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edward,bella,jacob-love comes


New Moon Bella/Jacob/Edward Dear Agony

New Moon- Bella and Jacob

Bella and Jacob- Broken

NM; bella & jacob ; when i look at toi

Bella and Jacob -Glitter in the Air

Jacob & Bella -Bad Romance

New Moon - Jacob & Bella

Jacob and Bella-I'll be waiting

Bella & Jacob - Call Me

Bella & Jacob- The reason

Jacob and Bella (Edward) - Hard to déplacer On

Bella and Jacob- Fix toi

Bella and Jacob- Down

Bella and Jacob- When your gone

New Moon Jacob/Bella **Beside You**

Jacob is hot and cold

Bella&Jacob; "As Long as Your Here" - New Moon

edward/bella/jacob - watcha say?

New Moon: Jacob/Bella || my cœur, coeur is breaking

Jacob & Bella || Endless... ||

Bella and Jacob From Yesterday

Jacob/Bella - Sets me down in your warm arms

Jacob&Bella ~ Crawl

Taylor/Kristen, I Think I'm Lovestoned

Bella & Jacob// Find A Way

Jacob & Bella// Find A Way


New Moon Jacob/Bella ""Near TO you""

Demons from your past [Jacob - Bella]

i want to make toi feel beautiful | jacobbella

Jake & Bella // "I'm not gonna treat toi like he did..."

Jacob // Bella - When I'm Gone

New Moon Jacob/Bella Breath your life into me

Bella and Jacob_My cœur, coeur will go on

NM || Bella and Jacob || Stand In The Ra

Jacob,Bella♥ -He left you...

Bella and Jacob ;] i'm not lying when i say , i need youu

Bella and Jacob Naturally

Jacob and Bella - Jump then fall

Bella and Jake // She Will Be Loved

|C r a w l| [J a c o b (&) B e L L a]

Taylor/Kristen, Someone like you...

Jacob & Bella-Gravity

All the right moves || Jacob&Bella

*Forget what he has done to you, I'm here now*

Bad Romance[Jacob/Bella]

I'll be waiting. Jacob/Bella

Jacob/Bella. "What if"

Jacob/Bella - "I won't have a choice."

My mechanical friend // Jacob & Bella (New moon)

Jacob Black and Bella Swan- Crush

Jacob // Bella - Almost Lover


Bella & Jacob - Before the Storm

Jacob et Bella

Jake & Bella/ Jacob and Bella/ Beside toi

Twilight - Jacob/Bella - Who Am I To Say

Bella & Jacob// Time After Time

Jacob & Bella || Mess I Made

New Moon Jacob/Bella "Crawl Back To Love"

New Moon Jacob/Bella "Sorry"

Twilight - New Moon - Jacob and Bella - Russian Roulette

Jacob & Bella - I'll be waiting

Jacob Cannot Live Within Bella (Eclipse)

Satellite Heart- New Moon/ Bella & Jacob

New Moon - Bella & Jacob "I'll Stand par you"

Bella and Jacob - Aint No other man

Bella -- nothing to say at all. nothing to say that matters.

Blurry - Bella and Jacob

Bella And Jacob||Lovestoned

Rest || Jacob/Bella/Edward

Jacob and Bella-Crush

Jacob/Bella - "Im not like a car that toi can fix up"

Jacob/Bella // Nobody will break you.

Jacob/Bella: Beside toi

Near to toi [Jacob&Bella]

Jacob//Bella - Three wishes

Bella/Jacob [New moon] - You're not alone

Twilight - Bella/Jacob - You're Beautiful


NM Jacob & Bella // Possibility

Jacob // Diary of Bella

Jacob & Bella- Do toi remember

[Jacob & Bella]*Insane*

"Anywhere but here" ;; Jacob/Bella

..that i losing my best Friend II Dont Speak II Jake & Bella

Can't break the silence, it's breaking me || JacobBlack' POV

Bella/Jacob "You're the one to pull me through"

Bella And Jacob - Cry Me A River

Jacob & Bella- Welcome to the World

Jacob & Bella- I wanna

New Moon||Jacob & Bella||Get Out

Jacob and Bella | Run To Me

Bella/Jacob - Feel This

Jacob Black || She loves me not

Bella & Jacob// X&Y

Jacob+Bella. Bodies. [Beta

NM Jacob & Bella // Possibility