et Bella

Falling For toi // Twilight [Bella & Jacob]

Bella and Jacob ~ Try

Jacob & Bella - I'll Wait

Bella is just a little girl

New Moon - Jacob/Bella - Waiting For Yesterday

Jacob and Bella; Hallelujah

she will be loved jacob & bella

it´s a small crime... || jacob & bella AU

Jacob/Bella - Wish toi well

Jacob/Bella - Sets me down in your warm arms

Jacob / Bella - Should've Never Thought

[ jacob/bella ] yellow

Innocence (Jacob/Bella)

Bella and Jacob-Halo

Jake / Bella - Near to toi

[New Moon] Jake and Bella-Don't Wake Me

Diary of Jane || Bella/Jacob

Edward/Bella/Jacob | Near To toi

Jacob et Bella

{New Moon}Bella/Jake - Breathe Me