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breaking dawn part 2
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This Jacob et Bella photo might contain hêtre, douglas, sapin douglas, sapin de douglas, chemin muletier, route bride, chemin de brides, chemin de bridle, bridle path, and chemin de la bride.

Jacob Black
Bella Swan
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A fan made video set to 'Invincible' par Skillet. From Youtube user discoroadkill
Jacob Black
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chapter 1 ~

i thought that my life was normal easy clear stable but life is change a lot .... when toi got that change the fear control s every cell of your body the fear of the future toi would never give the thought of it will be better a change for good i think !.....~
my mother and i never did agree On one thing in all my life she always think that i am the liability promising future since the jour i came to this life i stop her planes for the future . we fight a lot i start to think to leave accueil live alone some were she was the seconde wife of chief cygne but she got divorced after she got...
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Hope toi enjoy Chapter 66

“No I’m not” he a dit as he plopped on the sofa.
“Jacob Black you’re not staying here” I said.
“Yes I am……..cause he isn’t coming spending the night here again” he said.
“Oh whatever” I a dit as I went to my room and got dressed. Once I finished I made my way to the front door.
“Where are toi going?” he asked
“Out” I a dit as I slammed the door behind me.
I met up with Nando at the beach. He went to hug him but he just stood there.
“What’s the matter?’ I asked. Just then I felt a striking pain come across my face, placed my hand over...
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