Jack and Kate Jate FOTM: December Nominations!

sk91 posted on Jan 22, 2010 at 08:58PM
Special Jate fans need to be appreciate, so here for them we decided to make special edition of Fan of the Month contest :D

FOTM in 3 steps!

Step 1 - nominations

You can nominate any Jate fan you want. Someone who is contributing a lot or who always make you smile by his comments or who is just ... awesome! You put your nomination here, on this forum, every month. You can nominate more than one fan! There is no limit!

You can't nominate person who won FOTM befor!

Step 2 - pick
Evry 1st day of the month I'll make a pick with all nominated people. You just need to choose person which was the best this month.

Please do not vote for yourself.

Step 3 - Prize for the winner!

The winner of the pick is the new one FOTM. Beside props, proud and place on the winners list he will get a Jate interview. Questions will be asked by previous Jate FOTM.

Previous Winners
FOTM for January 2010: bactoblack [Eliza] link
FOTM for February 2010: Emm_xD [Em] link
FOTM for March 2010: frsbg [Filipa] link
FOTM for April 2010: sk91 [Sylwia] link
FOTM for May 2010: iLoveChair [Nat] link
FOTM for June 2010: livelydebate [Lucy] link
FOTM for July 2010: girly_girl [Rachel] link
FOTM for August 2010: Irreversible [Mon] link
FOTM for September 2010: Daisy93 [Morgan] link
FOTM for October 2010: tinkerbell_cate [Cate] link
FOTM for November 2010: Kaidi [Kaidi] link
FOTM for December 2010: xoheartinohioxo [Holly] link
FOTM for January 2011: brucas4ever [Hannah] link
FOTM for February 2011: PurpleMonkey82 [Rochelle] link
FOTM for March 2011: Eirinaki_b_13 [Irene] link
FOTM for April 2011: katie15 [Katie] link
FOTM for May 2011: clm-anomaly [Courtney] link
FOT of Summer 2011: xleeloo [Irina]
FOTM of October 2011: Sophia [lostseason] link
FOTM of November 2011: Ola [Evanescent]
FOTM of December 2011:

The nominations will start as of now and will end November 1st. The pick will also be created on November 1st and the closing date will be November 8th.

If you have any other ideas or any objections, please post them here :)
 Special Jate fans need to be appreciate, so here for them we decided to make special edition of fan o
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