Hit me, kick me, slap me, claque, smack me all toi want for being late, but I come bearing gifts. Behold, it's the December FOTM interview with our houx Dolly!

1.WOOOOO, FOTM! And with HOLLY! Yaay! So, what does it feel like?
This is an honor to me! I still can't quite believe how accepting toi guys are of me. I know I was such a brat in the past, and I'm just truly thankful to have been donné a seconde chance!

2.Since we are such nosy people, we want toi to tell us something about yourself.
Well, if toi don't already know, I'm 21 & I live in Maryland [USA]. I'm obsessed with all things Brucas & ummmm I have an adorable orange kitten, George, who is my spoiled little baby. I'm also addicted to Pepsi. I would kill somebody if they tried to take Pepsi away from me... ;)

3.So, Lost. When and why did toi start watching it?
I didn't start watching Lost until the summer before Season 5. I had gone to the films and I saw the 'You Found Me' promo... it blew me away! I had of course heard of Lost already, but I never got in to it for some reason. So I went to my bibliothèque and started catching up from the beginning. I managed to get completely caught up par only a few episodes in to S5, and from then on I watched week par week!

4.We all know that toi are a hardcore SK shipper. But when and how did toi realise that JK isn’t so awful after all?
Well to be completely honest, when we did the "Opposites week" for the icon-a-week forum on Lost spot, I started getting to know toi lovely people & I just asked myself, "What is it that makes me dislike Jate? Do I really have a real reason, ou did I just jump in to hating them because that's what I was expected to do as a Skater?" And being honest with myself, I can admit that I just never really gave Jate a chance. I fell in l’amour with patin, patinage straight away & looking around in the fandom, I just went along with the hate I guess. It's stupid, I know!

She is such a badass chienne when she needs to be
5.As an individual character who do toi like more, Jack ou Kate? Why?
Kate! I don't know, there is just something about Kate that I love. Sure, there are moments when I want to claque, smack her, but global, ensemble I just think she is amazing. She is such a badass chienne when she needs to be, but she can also be very maternal & I l’amour the mixture.

6.Which season do toi think was the best for Jate?
I think I'm gonna go with Season one. It was the beginning, for everything really, but it was the beginning of their bond, the connection they shared, season one is where it all began!

7.What do toi like the most about Jate?
I guess my favori thing about Jate is the really emotional moments. It doesn't necessarily have to be SAD emotional, just those intensely emotional moments. My haut, retour au début 2 scenes are "No, that's not how toi know me." & "Kate, damn it! RUN!" so that's probably pretty telling.

8.Who do toi prefer, Jack ou Sawyer?
Sawyer!! Sorry guys, Sawyer is my favori Lost character & my #2 male character. ♥

9.The most...
it's funny how in the midst of everything that is going on, Jate still find the time to flirt with each other.

Emotional moment: Ahhhh I'm so torn! Part of me wants to go with the ending of 3x06, but I think ultimately Jack & Kate's goodbye in 'The End' is even plus emotional of a moment. The mutual 'I l’amour you', "Tell me I'm gonna see toi again." Kate telling Jack that he doesn't have to stay, he doesn't have to save the island... All of it put together is just an emotional mindfuck.
Saddest moment: The breakup in SNBH. Jack had just reached a breaking point with the drugs, and it was so hard to watch. toi just aren't used to seeing Jack act like that & to listen to some of the things he said... I just wanted to hug Kate!
Happiest moment: "I'm so glad toi changed your mind. I'm so glad that you're here."
Funniest moment: Verbally copulating. MDR I just think it's funny how in the midst of everything that is going on, Jate still find the time to flirt with each other. And other people clearly notice.
Sexiest moment: Hallway Jex!
Cutest moment: For me It has to be Kate's reaction to Jack getting out of the cave collapse! She was so utterly relieved to see him ♥
Unexpected moment: The proposal.

10.Define Jate in...

One word: Eternal
One song: Fix toi
One movie: Titanic
One color: Red
One season of the year: Fall
One object: Sewing kit
One place: The island!
One food: Hmmm... goyave seeds?
One animal: Cats. I just... yeah. I want everyone to have cats!

11.This ou that...
Flashbacks, flash sideways, ou flash forwards: Flash forwards.
TMfT ou I Do (from Jate perspective): TMFT. Obviously being a Skater, I'm always gonna associate I Do with SK. And with TMFT, there is no competition. It's Jate episode.
Looks ou hugs: Hugs! I l’amour hugs.
Jack ou Foxy: Ummmmm. Foxy I guess.
Kate ou Evie: Again it's hard to choose, but I guess Evie. She is just this gorgeous, phenomenal woman! Plus, she's never frustrated me with her back and forth between men ;)
Foxy ou Evie: I think I'll have to go with Evie. I'm just girl!crushing on her lately ♥
First ou last kiss: Last kiss. It was so bittersweet & beautiful.

12.Your favoris per season:

Season 1;
Best cute scene: Kate sees Jack has gotten out of the cave collapse in 'The Moth'.
Best hot scene: 'Are toi checking me out?!"
Best quote: "Wait for me. I don’t know how long this will take..."
"Sayid says the battery won’t last."
"If toi see ou hear anything, anything... RUN."
Best episode: The Moth
Best look: Verbally Copulating. The way they just totally eyefuck each other...

Season 2;
Best cute scene: Golfing in 2x08
Best hot scene: Caught in a net
Best quote: "Please, this place is crazy, it's just, I can't, it's driving me nuts." | "I know. It's okay. It's alright. It's alright."
Best episode: S.O.S
Best look: The look they share right after their first kiss.

Season 3;
Best cute scene: 'Because I l’amour you.'
Best hot scene: Flash-forward "We have to go back!" There was just so much passion, tension between them.
Best quote: "Kate, damn it! RUN!"
Best episode: The Man From Tallahassee
Best look: 3x22 When Jack tells her he loves her.

Season 4;

Best cute scene: "I'm so glad toi changed your mind." Kate was just so damn happy that Jack was there, that he was a part of her & Aaron's life!
Best hot scene: Hallway Jex! Duh.
Best quote: "I l’amour seeing toi with him. I'm so glad toi changed your mind. I'm so glad that you're here."
Best episode: 4x10 SNBH
Best look: Eyesex before the hallway jex!

Season 5;
Best cute scene: Kate telling Jack that he is Aaron's family too.
Best hot scene: 316 Jex. It was just raw, untamed desire.
Best quote: "And what about us? We just… go on living our life because we’ve never met?" || "All the misery that we’ve been through, we’d just wipe it clean. Never happened." || "It was not all misery."
Best episode: The Incident
Best look:

Season 6;
"It's so perfect. They are in the middle of all their friends/loved ones, seeing many of them for the first time in a long time, and still, only have eyes for each other." houx

Cute Scene: All the church scenes. The smiles they both have, it was just pure fluffy cuteness!
Hot Scene: I can't really think of a "hot" scene... If I had to choose, I'd go with the last kiss, but I think it's plus than a hot scene. It's so emotional. It's beautiful & it's bittersweet, and it's very powerful. But I just don't classify it as hot, toi know?
Quote: "And that's how I know you?" || "No, that's not how toi know me." [Come on, did toi really expect anything else from me!]
Episode: Duh, The End!
Best look: Ahhhh this is really hard!! I'm torn between quite a few moments in 'The End' alone... I guess I'll say the look they give each other in the church while still talking to other people.

13. Apart from Skate/Jate, which other Lost couples do toi like/love?
Charlie&Claire are another one of my favori Lost couples. They were just adorable to me. Not much drama, which is always nice, and just this innocent couple despite their surroundings. Also, Desmond&Penny + Sun&Jin

14. What do toi like the most about Jack?
He helps people. Even when he could have just walked away, a dit to hell with everyone and worried solely on his survival, he put others needs above his own.

I like Kate's ability to go from being all BAMF one minute, to nurturing someone the next.
15. What do toi like the most about Kate?
I like Kate's ability to go from being all BAMF one minute, to nurturing someone the next. Watching her kick cul, ass when needed, yet still montrer how much she cared for others, like Claire, it's always a nice mix.

16.If toi were donné the chance, would toi change anything in the Jate storyline?
Honestly, I don't know. toi guys know I would have killed for SK to be endgame, but I wouldn't sit here and say anything negative like that. I think if I were to change something, it would be the way that Kate skirted the truth from time to time. Like with the case in S1, she should have just told Jack the truth straight away and there would have been no problems.

17. Does houx prefer Jate all angsty and heartbreaking ou rather sweet and fluffy?
I like both, but I guess if I really think about it, Jangst wins out for me.

18.Scenario #1: You’re on the plane with the Losties and you’re sitting right between Jack and Sawyer. What would toi do?
Hehehe! Horny time okay? I don't want to share, I'll just have a threesome with them! Then I'll look at Kate and say, "You mad?" =]
I'm sure many of us would do the same ;)

19. Scenario #2: OH NOEZ, THE PLANE HAS HIT TURBULENCE! toi fall into Jack’s lap, and then toi see Kate glaring at you. Would toi ignore Kate and stay where toi are, warm and comfy, ou apologise for trying to seduce her man?
Pssssht. I'm staying where I am. I'll tell her straight up- "I'll do whatever I have to do in order to survive, and doctor giggles over there? He's gonna keep me safe! Play nice & I'll make sure he doesn't let toi die!" MDR I'm a real chienne sometimes.

20. Scenario #3: So yeah, the plane crashed and now you’re on the island. It’s a super hot day, like 38°C/100°F ou something. Would toi rather go swimming with Kate ou watch the shirtless men put up the tents?
Who says I have to choose? Kate and I will swim in a spot where we can also watch shirtless hotties putting up the tents!

21. Scenario #4: Due to some (un)fortunate circumstances toi are forced to share a tent with Jack for one night. Somehow toi start talking about the Jisters. How would toi describe us?
Some of the most amazing girls toi could ever meet! Hilarious, sweet, smart, just... the best group of people. Everyone has something special about them, something that makes them unique, but they all have one great thing in common... [aside from Jate of course!] once toi become a jister, it's like having an instant support system! Anytime toi need a place to vent, to spill something juicy, they are always there. ♥

22. Scenario #5: IIIT’S GOLF TIME! Would toi rather impress the Losties with your world class skillz ou pretend to be an amateur and ask someone *wink* to help you?
I think I'd want to montrer off my skills. I'd want the rest of the Losties to see that I'm awesome & that I can hold my own!

23. Scenario #6: You’re in the jungle, hunting bananas with the men and Kate. Jate get caught in the net. Again. toi don’t have a knife, so toi can’t help them. Would toi yell for the others ou just let them be?
As long as they aren't needed at the moment? Let 'em be! toi only get so many chances for some alone time on that island...

24. Scenario #7: The submarine is leaving in 5 minutes and you’re offered the last vacant place. Would toi rather go accueil to your family ou stay on the island with your favori Losties?
I'd have to go accueil to my family. Of course, I'd be bringing my new boyfriend, Sawyer, with me!

25. Scenario #8: It’s about 5 years later and Jate are getting married. What would be the perfect wedding present for them?
I think I'd do something cute like get them a deluxe sewing kit with nothing but standard black thread!
don't we all l’amour some jangst!

26. JATE JICTIONARY. And your 5 favori words are?

27. What do toi think about SK fans hating Jack just because of JK and vice versa?
I've a dit this same thing about other ships as well - It's one thing if toi GENUINELY dislike a character, toi actually have real reasons why toi hate them not just "He/She interferes with my couple". but if the ONLY reason toi dislike a character is because of a couple they interfere with... mehhh. I'm just at a point where I try not to worry about stupid shit like that anymore!

28. If toi could write one plus Jate scene, what would it be like?
I seriously can't tell toi what exactly would happen, but I'm pretty sure it would be in the afterlife & it would just involve Jate discussing how Kate lived her life off the island etc.

29. We know that toi are a very gifted graphic maker. Where do toi find the inspiration to make such amazing stuff?
*major blushing* I'm so NOT that good, trust me. Look at the gorgeous stuff that Mon makes, ou Rachel, ou Nat, ou Emm... they are the ones with superior skills! MDR as for inspiration, idunno sometimes I just get a aléatoire idea & go with it!

30. “The End”. Were toi satisfied with the ending?
When it first aired? Definitely not. I was upset, no doubts about it. But I've come to like it a bit more, I just wish they would have donné us plus scenes in the church between specific pairings =/ I wanted a real last scene for a lot of pairings & it sucks to not get them.

31. Does houx have any last thoughts she would like to share with the rest of us?
I just have to say one plus time that I am so honored to have won FOTM! toi guys are all so awesome & I l’amour being a part of this spot ♥ Thank you, Kaidi, for the great questions! & Thank toi to everyone that voted for me =]

Thank toi too, Holly, for giving such awesome answers! :D And with that, I must bid toi adieu!