Courtney is the lucky girl this mois that won FOTM for this spot. I think we can all agree that she deserves this honour with the amazing icons/images she has added to this spot. On with the interview...

1. Jongrats! toi are the newest Jate FOTM! How do toi feel?
-Thank you! It feels amazing! I’m such a huge fan of Jate, and to be considered worthy of this honor par all the Jisters on this spot, it feels pretty great.

Chuck basse, basse, bass and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-My name is Courtney! I live in Alaska. I’m obsessed with Television. Chuck basse, bass and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates. I’m really in to learning new languages, I’m fluent in Spanish and I’m currently learning French. I have one plus an before I’m off to college, and hopefully that college will be in Seattle, Washington. And as of three months ago, I am a vegan. Bored yet?

3. How high does Jate rank in your liste of favori couples?
-OTP of all OTPs! And every other couple I ship is pretty much eating their dust.

I liked them right from the very start.

4. What attracted toi to Lost in the first place and kept toi watching? What made it special to toi (if it did)?
-Well, I found out about Lost through Lucy. I saw her raving about it, and then she was montrer me pictures of Matthew Fox, and that pretty much sealed the deal. There are so many reasons that kept me watching, this montrer is seriously flawless. I liked pretty much every character, the storylines where always intriguing and made toi want to watch the suivant episode ASAP, the scenery is obviously gorgeous, I got attached to so many relationships.
I really can’t pin down why exactly this montrer is so special to me, but it really is. It’s got such a big place in my heart. Let’s just put it this way: The last time we had a really big earthquake, I jumped out of lit and the first thing I grabbed was my Lost Complete Collection DVD box set.

5. When toi started to like them, which scene made toi a shipper?
-I liked them right from the very start. Their first scene blew me away and I just loved the way they played of each other. But I wouldn’t say I really came to ship them until The papillon de nuit hug. I was sold after that.

6. Are they your favourite Lost couple? Do toi have any other favourite Lost couples?
-Definitely. I pretty much ship all the canon, cannon couples on the show. But my seconde l’amour is Suliet. They are so perfect to me, and I l’amour that Juliet whipped Sawyer into shape. Sawyer=little spoon!

They are so perfect to me, and I l’amour that Juliet whipped Sawyer into shape.

7. As a Jater how do toi feel about:
Skate: I don’t really feel anything for them. The appeal is completely Lost on me, but there was really nothing there for me to hate.
Sawyer: It took awhile for me to warm up to him, but par season 5 he was one of my favori characters.
Jacket: Guilty pleasure. l’amour them.
Juliet: HBIC OF ALL HBICs! I’ve never loved a female character so much, ever. If only all female character were at least half as awesome as her.
Suliet: I loooove them. seconde favori couple on the show, and I ship them hard. They complement each other so well.

8. Who is your favourite, Jack ou Kate and why? What’s so great about them?
-JACK! I can’t even put how much I l’amour him into words, because anything I say would not do the man justice. He’s so amazing, I l’amour every single thing about him. I pretty much rated all the other character in Lost par how they treated him. If toi traverser, croix Jack, I hate you, until Jack forgives you. It makes me sad when I remember he isn’t real and his daddy issues turn me on!

9. Have toi always believed they would be end game? Was there any point during your Lost journey that toi didn’t think they would be?
-Well, I didn’t start watching Lost until the montrer was over, so I kinda cheated. But putting that aside, there really was never a time that I felt like Jate’s endgame was in danger, except for maybe a little in season 2. That was totally Skate’s season, which wasn’t cool. Honestly, I really don’t know how anyone thought they wouldn’t be endgame. The signs are all there.

Honestly, I really don’t know how anyone thought they wouldn’t be endgame. The signs are all there.

10. What is your ultimate Jate moment and why?
-The look they give each other in The Incident right before Jack drops the bomb. I l’amour it so much, it gives me chills every time I watch it(which has been a lot). Plus I feel like that was the biggest moment that signaled endgame. They looked at the one they truly loved right before they could have possibly died ou never even knew each other. That’s pretty telling if toi ask me.

11. Is there any other couples out there that toi feel can be compared to Jate?
-No. I mean, there are couples I l’amour so much it hurts my insides: Chair, Polivia, & Romione. But Jate is just on a totally different level than them. Comparing them would be a disservice to Jate.

12. The most
Emotional moment: “I couldn’t find you.” That whole scene had me bawling and my Jate loving cœur, coeur exploded.
Saddest moment: 4x10 break-up.
Happiest moment: The Proposal.
Funniest moment: “Are toi checking me out?”
Sexiest moment: 316 Jex!
Cutest moment: “Because I l’amour you.”
Unexpected moment: In the season 3 finale, when we find out the ‘flashbacks’ are actually flashforwards when Kate shows up. I flipped when I saw her.

13. Define Jate in...
One word: Epic!
One song: I hate to be so obvious, but Cosmic l’amour par Florence + The Machine
One movie: The Titanic.
One color: Purple. I’m not sure why, but whenever I think about them the color purple just pops into my brain.
One season: Fall. Perfect season, perfect Jate.
One object: Walky-talky.
One place: Catalina Island. It’s my favori place I’ve ever been and I could totally see Jate vacationing there.
One food: Some type of fruit. Maybe a mango.
One animal: Lion.
One job: Ehhh, doctor? I’m not sure on that one.
One jour of the week: Friday.
One month: October. Because it’s when my birthday is and I just l’amour that time of year, so it’s perfect just like Jate.
One drink: Margaritas!
One number: 23. lol


14. Your favourite...
Kiss – 316 kiss
Hand-holding – When they sit down in the church, in The End.
Angsty moment – “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”
Look – In The Incident, right before Jack drops the bomb.
Hot moment – Hallway Jex
Flirty moment – “Are toi checking me out?”
Quote – “I have always been with you!”
Season – Umm, Season 3.
Episode – The End

15. Describe Jate in 1-5 words for each season
-S1: The Perfect Beginning
S2: Trying to push away feelings
S3: Acknowledging those feelings
S4: Angsty rollercoaster
S5: Tragic
S6: Never ending love

16. If toi could change anything about Jate, would toi change anything? Why?
-The only thing I would ever change about Jate is that I would have wanted plus of them. I wanted to see plus of their happy lives off-island and such. But I guess that will be left to my imagination.

17. Would toi add anything to Jate’s story?
-I think their story is flawless just the way it is, I wouldn’t want to add anything and ruin that.

18. Favourite Jate related quote a dit par a Lost character that isn't Jack ou Kate?
- Hurley: Yeah? What happened to toi guys? I thought toi were gonna get married and have like a dozen kids.
Jack: Guess I wasn’t cut out for it.
Hurley: Really? I think you’d make a great dad.

Hurley is such a shipper. Him and Juliet totally knew Jate was fate.

Hurley is such a shipper.

19. Favourite Jate related quote a dit par Evie or/and Foxy?
- ”Kate couldn’t make the choice to take that risk if it weren’t for the fact that she has never been able to help herself be madly in l’amour with Jack.” – Evie
“It`s like two ships constantly passing in the night, but they are really connected through time and l’espace almost.” – Foxy

20. Favourite Jate related quote a dit par one of the producers?
-“You could put Jack and Kate on a New York City rue and have them pass each other at rush heure on a Wednesday morning. And they would stop and turn, slowing to watch each other go by. They know each other within the context of a universal recognition. They have met before this life. And, they will meet again, in another.” -Damon

21. Favourites per season (S1):
Best cute scene: So many adorable scenes to choose from! I guess I’ll go with the goyave seed moment.
Best hot scene: “Are toi checking me out?”
Best angsty scene: The toy plane scene in 1x12
Best Quote: “You’re not running now.” <3
Best episode: House of the Rising Sun
Best anti!Skate moment: “Are toi comparing yourself to Jack?” BURN!

Best cute scene: Playing golf!
Best hot scene: Getting caught in a net!
Best angsty scene: First kiss
Best Quote: “I’m sorry I kissed you.” “I’m not.”
Best episode: S.O.S
Best anti!Skate moment: Instead of helping Sawyer, she leaves him on the floor and kisses Jack instead. At least she’s got her priorities straight.

Best cute scene: “Because I l’amour you!”
Best hot scene: TMFT!
Best angsty scene: We have to go back!
Best Quote: “We have to go back, Kate.”
Best episode: TMFT!
Best anti!Skate moment: When Kate is retelling the story from their first meeting to Jack over the walky-talky. She’s crying and getting all emotional, and Sawyer is just standing there like ‘Uhh…’

Because I l’amour toi

Best cute scene: Jack lire to Aaron as Kate watches. So much fluff in that one scene, I almost died.
Best hot scene: Hallway Jex!
Best angsty scene: The courtroom scene.
Best Quote: "I'm so glad toi changed your mind, I'm so glad toi are here!"
Best episode: Something Nice Back Home. Everything about it is flawless.
Best anti!Skate moment: “I have always been with you.” Yeah, and people still thought patin, patinage could have endgame. Ha.

Best cute scene: When Jack runs up to her car in The Little Prince. They discuss his Jeard(RIP) and are just being all cute.
Best hot scene: 316 Jex!
Best angsty scene: Jepic ‘WE’RE SO OBVIOUSLY ENDGAME’ look in The Incident, right before Jack drops the bomb.
Best Quote: “It was not all misery.”
Best episode: The Incident
Best anti!Skate moment: Kate was dead set on not going back to the island, which is where Sawyer was. LOL

Best cute scene: Being all cute in the Church in The End
Best hot scene: Cliff kiss
Best angsty scene: “I missed
Best Quote: "I hope toi find what you're looking for."
Best episode: The End
Best anti!Skate moment: This whole season was a big flashing anti!skate sign. Jate having universal recognition, which patin, patinage have long scenes together in the police station and NOTHING. Kate flipping her shit when Jack jumped off the boat, she seemed a bit plus upset than when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter… Kate worried about finding Jack, “I couldn’t find you”, not even giving a seconde glance to Sawyer’s unconscious body. Oh, and Jate getting MOTHERFUCKIN’ ENDGAME!

22. Your favourite:
Jate video – link
Jate vidder - pruedens
Jate fanfiction (if toi have read any) – Don’t read Jate fanfiction
Jate fanfiction auteur (again if toi have read any) – See above.
Jate icone - link
Jate pick from fanpop - link
Jate article - link
Jate picture - link

23. Most ridiculous anti!Jate commentaire toi have read?
[i]-Haters say a lot of absurd things, but I just can’t get over when people say that Jate’s endgame came out of nowhere and they had no build-up. What montrer were toi watching?! They had amazing build-up, right from their first meeting in the pilot. I guess when you’re so amer your couple didn’t get endgame, your selective memory kicks in.

24. 5 favourite words from Jictionary?

25. toi get to take one scene from each of these couples, which scene do toi take?

Skate: Hmmm. I don’t particularly care for any of their scenes, so I wouldn’t really want to give Jate any of them. Well, I guess I’ll give them the helicopter kiss, just not have Jack jump out. lol
Suliet: Yellow fleur scene.
Charlie/Claire: The cacahuète, arachide beurre scene!
Desmond/Penny: The letter. Wasn’t that just the sweetest thing ever?
Sun/Jin: Remembering scene.
Jack/Juliet: The aloe leaves scene.
Boone/Shannon: Uh, I honestly don’t remember any significant scene with them except for their bickering and that one time they had sex, which was weird. Can I pass on this one?
Sayid/Shannon: feu kiss.

26. Is there a scene from a couple that isn’t from Lost toi would like to steal for Jate, if yes, who?
-There is really nothing that I can think of that would fit Jate.

27. If toi could, would toi steal Jack from Kate?
-HELL TO THE YES! Does that make me a bad Jate fan? Well, I don’t care, because I’d have Jack and that’s all that matters. lol

28. toi get to choose: Jaby ou a wedding? And why?
-Jaby! A wedding would be nice of course, but I’d l’amour a Jamily more. After so much angst, they deserve to have an eternity of fluff with a cute little baby!

29. Scenario: It is Jate anniversary. What would be the perfect way to spend it (from morning to night)?
-Well, they’d need to start out with some morning jex. Then they would have breakfast in bed, be all cuddly, and maybe watch some TV for the rest of the morning. Then they’d go out into town and have lunch at a cute little café, and go around town looking at cool stuff(Idk, lol). They’d go accueil and Jack would make an amazing dinner, they’d exchange gifts. And of course end the jour with a few rounds of anniversary jex!

they’d need to start out with some morning jex.

30. Has there ever been a moment that Jack and/or Kate have annoyed you?
-Jack? No. Kate? Yes, like 95% of the time. I have a really, really hard time liking female characters and she has a lot of the qualities of why I dislike female characters usually. She’s so fickle, it drives me nuts.

31. What is Jack’s biggest flaw?
-In my opinion, Jack’s biggest flaw is that he’s always so hard on himself. He doesn’t give himself enough credit and is in a constant state of fear that he’s going to fail. I guess that’s what happens when toi have a daddy like Christian Shephard.

32. What is Kate’s biggest flaw?
-Her indecisiveness. I guess that goes with her running away all the time thing.

33. Which of the two characters had the most interesting flashbacks/flashforwards episodes?
-Jack. Although I really liked Kate’s flashbacks too.

34. How would toi go about trying to turn non-Jaters into Jate fans?
-First I would make them watch all my favori Jate fanvids. If toi aren’t a Jater after that, you’ve got something seriously wrong with you. Then I would remind them that Jack and Kate were each others 1st choice and it’d be silly not to want them with the loves of their lives. And how they would have never been truly happy without the other. Finally I’d make them rewatch Jate’s scenes in The End. If they aren’t a Jater par then, they are a hopeless cause.

35. Evie ou Matthew and why?
-Foxy! l’amour of my life and future father of my children. I do l’amour Evie as well though.

36. favori characters from Lost in general?

37. Scenario 2: Jate are off the island and living together. How many jabies would toi like them to have, do they have any pets, does Kate work, where, etc.
-I want them to be living out of LA. Maybe somewhere plus remote in Northern California. They’d have a really snazzy house with a huge lawn for the Jaby to play in. Only one Jaby. Maybe I’m stuck in the Aaron days, but seeing them with plus than one kid is just weird to me. They have a dog, golden retriever. Jack’s being a BAMF doctor of course. I think it’d be pretty cool if Kate was a lawyer’s assistant ou something like that. She’d be good at that. I want them to be the poster for the perfect family, the epitome of juff!

38. Who wears the pants in their relationship?
-They share the pants in the relationship. That’s what makes them so awesome together!

39. What did toi think about the end? What did toi like/dislike?
-It was perfection. I know some people were mad about questions not getting answered and so forth, but that’s what I l’amour about LOST. They left so much to your imagination. And it’s really helped the pain of no plus LOST, because I’m still to this jour trying to figure stuff out in my head and coming up with theories. Endgames were exactly what I had hoped for. I still bawl every time I watch it. THE END WAS FLAWLESS AND PERFECT AND I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS!

40. Anything else toi want to add?
-Thank toi for doing this Katie! It was a lovely interview. And thank toi to everyone who voted for me. Like I a dit at the top, being considered worthy of FOTM par the girls here at this spot is a huge honor. ETERNAL ENDGAME BITCHES!