Jack and Kate In the afterlife which couple will be Jate's double-dating pals? Remember they'll be there for eternity.

Pick one:
Hurley and Libby - They're CRAZY fun!
Shannon and Sayid - We'd l’amour to fix batteries and paint nails!
Sawyer & Juliet - Game night! Did toi bring the cards?
Rose & Bernard - So old and wise... Give us advice.
Sun & Jin - poisson for dinner. Again!
charlotte and Dan - So smart and great conversationalists.
Desmond and Penny - Tell it again! Tell it again! So it was Christmas Eve.....
Charlie and Claire - Let's make cacahuète, arachide beurre bars!!!!!!
All of the above! Jate are Friends to all!
None of the above. They don't have time for friends, they're making jabies!
 livelydebate posted il y a plus d’un an
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