One night when Sandy had finished his job he saw one nightmare escape into Jamie's he called Vamp (who is Queen of the bat and chase the bad dreams away ) par using his sand but she didn't come so he look for her but nothing he know thing is wrong.He go to north and tell he what happened. "I know because pitch is back, he left a letter here say I am back and I take vamp with me from pitch and I calling a meeting about it" say north, about 2 heure late when everyone is here they ask why because children wait for tooth fairly to put coin under the pillow, bunny have 2 jour for getting ready for Easter and jack is looking for his sister from the memory. "What now did u see I am busy" say bunny "oh really I never noticed" jack play funny
"Stop both of toi is it very serious, pitch is back and he kidnaper vamp"
"What why she is most beautiful smart girl why" ask jack "oooh u l’amour her" say bunny
"oh shut up Kangaroo" jack said
"did u tell her about your feeling ?" ask tooth
"no I am scared" jack look down
"scared of what" ask north
"that she will say no" say jack meanwhile sandy try get their attention but it doesn't work so he look around and found a bell. He ring it and everyone look.
"right we will talk about it last now we need to find out how pitch got out and find vamp, sandy and tooth toi two work night so looking for clue for how pitch escape, bunny toi do your job after join,jack and I look to find where vamp is? " say north
They all agreed 1 heure late when tooth come back at tooth palace she wonder why all tooth are missing so her fairy's "oh no" shock tooth
"what wrong?" appeared pitch
"Pitch" tooth a dit in anger
"you what" laugher pitch
"what toi done to my fairy and the teeth and where is vamp" ask tooth " vamp is here and I done nothing to your fairy and the teeth" say pitch and than vamp appeared as well jack and north "vamp" short jack
"she cant hear toi jack" a dit pitch
"pitch what have toi do to her?" say jack
"nothing just put her into spell that she will go to sleep until death" say pitch "what are monster" a dit north "I know" laugher pitch
and than pitch and vamp disappeared
"what dose he mean until death?" ask jack
"he mean she will go to deep sleep until she cant wake up" say tooth
"what how" ask jack
" don't worried jack let go back and tell sandy, bunny, tooth r u ok?" north ask