Chapter 9

Through out the forset Bunny Bun had just arrived from the other side of the world along with Toothfairy. They are now in the winter guardian's territory. They stopped and thought for a moment of what they were going to do next. Bunny Bun shivered he shocked his cotton tail flicking off the snow, that turned his tail to ice.Toothfairy shivered as well she to was frezzing her feathers off.

Bunny buns hopes to a diffrent spot to sand he couldn't stand in one area his feet would get to cold to fast.

" Shit it's cold mate dose Maine every change it's seasons?" Bunny Bun stammered.

" Qutie your crying rabbit it's still winter it will be winter for a long time now!" Toothfairy screamed.

Bunny Bun sprit a few feet from her he did not want to get get out of his confert zone now cause if he did, god knows what she would do.

" Jésus chripping bird stop your chripping it hurts my ears mate!"

Toothfairy her eyes turned from purpel to cerise red.

" Iam not chripping I am talking get your facts straght fool!"

" All right, all right calm down Tooth I am just friken cold I get grummpy and ugly when I am cold, not only but that I am still freaked out about what Santa had seen in his vison toi know?"

Toothfairy agreed.

" We all are Bunny Bun that's why we are here Jack a dit he needs to tell us something anf toi can't miss out!"

Bunny Bun gasped he puts his hand to his chest.

" I would neaver....... yeah mabe" he confessed dropping his hand away from his chest.

" That's what I thought now come on!" Toothfairy a dit pushing him forward. With in a moon shine the two guardians headed off not knowing what's coming their way.