Chapter 11

Falicia's cell phone chimed with a text." How was it !? Sorry I wasn't there to talk toi back accueil are toi alright!?" Sebastion's message read. Tension left her shoulders, discreetly Falicia texted back.
"It was okay I gess I am glade that the stiches are out what remains are scars."
" I can't get over what's been happening these pass days what about you? He reasponded.
par her side Beth was happy to walk her accueil holding her hip to support her walking.
Falicia texted back.
"I know right!!! But no joke something strange is here someone ou something is with me 24/7 Sebastion belive me when I say this."
Beth jumps at the text.
"I am sorry it's the only way that I ou the other guardians can communicate.... I just wish that toi can understand to see who's really there for you." Beth shrugged. She then hissed at the pain once again. There was no time today to heal herself she was to busy watching out for Falicia.
But normaly Falicia had not heard her words and contiued texting Sebastion. Beth sighed her shoulders dropped with deppersstion. But also contiued on walking Falicia home.
par the time they reached accueil it was that time for Jack to do his night shift wich Beth was sure that he enjoys. Falicia walks through her front door Beth frezzes the lock so no one would harm her. She was about to leave when suddenly Jack almost gave her a cœur, coeur attack a crack screamed from her hip making her drop half way to the ground. Jack snaches her and held Beth close, as if to prove his point. Jack realeast her and then leaned back againts the front door folding his arms over his chest.

Glaring at him Beth said.

"What's the look for?"
Jack sighed and scrubbed his hand through his hair.
"So this is how it's going to be?"

Beth gritted her teeth with confussion.
Jack kept his steady gaze to her as the moon sang it's song behind her making her realize that Bunny bund told him what had happened to her eailer in the day.
"Listen Jack what happened today ...... it was nothing don't worry about it."
He pushed himself off the door frame now leaning on his staff.
"You could of came and got me toi know snowflake?"

Controlling Beth's temper was officially out of the question. Her fists were clenched so hard she felt as if her nails threaten to break skin.
"Dude! I... I have no idea where toi were at but.. but I handled it with Bunny Bund's help".... Beth paused.
Jack walked towards her.
"There's no shame to have help snowflake we all support each other with every power we have it's good that Falicia is accueil safe."
Beth noddes.
I am sorry I thought I could handel it myself but I was happy that Bunny Bund was there to help me out."
"There's no shame Beth. And I also swore to do everything in my power to protect you. I want what's best for toi it's as simple as that."
Beth looks down.
"I always protected toi Jack it's hard to protected Falicia not knowing that we exist. But toi can't keep taking charge and then claiming that it's for me safety. She finished.

"Making sure your sûr, sans danger is plus important to me then anything and toi know that Beth. I don't want to fight but if your thinking I am being the bad guy par protecting toi then fine, better then losing you." He shrugged.

Beth's head shoot up ward she stroked her arm feeling oie bumps running up her arm.

At that same moment Jack reached for his neakless montrer it to her again making his point and rubbing it in her face.

Sadness and guilt swept over her like a gust of wing on a stormy day, she then took her's out as well.

" Jack your not the bad guy your my best friend and I know how pertective toi are and I shouldn't push toi so far.... I am sorry." She whisspered.

" I am doing what's best for toi Snow flake I am not trying not letting toi have your freedom being a guardian there are some ricks that we have to make and I am not going on that path."

With a strook of pushing on of her crulers behind her ear it made her hair stand on one end.

" Do we have to make a risk?" Beth asked rubbing the back of her neack.

Jack again walks towards her he pulled her close.

" It's a choise that we should neaver make." He mummbled.

Beth smiles but then she attendes to her hip.

Jack at that point backs away with a worried consearn expression.

" Ouch, ouch, ouch no Jack I am okay I am okay don't worry." she said. But Jack was not to convinsed to her desition.

" What can I do?" he asked. Walking over with open arms.
Beth snached snow from the ground giggels then chuckes it at him making Jack fall to the ground. She snaches some plus along with water balls throughing at him none stop. Jack blocked himself with his arms trying to get back on his feet. Beth was about to through another one when, suddenly Jack grabbed her wrist with a smile.

"You change your mood swings friken quick angel."
Beth shrugged her shoulders.
"It's a gift." She chuckled.

He then slowly left her side turns the starts walking towards Falicia's home.
Beth rolled her eyes didn't say one last word then she to left floating down the drive way.From inside the accueil Falicia just had made dîner and now she's in the living room attending to the tv. Jack didn't want to be rude and barge into her accueil with out being annouced. But there was no probblem to it she couldn't see him anyway so he invited himself in. Falicia laughed at the tv then she ate her apple. Jack looks to see what was so funny but it really didn't make sence to him. The tv montrer was just stupid kids doing stupid things. That's why he hates watching tv there isn't anything good on to watch.
He stakes a siège suivant to her on the sofa the scars on her arm again came into his view. He slightly touches them making Falicia shiver.
"How toi get these Falicia?
No answere.
"You look nice today!"
Still no answere.
Jack moaned.
"This is boaring ugh let's do something!" He suggested.
Falicia laughed thinking that was a respones but it just her reaction to the tv.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Falicia smircks jumps off the sofa then runs to the door with Jack running after her.
She smiles to see Sebastion sanding on her pourch while Jack growles behind her. He steps inside.
"May I see your arm mame?"
Falicia mummbled montrer him her scars.
"There really not notiabel but once toi get real close like this." Sebastion laughed as he charged her throughing Falica over his shoulder, then ran back in the living room as Falicia was scream laughing. Until he dropped her on the sofa Jack ran after them.
"Hey take a easy with her!" He yelled.
Falicia smacks Sebastion.
"Hey look at this babe girl!" Sebastion cried.
"Babe girl!?" Jack reapeated in he back ground that's what he call's Beth..... "creepy" he thought to himselft.
Sebastion grabs a few items out of a box that he had brought in.
Falicia peaks at what he was holding.
"Dude what is all that stuff!" She giggles.
Sebastion layed everything out on the tabel.
"It's Jack Frost items." He answered
In the far distance Jack's ears pricked up he turned his had to see the items laing in plain view. Not even a seconde Jack was par Falicia's side scaning the items.
"Holy shit basse, bass were did toi get all of this!?
Sebastion flapped his soulders.

"A really nice young man was handing these out to everyone in town."

Falicia fixed her eyes on Jack's photo's she squinted her eyes trying to put a puzzel back into it's place.

"Jack Frost?...... why dose that sound so fimilar?"
Jack's cœur, coeur begain to race as fast as a husky running in a race to be in first place.
"Yes that's my name are toi remembering Falicia back when toi were six years old? He whisppered.

Sebastion rubbed his fingers through his hair as layers feld back to place.

"You neaver heard of Jack Frost? He asked.
Falicia exhaled she shivered at the thought and Jack didn't know why?

"No.... well yeah I have but it seems I have known his from some where it feels like I have know him for a long time." She drifted off.

Jack on the other hand was getting a littel nearvous exited yet nearvous he was happy that Falicia was starting to remember the facts. Once she figuers it all out.... then what? What was the suivant step what would he be abel to say ou do? Would she be abel to see him and the other guardians? When will this jour come?

Sebastion frowned.
"Hum okay then.... I like Sandman he's bad ass!"
Falicia was shookened up so all this time was it Jack who was watching over her all these years and if so why?

"Falicia." The two boy's a dit at once.

"Oh sorry... yeah Sandman he's pretty cool and Toothfariy."
Jack hissed to the name.

"Yeah right. He grunted with arms crossed over his chest.
Moment of silence when suddenly Falicia yawned then streached out her body.

"Aaaaawwwww it's getting late don't toi think?" She lied through her teeth.
"Yeah sure is." Jack chimmed in.
Sebastion looked at his watch.

"It's only 10:30pm? Why do toi want to get rid of me so early?"
"Rough night didn't had the greastest sleep last night." She lied again.
"Because she can!" Jack snaped at him behind Falicia. Interupting her with out her knowing.
Sebastion nugged her.

"You sure toi don't want me to stick around?"
"No!" Jack roared. As Falicia spooked her mind.

" Nah toi need your sleep go accueil I'll be fine." She answered as she placed the items back where they blonged.
Sebastion picked the box up then strolled off to the door Falicia opened it for him

"Your loss." He smiled as he walked out.
"Love toi to!" She joked then she walked away from the door, as Jack slammed it shut using a gust of wind. Hearing the car screach away into the night. Once it was gone Jack turned but a frown appered Falicia was out of sight and all the lights around him were off. So jack travled alone in the dark heading off to her room. To find Falicia sleeping rapped in a ball in the center of her bed, Jack looked down and smiled.

Alone in the dark Beth floated quitly and smoothly down the ghost town streets. In the couner of her eye a grope of small kids caught her eye so whe floated over to investagate. They were five to six years old playing a game in a back yard with parents watching.
Zap! " I got you!" One of the kids laughed.
""Has no effected I am Jack Frost!" Another yelled.
"I am Toothfairy!" A young girl screamed.
Beth stood in front of the children with a smile.
" Iam Beth Davis!" A long black hair hazel young girl shreaked.
At the same time all the kids stopped and stared at her.
"Who's Beth Davis?
"She's a guardian just like the others." She protested.
"I have neaver heard of her." A young boy said.
"She dosen't exit Nora." Another replied.
Beth's eyes widen with shock.
"Hey!" She snaped.

"Yes she dose she's real just like the other guardians toi guys are just jelouse!" Nora stomped her foot.
"We are not jelouse of someone that dosen't exit Nora she must be a pathetic then."

Nora screams.
"Shut up toi guys are mean I belivie in her she's real she's the spirit of water!"
"Just stop Nora we don't care about Beth Davis she dose not exit! Deal with it nothing but a fairy tale!" A young boy with dark red hair cut her off.

Beth swallowed she pressed her fingers into her temples trying to rub away the worry and sarrow that echoed like a dull ache. The argument was starting to make her bristle.

"Hey I am real I am here in front of toi open your eyes look!" She yelled with waving arms trying to catch the children's attention.
Later a snowball was thrown through her it had it Nora making her giggle and, then the same boy with the dark red hair. Had ran through her telling Nora that he was sorry and he shouldn't yell at her. And he wanted to make it up to her, par suggesting that they could have hot chocolat in the house.
Nora smiled.
"Yeah sure sound's yummy!"

And so the children ran off into the house leaving Beth behind like she was a old toy. She had her hands tucked close to her chest her eyes filled with tears. She watched the only child that belived in her slammed the door in her face.

"Don't let it get to you." A voise was heard.

Beth stared up at the roof were Toothfairy stood.
"I am sorry toi had to experiance that." She added.
Beth's body dropped.
"I shouldn't exit... the kids were right...." she sobbed.

Toothfairy floated down to her.
"You can't bring yourself down like this I am sorry no one can see toi but Nora she stood up for toi Beth."
" Nora is a sweet heart." Beth whisspered.

Toothfairy nodded.
"She's adoribel."
As the two female guardians talked things out with out warning on of Pitch's warriors with ten plus fallowing it jumped from high sky trees going to attack. Toothfairy pushed Beth out of the way just in time. Beth tummbled but bounced back to her feet. Out of water she formed her ice Arrow she shoots taking seven of them out in one shot. Toothfairy zoomed around making two crash into each other. To take the rest of them out Beth had made a huge wave. The warriors tried to excape but it was to late as they washed away down the rue dissapering into the night.

Out of breath Toothfairy tries to speak but nothing came out.Beth waterbend her water into her mouth for a drink and put the rest of it back in the sack.

"The fuck was that about!" Toothfairy stammered.
Beth gased.

"I don't know... they just keep coming I delt with them earlier today!" She explained.
Toothfairy shocked her feathers.

"Let's head back to the North pole before we see more!"
"No wait I can't what about Nora!?" Beth pointed to the house.

"She will be fine she's with her parents!" Toothfairy answered.
"Now come on!"
Beth stood still.

"I can't my shift I have to do my shift in the morning!"
"Okay now your just being impossibel." Toothfairy mummbled.
Beth holers.

"I just need- some quite time okay!? I don't want to talk about this at the North pole I am just going to stick around here. I had a rough jour today." Beth said.

Toothfairy didn't look convinced but she didn't say anything plus on the matter.

"I be there soon not now." Beth a dit wearily.
Toothfairy took her word for granted so she left hopeing that Beth kepy her promiss and not doing anything stupid on her alone time.