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breaking dawn part 2
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This Jacob et Bella photo might contain hêtre, douglas, sapin douglas, sapin de douglas, chemin muletier, route bride, chemin de brides, chemin de bridle, bridle path, and chemin de la bride.

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Jacob Black
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Bella Swan
Jacob Black
Jacob Black
Bella Swan
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Jacob Black
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Some songs that I think sum up Jacob and Bella's relationship!

1. Better Than Me - NLT
2. My Immortal (Band Version) - Evanescence
3. Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
4. Underneath This Smile - Hilary Duff
5. In My Head - Jason Derulo
6. That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber
7. Another toi - Cascada
8. Play With feu - Hilary Duff
9. Burned - Hilary Duff
10. Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
11. Again - Flyleaf
12. Broken - Travis Garland
13. When toi Learn How to l’amour - Travis Garland
14. Lithium - Evanescence
15. Where Did I Go Right - Hilary Duff
16. Dangerous To Know - Hilary Duff
17. Out From Under - Joanna Pacitti
18. New Divide - Linkin Park
19. l’amour Struck - V Factory
20. For toi - V Factory
21. I Choose toi - NLT
22. Stay With Me - Danity Kane
23. Fall For toi - Secondhand Serenade
24. What Hurts the Most - Cascada

Tell me what toi think(:
Chapter 62.......Hope toi guys enjoy it :)

I lowered my head and grabbed the back of my hair “She wouldn’t even care if I did get hurt” I said.
“Do toi blame her Jake, she always fought for toi to notice her and only her” a dit Emily.
“Yeah she sick of it Jake, they say toi can’t turn a bad girl good but once a good girl has gone bad she’s gone forever.” a dit Leah.
“I was shocked on the other end of the phone, she told me she had a special friend, she never told me how she felt, that’s her fault, how was I to know she was getting sick of me” I said.

They all stared at...
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