chapter 2 cup of cocoa
''so Dani tell me about yourself'' asked Jack ''well um am a only kid i act like a 3 an old my mom is orchestra contacture and my daddy is a historian'' Dani a dit ''hm anything else?'' jack asked ''i have a fear of spoon because i choked on it while eating cereal'' Dani ''oh so toi use forks'' jack asked ''yes'' Dani answered ''oh okay'' Jack said. Dani halt and run into a store ''DANI?'' Jack asked running after her ''um two hot cacao please'' Dani a dit ''$3.50'' a dit the guy he seem like he was 15 ''here is 4.00'' Dani a dit smiling ''hm'' the guy a dit handing her change ''it will be ready in 10 mins'' the guy a dit ''OKAIE DOKY LOKIE'' Dani answered. she turned around and bumped into Jack ''ow! Jack!'' Dani exclaimed ''sorry'' he a dit ''jeez be plus careful'' she a dit ''hey! you're drinks are ready'' the guy said. Dani went to grab them when ''so are toi taken?'' the guy asked ''um no'' Dani answered a bit freaked out ''so would toi like to go out sometime?" he asked ''um i'll think about it'' Dani a dit walking out. Jack followed but angery ''WHAT THE HECK!'' Jack yelled ''excuse me?!" Dani yelled