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On a tropical night, a restless night
A special gift for toi and I, Healing Camp
KCW: Hello, I’m Kim Changwan.
On this beautiful night, it’s Kim Changwan.
KCW: In life, we go through many hard times.
KCW: When the going gets tough,
Especially for you, the tired audience
KCW: rather than 100 words of consolation,
KCW: here’s a healing song.
KCW: Today, with this beautiful song,
(Text says the same thing, I think we can ignore it)
KCW: let’s share some genuine healing with everyone.
KCW: Here’s the first song.
Meaning of You
Lyrics par Kim Hanyoung, musique par Kim Changwan
Another person that heals us and fills us with emotions
The musician-idol we believe in, IU
( lyrics here)
With IU’s great sensitivity, her remake album ‘Flower Bookmark’ achieved an all-kill on 10 musique charts
A reborn ‘Meaning of You’ - The duet between IU and the original singer, Kim Changwan, is a song that connects and embraces all generations.
musique He-story - If Sanulrim’s ‘Meaning of You’ is about wishing that one’s l’amour would arrive as a present one day,
then IU’s ‘Meaning of You’ is about watching a thrilling romance with an unbelieving gaze
Changwan’s voice that lands gently with the weight of time
and the crystal clear voice of IU
transcends their age gap of 39 years.
Focus on the fantasy-like chemistry between Changwan and IU
The healing combo of Kim Changwan, IU & Akdong Musician
KCW: Who am I to you?
IU: I’m your ‘youth’.
MC: The secret to communication between both of toi is drinking in the middle of the day.
Alcohol chemistry 100% “Our jour is plus beautiful than your night?”
KCW: Some of it was drinking at night.
IU: Ah, so I thought I got it wrong.
Most highly searched term will be “IU and ______ have something going on”?
IU: That would be really great.
IU: But I can’t have something going on with _________.
Lady: It’ll be edited out.
KCW: IU was chant about her own l’amour story, but why did I feel uncomfortable inside?
MC: Are toi being jealous?
KCW: I can’t continue the story.
MC: In Mongolia, don’t they lead nomadic lives?
CH: Are toi disregarding me right now?
CH: If toi change the world with this..
MC: Ah, adorable.
MC: The director smiled too.
IU: It made my cœur, coeur flutter.
KCW: I’m really happy.
[back to song]
KCW: Who exactly are toi to me?
The meaning of toi and the meaning of me, which we want to share today…
MC: Welcome. Our Kim Changwan.
MC: Hold on.
Jedong-ah, who are toi to me?
MC: Kim Changwan’s band is here too.
Carrying on the musical emotions of Sanulrim is Kim Changwan’s band
KCW: On basse, bass is Choi Wonsik.
KCW: On keyboard is Lee Sanghoon.
KCW: Kang Yoongi on drums.
KCW: And the youngest on our team, Yeom Minyeol.
MC: Welcome!
MC: During the last part just now, toi asked IU…
KCW: Who exactly are toi to me?
MC: That was great. Who exactly are toi to me.
MC: That line encompasses the meaning of the whole song.
MC: That part is really touching.
MC: How did toi feel when toi received that question?
IU: Oh that was a line that Kim Changwan prepared beforehand for the recording,
IU: so it made my cœur, coeur flutter a little.
MC: Is that so?
IU: It made my cœur, coeur flutter a little.
MC: Is that so?
IU: He was looking my way when he a dit it, so it felt good.
MC: Speaking of the age gap,
MC: both of toi managed to overcome the 39 years age gap.
MC: A fantasy-like collaboration.
MC: What? What?
MC: Ah I’m getting fluent.
MC: Collaboration.
MC: ‘Meaning of You’ was actually a big hit back in 1984.
MC: How did this song impact toi so greatly that toi decided to do a remake of it?
IU: Well, it’s just…
IU: somehow I knew this even when I was still a child.
MC: Is that so?
IU: Perhaps because my parents played it for me,
IU: so it’s a song I’ve always known.
IU: Initially, I went to Kim Changwan to receive permission from him to do a remake of ‘Meaning of You’.
IU: He then asked me what this song meant to me.
IU: In reply, I explained to him what the song meant to me.
IU: A guy I really liked also liked this song.
IU: That was when I was really young.
IU: Around middle school?
IU: That was when I was starting to be plus conscious of my self.
IU: So my crush…
KCW: Just call him a boy.
IU: But the guy was an adult.
KCW: What?
IU: My crush… there’s no reason for my peers to like this song,
IU: So my crush…
KCW: Ah, so that’s how it is.
IU: The guy liked this song.
MC: Young man.
MC: Not a middle school ou high school student,
KCW: I think we can just call him ‘ahjussi’.
KCW: Like a soldier ahjussi.
IU: Because my crush liked this song,
IU: so it had a deep meaning for me from then on.
KCW: When we first met,
KCW: IU was wearing her school uniform and came for my show.
KCW: After that she got really populaire and now she’s totally a haut, retour au début star.
MC: Yes.
KCW: But now suddenly she a dit she wanted to do a remake of my song.
KCW: I was really glad.
IU: He told me that if it has that kind of meaning to you, then ok he would let me do a remake of the song.
MC: Many of your songs have had remakes before, but I think it’s the first time that toi featured in one.
KCW: Yes, I think it’s a first for me.
KCW: I just wondered, “What would it be like for me to sing it together with her?”
MC: She’s going to do a remake of my song, but how about not par herself and together with me instead.
KCW: That’s right. How about that? It’s silly, isn’t it?
MC: If she were a male singer, would toi have thought of doing that?
KCW: I doubt so.
KCW: I doubt so.
MC: Not at all.
MC: It’s different with IU.
KCW: Of course.
KCW: But there was once I was DJ-ing and halfway into the show,
KCW: and the song ‘Way Back into Love’ with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore came on.
KCW: So I wondered what it would be like to sing like that together with IU.
KCW: That’s what I thought, so I started dreaming.
KCW: If I were Hugh Grant…
KCW: I would probably be saying things like these.
MC: If toi were Hugh Grant.
KCW: Yes, if that were true.
KCW: So I started écriture these lines and the lines flowed really well.
KCW: Yes, so
KCW: After I was done writing,
KCW: just in case, I thought I should ask IU for her opinion.
KCW: I asked if it would be alright for us to sing it as a duet.
KCW: And it so happened that she was recording on that day,
KCW: so she told me the location
KCW: and I rushed over.
KCW: When I reached, she was in the midst of recording in the basement recording studio.
MC: Then Drew Barrymore, how was it like recording with Hugh Grant?
IU: Ah, well…
IU: He really barged his way into the recording studio.
IU: I was in the midst of recording…
IU: Usually manager oppa will come over and let me know when someone arrives and ask me what we should do.
MC: But he just barged in?
IU: But he really just came in just like that
IU: and went, “Where are the headphones?”
IU: Hello.
IU: Hello.
KCW: What are toi up to?
IU: I’m recording.
KCW: Recording?
IU: Yeah so I got this feeling like the Saviour has arrived.
IU: Now everything will be fine. It’s going to be fine.
IU: I was really going through a lot of difficulties.
IU: I couldn’t see the path in front of me clearly.
IU: So I thought I got it wrong.
IU: This song is too tough. I was wrong to mess with it.
MC: It was wrong of toi to mess with it.
IU: Yes, so I tried recording 3 times consecutively, but it didn’t work out.
IU: Then Kim Changwan arrived.
KCW: Ah, so that’s how it was.
IU: Yes, that’s what happened.
IU: toi really helped me a lot.
IU: But he didn’t sing.
IU: He just kept getting me to sing, while he read lines.
IU: Besides “who exactly are toi to me”, there were many others before that.
MC: So there were many plus lines.
IU: It didn’t seem like the lines were for me.
MC: Let me tell toi something. toi need to be plus understanding.
MC: As people age, they tend to become plus talkative.
MC: He kept making conversation, didn’t he?
MC: That’s right.
MC: Rather than singing, as toi get older,
MC: toi have a lot of things to say.
MC: toi should have kept some, why was it all cut out?
IU: So we edited some of it out.
KCW: It wasn’t just some.
KCW: Everything was taken out, leaving only the last part.
MC: What kind of lines did toi add to the song?
MC: Imagining yourself to be Hugh Grant, toi must have wrote a lot.
KCW: So I was wondering how the song should be written to make it even better.
KCW: Don’t bother about me. Forget me completely.
KCW: toi don’t need to mind me.
IU: Ok.
KCW: So IU was singing
KCW: and as I watched her sing, I had a twisted feeling in my stomach.
KCW: IU was chant about her own l’amour story, but why did I feel uncomfortable inside?
KCW: So I started writing.
KCW: Ah so one can feel down from this too.
MC: toi felt hurt.
KCW: Yes, I felt hurt.
MC: Anyway it’s not like we can ever be together, but why do I feel hurt inside?
MC: That sort of feeling right?
KCW: That’s right.
KCW: Why do I feel so curious? That sort of feeling.
MC: Are toi being jealous?
KCW: I guess it’s jealousy. It’s a kind of jealousy.
KCW: But there’s nothing I can do about it.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: A kind of jealousy with my hands and feet tied.
MC: We get the idea.
KCW: I have plus wrinkles now due to this jealousy.
KCW: It’s all because of this collaboration.
IU: As I was singing, he added these lines one par one,
IU: that’s how we recorded.
IU: So even as I was recording, I was listening carefully.
IU: What is he trying to say?
IU: What kind of story is it? I kept trying to listen to him.
IU: As I was singing, I was thinking a lot.
MC: Beside your ear, suddenly a ‘who exactly are toi to me?’
IU: So I was thinking a lot. Are these two people in the song lovers?
IU: A master and disciple?
IU: ou a father telling his daughter not to trust guys? That sort of feel?
IU: All these thoughts were spinning around in my head
IU: and finally with that line, “who exactly are toi to me”,
IU: although I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was,
IU: I felt like I could understand it then.
IU: So it made my cœur, coeur flutter.
MC: It made your cœur, coeur flutter?
IU: Yes.
MC: But so was the long narration of those lines recorded?
KCW: Of course.
MC: The original version should be recorded somewhere right?
IU: Yes, that’s right.
MC: Oh, that should be pretty good then.
KCW: Ah that was actually really not bad…
KCW: Ah that was actually really not bad…
MC: toi should have sang that.
MC: Do toi still remember it?
IU: Yes, yes.
KCW: The starting goes like this.
KCW: I’m listening to IU singing,
KCW: and then I go, “It doesn’t sound like she’s talking to me.”
KCW: That’s how it starts.
KCW: “Who is she chant to?” It goes like this.
MC: I think I get the idea.
KCW: And then it’s like I felt hurt inside
KCW: so I a dit those sort of lines.
IU: Ah, so toi prepared these lines in advance!
If IU sings it
Kim Changwan who seems to have been waiting for a long time follows
Changwan and IU who seem to have something going on
Hiding his jealousy. Who’s that?
It feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but you’re not
An interesting musique chemistry between Kim Changwan and IU
MC: Let’s go straight to the point. Who are you?
MC: When toi finished singing.
MC: Didn’t toi have some kind of feeling?
IU: This isn’t exactly my own thoughts,
IU: but I’m going to quote slightly from his interview.
IU: His version is an enchanting expression of a romance that he himself can’t believe.
IU: My version is the youthful gaze of a romance that I can’t believe.
IU: That’s the feeling I had during the collaboration.
IU: That’s what he a dit in the interview,
IU: so I thought in this song, my role was that of ‘youthfulness’.
MC: Ah, youthfulness.
KCW: Who exactly are toi to me?
IU: I’m your youth.
MC: A cool answer indeed.
MC: Like a younger version of Kim Changwan.
MC: That’s right. The feeling of youthfulness.
MC: Who exactly are toi to me?
MC: Just…
MC: colleague? Colleague, colleague.
MC: Work colleague.
MC: Who are toi to me?
MC: A haggard man?
MC: Through music, not only have the two of toi collaborated,
MC: but also have something going on, right?
KCW: Some…
MC: Mentally perhaps.
MC: There’s quite an age gap between the two of you,
MC: so what’s the secret to your communication?
KCW: Well…
KCW: Actually, I don’t feel like there’s quite an age gap between IU and I.
MC: Is that so.
KCW: It’s true.
MC: Oh~ Hold on. It seems like IU does feel it.
MC: I think she has quite a strong feeling about it.
MC: She seems rather flustered.
KCW: I can’t look her in the eye as I say this.
MC: Cover your face with your hand like this as toi talk.
MC: Just put your hand down.
KCW: I couldn’t feel the age gap at all.
KCW: But honestly, the age gap isn’t the problem in communication.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: Because of music…
MC: Yes, yes.
KCW: I was able to become closer with IU and achieve a goal together.
KCW: Isn’t it?
MC: toi say toi have no issues communicating with IU,
MC: but we filmed a drama together over a few months,
MC: and when I told him we filmed a drama together,
MC: he went, “Ah, is that so?”
MC: I think we have trouble communicating with one another.
MC: He acted as my father in the drama.
IU: Oh, is that so?
MC: Father, don’t toi remember me?
MC: Yuri, that’s where you’re wrong.
MC: Why is that so?
MC: toi called him ‘father’, that’s why he doesn’t recall.
MC: I see.
MC: I don’t think we communicate well.
MC: Because toi acted as his daughter.
MC: toi don’t recall the drama?
MC: We filmed a lot here.
KCW: Over here?
MC: That’s right.
KCW: Ah, is that so?
MC: Who exactly are you?
MC: What was the drama called?
MC: It was called ‘The Crown Prince’s First Love’.
MC: The Crown Prince’s First Love.
Yuri: Dad, that’s what toi said.
Yuri: That I should get to know plus people and get a feel of them.
KCW: toi believe everything I say.
Yuri: Ah, daddy~
Yuri: Father~
MC: The Crown Prince’s First Love.
Yuri: Yes.
KCW: Ah is that so?
MC: Seems like he doesn’t recall it yet.
MC: I can understand. We’ve had drinks together 3 times before,
MC: but every time we meet, this is what he says,
MC: “Shall we have a drink together sometime?” He’s always saying that.
MC: As if we haven’t met each other in ages.
KCW: Ah, why is that so?
MC: The problem with communication.
MC: I’ve heard that the secret to communication between the two of you
MC: is drinking in the middle of the day.
KCW: I think we’ve had drinks once ou twice. Twice.
IU: Wine. I gave toi good wine.
KCW: Ah, we changed the location.
IU: Yes, we did.
KCW: We agreed to meet at a pub, but it was changed to a restaurant.
MC: Sorry, do toi often drink while watching movies?
KCW: Recently, that’s the case.
MC: What’s your favourite type of alcohol then?
KCW: I prefer to
KCW: mix my drinks.
KCW: I really went one round. From bomb cocktail to wine, I went one round.
KCW: Indeed, the best is bomb cocktail and makgeoli (rice wine).
MC: Recently, makgeoli…
KCW: Makgeoli is really good.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: It’s a really good friend.
KCW: It doesn’t get mad at toi and always stays the same.
MC: Now that we’re talking about alcohol, toi look a lot brighter.
MC: In that case, between alcohol and IU, what’s your choice?
MC: Alcohol and IU.
MC: Do toi still need to think about your answer?
MC: But alcohol is a friend.
MC: Yes, yes.
KCW: No matter what, alcohol is still makes me plus relaxed.
MC: Alcohol is a friend and IU is Drew Barrymore.
MC: Although the both of toi are not father and daughter,
MC: but this song really connects across generations.
MC: For example,
MC: whether Kim Changwan’s version is better ou IU’s version is better.
MC: There’s a lot of talk about that recently.
MC: Using that as a topic.
KCW: I’ve been badly hurt.
MC: Is that so?
KCW: Recently, we performed this song together
KCW: and I asked the audience who they thought of when they listened to ‘Meaning of You’.
KCW: Everyone answered ‘IU!’ together.
KCW: That day, I became really small
KCW: because they all a dit they thought of IU.
IU: As I was saying just now, as I was recording,
IU: because ‘Meaning of You’ was a great challenge for me,
IU: I even let my mum listen to it in the end
IU: and asked her if it was alright for me to release this song.
IU: Would I be scolded par Sanulrim’s fans?
IU: I was troubled about that.
IU: Initially, my mum a dit I would get scolded.
IU: She a dit she thought they would scold me for it.
IU: But later after I sang it as a duet with Kim Changwan,
IU: she told me to use that as the titre song.
IU: She a dit if I released that song, daughters and mums,
IU: parents and their children could listen to the song together.
IU: She felt that it would be that kind of song
IU: and told me to put that as my titre song.
IU: That’s what she said.
MC: For our generation, if we keep listening to IU’s songs,
MC: we would feel a kind of emptiness.
MC: The feeling that this song isn’t suitable for our generation.
MC: We’d have a yearning feeling.
MC: At that point in time, Kim Changwan’s voice enters
MC: that’s when we feel a kind of catharsis.
MC: That’s right.
MC: This song has become a healing song across generations in Korea.
MC: Where does Kim Changwan think the power lies in this song?
KCW: To me, the power lies in…
KCW: During our parents’ generation,
KCW: they went through some really difficult times.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: Songs like ‘Be Strong Geum-Soon’ ou ‘The Miari colline of Sadness’
KCW: We received healing from them.
KCW: Embracing the scars from wars
KCW: and opening a new world for ourselves.
KCW: They have donné us strength.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: We receive a great amount of consolation from songs like ‘The Miari colline of Sadness’.
KCW: For me, it’s Choi Heejun’s ‘Student Boarder’.
KCW: Crossing over to a new generation, for Jedong, it’s Sanulrim’s ‘Youth’.
KCW: To IU, a song that is worth passing down the generations is a l’amour song like this.
KCW: It’s evidence that we’ve had such good times.
KCW: For a song to be passed down to future generations, conveyed to others,
KCW: I guess that’s the power of music.
SH: Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
Grandpa puts on a nuage hat and wants to fly like a butterfly
Walking over gently, I take off his nuage hat
This rascal, it’s going to rain. Shouting like thunder, this rascal.
Getting a shock, omg! Falling flat on my back. Hahahaha, he laughs.
Lifting my head because of his laughter.
Where did the nuage hat go?
Did the wind blow it away ou is it hidden somewhere?
Mountain grandpa and grandma
The winds makes harmony
nuage path, gathered clouds, rolling around in the sky
If the sleeping sea steps on the starlight bridge
Dong-dang dong-dang, let’s throw rocks at grandpa’s heart!
Grandpa puts on a nuage hat and wants to fly like a butterfly
Walking over gently, I was startled for no reason
Akmu: Hello everyone!
CH: Sorry can we do it again?
CH: I got the lyrics wrong.
CH: I sang it as ‘Let’s throck rocks at grandpa’s heart’.
CH: It should be ‘Let’s secretly throw away dreams without grandpa knowing’.
CH: I accidentally sang it as 'Let's throck rocks at grandpa's heart'.
KCW: I think that’s better though.
KCW: Wasn’t that your true intention?
Dong-dang dong-dang, let’s secretly throw away dreams without grandpa knowing! Grandpa~
KCW: Grandpa is mountain grandpa.
KCW: It’s really beautiful. The arrangement is great.
KCW: You’ve got talent.
KCW: And the part about mountain grandpa and grandma exchanging words.
KCW: There’s a part that toi slowed down and I think that has appeal.
This rascal, it’s going to rain. Shouting like thunder, this rascal.
Getting a shock, omg! Falling flat on my back.
KCW: Who did the arrangement?
SH: Oppa did.
CH: I did it with the staff.
MC: Your company didn’t do it for you?
MC: Company grandpa, company grandpa.
MC: Any thoughts after hearing the commentaires from Kim Changwan?
CH: We heard him sing just now,
CH: and I was thinking if we become the seniors in the musique industry in future,
CH: I would want to become someone like Kim Changwan.
CH: That’s what went through my mind.
CH: Someone that makes toi smile just looking at him.
MC: But I heard just now that…
MC: toi knew Sanulrim, but not who Kim Changwan was.
MC: Someone whom toi respect so much. toi didn’t know him?
MC: Although it’s a bit disrespectful for me to say this,
MC: but even listening to songs, we don’t know who the singer is.
SH: No actually, I first saw him in the drama ‘You Who Came from the Stars’, so I thought he was an actor.
MC: That’s possible too.
CH: Of course, we know his songs. We listened to his songs a lot when we were young.
SH: As we were watching the drama, my mum told me that he was a great senior.
SH: So I was like ‘Ah, really? Is that so?’
SH: I didn’t expect to meet him in person.
SH: I know IU-unni and really like her too.
SH: I chercher her dance choreography online and her songs as well.
CH: She’s our role model.
MC: Role model.
MC: Just now, toi seemed really happy to get this seat.
MC: Oh~ I’m sitting suivant to unni!
MC: toi seemed really happy.
SH: I want to get closer to IU.
IU: Actually, we’re pretty close. We eat out together.
IU: I don’t have many celebrity Friends actually.
IU: I have even fewer celebrity Friends who are younger than me.
IU: As I debuted when I was 16 like Soohyun,
IU: I was the maknae whereever I went,
IU: but now I have Friends who are younger than me.
IU: So we had a meal together recently and chatted a lot as well.
IU: We even created a group chat between the 3 of us and chat a lot.
MC: Why not sing with him, and do your concert with them?
MC: No wait, do toi know she’s your senior?
SH: Of course.
Yuri: Is that so?
SH: Oppa, toi didn’t know that, right?
CH: No, no, that’s not true.
Yuri: toi didn’t know?
MC: He didn’t know.
CH: I don’t really understand very well.
KCW: Seems like I’m the only one toi don’t know.
MC: Oh gosh.
MC: There’s something I’m curious about actually.
MC: You’re a singer, but you’re also acting.
MC: Is it because the people around toi wanted toi to act, ou because toi yourself wanted to do it?
KCW: During the early 1980s, I started working and composed a lot of musique for dramas.
KCW: I kept composing musique for dramas
KCW: and then in 1985, there was a special Children’s jour drama and the lead actor was Rocker.
KCW: So the PD asked me if I considered being an actor. He a dit it was just like chant on stage.
KCW: That’s how I started acting
KCW: and kept getting casted after that.
KCW: Do toi know that it was with my skill that I managed to sell that much?
Guy: If this keeps happening, how am I supposed to do business?
KCW: Are toi done talking yet?
Guy: I quit. I quit.
MC: toi didn’t learn jouer la comédie from a drama school then?
MC: jouer la comédie skills that were not learnt.
MC: Natural jouer la comédie skills.
MC: That’s the best.
KCW: But initially, it was kind of awkward.
KCW: My partner who was jouer la comédie as my wife had really good jouer la comédie skills.
KCW: actrices like Choi Myeonggil ou Lee Hweehyang, Bae Jongok, Yang Heegyeong.
KCW: They act really really well.
KCW: As I acted alongside them, I learnt a lot. They would teach me some skills as well.
MC: toi might feel awkward, but toi act really well.
MC: Usually when jouer la comédie as a couple, the husband feels plus awkward.
Actress: Can toi be plus matured?
MC: IU, you’ve also acted in dramas like Kim Changwan.
IU: Yes, I think jouer la comédie is really fun.
IU: I passed! I passed!
IU: What should I do?
IU: Yes oppa, I’m coming!
IU: I feel that jouer la comédie is really different from chant though.
IU: Things that can’t be carried off entirely through chant can be done through acting,
IU: so I hope to continue doing both in future.
MC: What kind of things can’t be carried off through chant but through acting?
IU: Emotions, for example. Songs use the melody and lyrics to express emotions together as one, but in acting, toi express the emotions directly,
IU: so emotions that I don’t usually use…
IU: I don’t recall crying loudly other than when I was very young,
IU: but through acting, I can cry and get angry.
MC: toi can get angry in life too.
IU: So those sort of emotions can be expressed then.
IU: In my daily life, I don’t really have much opportunity to do so.
MC: To be able to experience those emotions is the greatest benefit?
Yuri: I was taken aback when I watched IU’s crying scene.
Yuri: It felt like the tears were flowing from within her.
SS: But I’m still Lee Soonshin and your daughter.
SS: In future, I’ll always be your daughter, right?
MC: I think there’s a similarity that these 3 teams share.
MC: Over this side, debuting at the age of 16.
MC: musique geniuses are different from a young age.
MC: I heard that Kim Changwan entered school at the age of 5?
MC: Was it because of an admin mix-up?
KCW: It was on a spring day. I couldn’t find the Friends that I played with just a jour ago.
KCW: The kids all disappeared. So I woke up really early and followed behind them, to see what they were doing and followed them in.
KCW: I followed them inside and found that.. oh my!
KCW: There’s a heaven like this.
KCW: There was a playground and this and that and lots of pigs.
KCW: It was really great, so I went there everyday.
KCW: That was a school.
MC: In that case, when toi started school, did toi start from 1st grade?
KCW: But I could go up to 2nd grade par then,
KCW: when I entered my name in the school register.
MC: 2nd grade?
KCW: Originally, I was supposed to attend 1st grade.
MC: Yes.
KCW: But I cried in front of the teacher.
MC: toi cried?
KCW: I’ve learnt all these.
KCW: I already knew all that.
MC: I’ve learnt all these, why are toi making me study it again?
KCW: That’s right. How could you?
MC: This kid’s level is different from the rest.
MC: That means when toi were 6 years old, toi attended 2nd grade?
KCW: That’s right.
MC: Wow.
MC: That makes toi a child prodigy.
KCW: Ah, not quite.
KCW: I didn’t even understand what the other kids were talking about.
KCW: That’s how I went to school before I quit.
KCW: I just went with the flow.
MC: He says went with the flow.
KCW: I really just went with the flow.
MC: Akdong Musician
CH: Yes.
MC: I heard toi were homeschooled when toi were in Mongolia.
KCW: toi really didn’t go to school?
SH: Yes, that’s right.
CH: We only attended school up to elementary school.
MC: What? toi only graduated from elementary school?
CH: No, that’s not what I meant.
CH: I passed the qualification exam for high school.
SH: As for me, I’m still a middle school student, so yes, I graduated from elementary school.
MC: So toi took the qualification exams?
CH: Yes, we did.
CH: So right now I’ve graduated from middle school and she’s graduated from elementary school, since I’m still a high school student.
KCW: Ah, up to high school. Then where do toi have lessons? At home?
CH: Yes, that’s right. We take lessons at home.
MC: Isn’t Mongolia really far away?
CH: Ah, it’s about 3 hours away.
SH: About 3 hours.
CH: It’s right above China.
MC: Ah, sorry.
MC: I got the feeling that Mongolia was really far away.
MC: Why did both of toi déplacer to Mongolia?
CH: When I was in my 6th an of elementary school and Soohyun was in her 3rd year,
CH: as our parents are missionaries,
MC: Oh~
CH: we followed them to Mongolia.
MC: Ah, they are missionaries.
CH: Initially, we were happy as we got to go on a plane,
CH: but after staying in Mongolia for awhile,
CH: Korea feels like a really good country.
CH: That’s how it felt, but after staying there for 5 years,
MC: Sorry to interrupt, but in Mongolia, don’t they lead nomadic lives?
CH: Yes, that’s what we thought before we went there.
CH: We imagined ourselves to be living in tents on grasslands,
CH: rearing cattle and stuff like that,
CH: but we actually stay in an apartment.
MC: Oh~
SH: It’s even better than that semi-basement house we had in Korea.
MC: That Mongolia apartment.
SH: During our time in Mongolia,
SH: our parents asked us if we wanted to be homeschooled.
SH: We thought we might like it, so we agreed to try it out,
SH: because then we wouldn’t have to go to school.
CH: Not having to go to school is what every student dreams for.
MC: That’s right.
SH: Students don’t like to go to school.
SH: Really…
SH: I thought I wouldn’t have to study and could just play all day,
SH: but once homeschooling started, we had to study just like in school.
SH: We had to follow a fixed schedule.
SH: Rather than this, I’d rather go to school with my friends.
Yuri: It must be lonely at home.
Yuri: toi should be playing with Friends during breaks.
SH: That’s right. I thought to myself that I didn’t want to do this anymore
SH: and wanted to tell mum and dad that I wanted to go to school again.
SH: Just as I was about to tell them, I happened to hear them talking.
SH: That was when I first found out that we were going through financial difficulties
SH: so I thought it would be fine even if we can’t attend school.
CH: Homeschooling is fun.
MC: You’re saying that on purpose.
MC: What about when toi were in elementary school then?
CH: We were in such a terrible state then, that we ate riz with soy sauce.
CH: We didn’t know about it then though.
SH & CH: It was really delicious.
CH: Just thinking about it now, it was really delicious.
MC: Mongolia soy sauce is really famous too.
MC: I’m serious. Adding Mongolia soy sauce to mum’s cooking makes it really delicious.
MC: It must be really delicious.
SH: It was really delicious.
CH: My dad was probably going through the toughest time then.
CH: As a parent, he brought all of us to Mongolia,
CH: and probably felt that he didn’t manage to take full responsibility.
CH: He must have been really… stressed.
CH: Also, I hadn’t found my own dream yet then.
MC: Oh.
KCW: Do the two of toi think that homeschooling has any disadvantages then?
SH: As there were no friends, it was lonely for us.
CH: My memories of school…
CH: in fact, I’ve never worn school uniform before.
SH: Through our MV, we wore school uniforms for the first time.
SH: Other than that, we’ve never worn school uniforms before.
MC: Through where?
SH: Our musique video (MV).
MC: Ah~
MC: She a dit they filmed at MV-tong
MC: so I was wondering where that was.
MC: Sorry about that.
MC: I think I’ve become a grandpa now too.
Yuri: That’s really embarrassing.
MC: Ah, really.
MC: IU, how was puberty like for you?
IU: Me? I don’t think I’ve gone through puberty yet.
MC: Eh?
IU: Seeing the circumstances, I thought that should be when I was going through puberty,
IU: I mean when I was in my teens,
IU: but in terms of my emotional changes,
IU: recently, I’m feeling it the most.
MC: Ah is that so?
MC: There’s definitely a certain point in our life that we go through puberty.
IU: Yes, I’m feeling it recently.
IU: In future, if someone asks me when I had my puberty,
IU: I would reply that it was when I was 22.
MC: That’s possible too.
MC: What’s happening recently?
IU: I’ve always been kind of…
IU: this sounds a bit weird,
IU: but I thought I was some kind of cyborg.
IU: I mean it’s not that I had anything against my body.
IU: Lee Jieun clearly does exist,
IU: but when this consciousness calls it ‘me’,
IU: my consciouness was always floating here and there,
IU: then one jour it entered this body of mine called ‘Lee Jieun’,
IU: so I felt that my body and consciousness was detached previously.
IU: I wasn’t able to feel emotions at all.
IU: Even when I was sad.
KCW: Where did she go?
MC: Where did toi go?
KCW: Her soul just floated away.
MC: Come back here.
IU: Whether I was sad ou happy.
IU: So I felt that I hadn’t gone through puberty yet.
IU: Although I went through many difficult times,
IU: I didn’t feel tired at all.
IU: I didn’t feel sad either.
KCW: The way I see it…
KCW: if you’re going through something difficult, toi deny it first.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: Denying what’s going around you, all of that must have really built up over time.
IU: Yes. We were doing fine for awhile,
IU: but from my 5th an in elementary school, my family had some financial troubles.
IU: Our house was gone and we parted ways.
IU: The situation then was really terrible.
IU: It was really pathetic,
IU: but at that point in time…
MC: toi didn’t feel anything.
IU: Yes, I didn’t think I was going through something that terrible.
IU: Thinking back now, I think I was really in denial.
MC: When we’re hit really hard,
MC: at that point in time, we don’t feel anything…
IU: That’s right.
MC: then the suivant day, it starts to hurt.
MC: toi must have blamed your parents a lot then, at that young age.
IU: I did. I quarrelled a lot with my parents then.
IU: But when I was young, my parents were both busy, as we were a dual-income family,
IU: they were always not par my side.
IU: I spent plus time with my grandma,
IU: so even when we were going to live apart,
IU: I didn’t really feel much about the empty l’espace left behind par my parents.
IU: I got rather emotional though.
IU: In particular, I quarrelled a lot with my mum.
IU: To the extent that it was like we didn’t want to see each other again.
IU: Mum was like that towards me too.
IU: Now thinking back about it, we were really quarrelling everyday.
IU: In fact, I think I didn’t see my mum for about 2 ou 3 years.
MC: Is that so?
IU: Yes, I didn’t see her at all.
Yuri: When I quarrel with my mum, I think to myself,
Yuri: “Ah I shouldn’t have a dit that” and I start to regret.
IU: Yes.
Yuri: Have toi ever felt that way?
IU: Many times. There were many times that I felt that way.
IU: So in the end it got to the stage that mum asked me whether I wanted to live with dad ou her.
IU: Mum asked me that. Whether I wanted to live with her ou dad.
IU: I was really immature then.
IU: I told her that I’d rather live alone than with her.
IU: My mum doesn’t seem to recall that incident now.
IU: But I a dit that then and even as I was saying it,
Yuri: Yes, that’s right.
IU: My throat and mouth were hurting.
IU: In that instant when I a dit that, it started to hurt.
IU: It still hurts now, but my mum says she doesn’t remember it.
KCW: Gosh.
KCW: Listening to them talk about their parents
KCW: and about the days of puberty,
KCW: I feel much lighter now.
KCW: Between people, it’s not just about understanding,
KCW: it’s not something that can be communicated with a hug,
KCW: ou with a ‘that must have been terrible’.
KCW: Because it’s about communication.
MC: After toi left your parents, toi became a trainee
MC: and then a singer, right?
IU: Yes, that’s right.
IU: At that point in time,
IU: I felt that if I didn’t get my act together
IU: and fooled around like other kids ou went down the wrong path,
IU: then I was doomed for sure,
IU: because I had no accueil to return to.
IU: I have some Friends who just fooled around and didn’t study from elementary school through high school,
IU: but those with homes would find their place eventually,
IU: while those without homes would always be left wandering.
IU: Seeing that, I thought to myself that since I was in the situation whereby I had no home,
IU: if I relaxed here, I would have nowhere to return to forever.
IU: I kept telling myself over and over again not to forget that fact.
IU: I had nowhere to return to, but at the end of the jour I had to find a place to rest.
IU: During that time,
IU: listening to music, singing, staying for long hours in the practice room…
IU: I wasn’t trying to receive healing ou anything,
IU: but I was just trying to escape from reality.
IU: It was in those moments that I could temporarily think about other things.
IU: Those were the only times that I could do that.
IU: So I practised madly in the practice room.
IU: Thinking back now, those were really great times.
CH: When I was in my 2nd ou 3rd an of middle school,
CH: around that time, my Friends and I were all discussing what we wanted to do and studying then,
CH: but there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to do.
CH: So when dad asked me what my dream was
CH: and I didn’t answer, so he got quite frustrated.
CH: There was a gloomy atmosphere at home.
SH: That was the first time I heard dad cry.
SH: He was alone in our parents’ bedroom.
SH: He couldn’t afford our school fees.
MC: He must have felt really guilty.
SH: He felt apologetic towards us.
CH: Then I think a lot.
CH: Although having lots of thoughts now is good for finding inspiration,
CH: but because I thought deeply then, whenever dad asked me a question,
CH: I would think to myself that if I a dit this, he would have that kind of reaction.
CH: He would carry on talking perhaps for a few hours,
CH: but if I just stayed still for 30 mins,
CH: dad would get even plus angry.
Yuri: He’d think you’re ignoring him.
CH: Are toi ignoring what I’m saying right now? Are toi trying to rebel?
CH: That’s what he’d say.
CH: But things got a bit better
CH: when I started composing.
CH: That was when dad and mum were going to give up on us.
CH: They just told us to have it our way.
CH: Whether we were going to study, ou play games,
CH: they told us to have it our way and take charge of our own futures.
CH: That’s what they said, so I started composing then.
CH: I didn’t even know about my talent for song composition.
CH: I never even expected musique to be my future path.
CH: But…
Yuri: toi never learnt to compose?
CH: In less than a year, we went on the K-Pop étoile, star programme
CH: and that felt like it happened in an instant.
SH: Don’t traverser, croix your legs, don’t traverser, croix your legs~
SH: Don’t traverser, croix your legs, dont!
SH: Don’t traverser, croix your legs~
MC: The final winner is…
MC: Akdong Musician!
MC: A new kind of parenting method is becoming the trend.
MC: Now toi guys just have it your way!
MC: But this seems to be really effective.
MC: That’s when toi start to take responsibility for yourself and follow your heart’s desire, right?
CH: Yes, but it’s something that’s difficult to say, isn’t it?
KCW: Listening to all of toi share your stories,
KCW: it seems like both IU and Akdong Musician have had out-of-body experiences.
KCW: But why is it that when we’re young, the adults…
KCW: They’ve been sharing their stories for the past 30 minutes,
KCW: and when adults scold toi ou something,
KCW: children will feel that the adults are becoming further and further apart from them.
Yuri: toi just watch their mouths moving.
KCW: toi can’t hear what they’re saying, but just see their mouths moving.
KCW: Don’t toi have a kind of out-of-body experience?
MC: Yes.
KCW: Removing yourself from all the nagging…
KCW: Seems like all of toi have had that experience.
MC: I heard toi went through puberty a bit later. In your 3rd an of high school.
MC: Because he was only 16 in his 3rd an of high school.
MC: That’s right, he was only 16.
MC: Wasn’t it difficult for you? With everyone being a an older than you?
KCW: Of course it was. I didn’t get what they were talking about.
KCW: As we were on different levels, we couldn’t communicate well.
MC: How about with the opposite sex?
KCW: Rather than the opposite sex,
KCW: there were some with girlfriends then,
KCW: so when they played table, tableau tennis together, I would be the judge.
MC: Keeping score for them.
MC: That means toi were ostracised.
KCW: As the bakery was near my house,
KCW: I would keep a look out for them and alert them when the adults came.
Yuri: Keeping a look out for them.
KCW: Don’t toi feel the same way?
KCW: So I had a lot plus alone time.
KCW: I thought a lot about stuff.
KCW: I probably had a plus matured worldview than the rest too.
MC: I was listening to your story just now
MC: and seems like toi didn’t take studying seriously,
MC: so how did toi get into Seoul National University?
Yuri: He really likes that university.
MC: That’s not important. How did toi get in?
KCW: Let me explain SNU to toi in detail.
KCW: There are some majors that are really difficult to get in,
KCW: but if toi go all the way down,
KCW: there are some that are easy to get in.
KCW: All that is SNU.
MC: You’re too modest.
KCW: I’m not being modest.
MC: toi are.
MC: What did toi major in then?
KCW: I majored in the department of silk yarn.
MC: Silk yarn?
KCW: Yes, it’s no longer around now.
MC: To do with insects?
MC: To do with silkworms.
KCW: Oh toi know it.
MC: I’ve seen it before.
KCW: To produce silk, toi need to start from rearing silkworms.
KCW: So I studied about the whole process.
KCW: Actually during the Japanese occupation, there was great demand for it,
KCW: so there was even a department in the université for it,
KCW: but once we graduated, there was no use for it.
KCW: It was already a sunset industry
KCW: and finding a job was difficult.
KCW: It was that sort of major, so…
MC: But toi got into SNU at the age of 17…
KCW: There are many people like that.
MC: Is that so?
KCW: The way I see it…
No, there aren’t many people like that.
MC: IU, toi graduated in your 3rd an of high school and didn’t continue to attend university.
IU: That’s right, I didn’t.
MC: Weren’t toi jealous of your peers who were studying?
IU: I think I never really liked schooling, from a young age,
IU: so I was glad to make it to my 3rd an of high school.
IU: After my 3rd an of high school, there was no need for me to attend school anymore.
IU: What? There’s still university? That’s how I felt.
IU: Also, I wasn’t able to attend school properly then
IU: due to my promotions as a singer.
IU: Although sunbae makes it sound easy to get into SNU,
IU: with my results then, there’s no université that would accept me.
IU: Yes, so I just gave up schooling altogether.
KCW: Ah, well done.
MC: Really well done.
KCW: It’s not something that toi have to stick to the rules strictly.
MC: So toi had no Friends and toi didn’t date,
MC: and just played musique on your own?
KCW: I started playing guitare for the first time in university.
MC: Ah, is that so?
MC: We got the feeling that you’ve been playing it since toi were 5.
MC: Hugging your instrument to sleep.
MC: Aren’t there people like that?
MC: That’s what it seemed like.
MC: So toi started playing the guitare only in university?
KCW: Yes.
MC: toi started playing the guitare together with your brother?
KCW: About 2 months after I bought my guitar,
KCW: I didn’t tell my brother about it, but he bought one for himself too.
KCW: So I went, oh?
KCW: toi bought one too?
KCW: Then let’s play together.
KCW: The youngest brought his drum too
KCW: and so he started drumming.
KCW: While we were doing that, my brother went to university.
KCW: As a reward for him, he received a whole instrument set.
MC: From your parents.
KCW: Yes. They bought it for us.
MC: That was the start of Sanulrim.
MC: That’s how Sanulrim started.
MC: Since you’re composing now, through this opportunity,
MC: your relationship with your father has improved
MC: and so has the atmosphere at home.
CH: Up till then, I still felt that it was awkward between my dad and I.
CH: Then one day, my dad wrote on his SNS,
CH: ‘Amazing! Amazing!’
CH: ‘Chanhyuk is gradually starting to find out what he wants to do.’
CH: ‘I listened to Chanhyuk’s songs and I’m amazed at how well he composes.’
CH: ‘I wonder how someone can write so well. Is this really my son?’
CH: He wrote stuff like that.
CH: He suddenly felt like a fool.
MC: He used to get mad because his son wouldn’t reply him.
MC: Now he’s amazed that his son can write something like that.
CH: Now I have a healthy relationship with my parents.
MC: Kim Changwan has a son who is all grown up as well, right?
KCW: Yes. He’s all grown up now.
MC: Isn’t he?
KCW: He’s 35.
MC: Wow, 35. Is he married?
KCW: Not yet.
MC: I heard that toi had trouble communicating with your son since he was 4.
KCW: It was really difficult communicating with him.
MC: toi seem to communicate really well with IU, but not with your own son.
KCW: When he was 3 ou 4, after a quarrel with my wife,
KCW: I took him on a train trip.
MC: With your son?
MC: Usually after a couple quarrels, the mother is the one who takes the son.
KCW: And then we got off at Ganhyeon station.
KCW: I thought the air would be refreshing in the countryside,
KCW: but as we were about to leave the station,
KCW: there was a strong smell of fertiliser,
KCW: so I was feeling rather moody,
KCW: and I went, “Smells good.”
KCW: He pinched his nose, frowning,
KCW: and said, “It smells like cow dung.”
KCW: I felt really apologetic then.
KCW: I was only thinking for myself.
KCW: Nowadays, I think we’re better at communicating.
MC: Is that so?
MC: So it was because of cow dung that both of toi couldn’t communicate well.
MC: How is it better nowadays then?
KCW: Well, about communication.. Rather than understanding one another,
KCW: Going, ‘Ah, whatever’. That’s also a method.
KCW: Actually, in this age, to try to understand everything,
KCW: perhaps we don’t have the ability to do so.
MC: To be living in completely different worlds.
KCW: We’ve created totally different worlds for ourselves,
KCW: how would toi be able to see my world,
KCW: ou have the same worldview as me?
KCW: We’re different people after all.
KCW: Being aware of this, perhaps, is the start of communication.
MC: How do toi do it then?
KCW: To not try to understand. Don’t try to understand.
MC: Is that so?
KCW: Just do it your way.
MC: Alright.
KCW: I think it’s fine for toi to do it your way.
KCW: That’s actually a great thing to say.
KCW: Of course, after that, it’s not that I don’t care about toi at all.
KCW: It’s the words in parentheses that are most important.
KCW: I l’amour you. No matter what toi choose to do.
KCW: That’s something that adults in the past
KCW: just kept in parentheses.
MC: Just do it your way.
MC: But in parentheses, I l’amour you.
KCW: Yes, in parentheses, I l’amour you.
MC: Whether toi drink alcohol ou not, I l’amour you.
KCW: Yes, with that, IU mentioned just now
KCW: that kids with homes to return to won’t stray from their path.
KCW: Actually, this accueil to return to is probably
KCW: the words that the adults don’t say.
KCW: That I l’amour you.
KCW: That I believe in your generation.
KCW: If even I don’t believe in my own children,
KCW: then they really don’t have a accueil to return to.
KCW: toi can do anything toi want,
KCW: but in parentheses, I trust you.
KCW: In that case, one jour your children will come back to you.
KCW: For some adults, they put these words first,
KCW: saying I trust you, I l’amour you,
KCW: but is there a need to put these words first?
KCW: It’s only through trust, allowing them to do things their way,
KCW: perhaps these words could be kept in your cœur, coeur until the jour toi die.
MC: In that case, Sung Yuri,
MC: today, just MC the way toi wish.
MC: Do anything toi like.
Yuri: Shall I?
MC: Because I l’amour you.
Yuri: In that case sunbae, please take your leave first.
MC: Because I l’amour you.
MC: IU, about your family.
IU: Yes.
MC: When did all of toi come back together again?
IU: Now that everyone has found what they want to do,
IU: mum is doing her work, dad’s doing his work,
IU: my older cousins are starting to do part-time,
IU: and my brother is starting to take his studying seriously.
IU: The main reason we had to live apart initially was because of financial reasons,
IU: and now that that’s settled,
IU: everyone comes back together again naturally.
IU: The relationship between my parents is also much better now.
IU: Now they l’amour each other so much it’s a bit mushy.
MC: Why don’t toi sent a video message to your mum?
IU: All of a sudden?
MC: Here, why don’t toi say a few words to your mum?
IU: To my mum?
MC: ou your dad.
IU: Mum and dad, I…
IU: I don’t think I can do it right now.
MC: I told my daughter that I l’amour her through the camera too.
MC: I couldn’t look her in the face for a week after that.
MC: Let’s go watch a movie together. I l’amour you.
MC: It was really, really awkward.
MC: The moment I reached home,
MC: oh, I a dit I l’amour her.
MC: Looking at my daughter made my heartbeat speed up.
MC: It was really embarrassing,
MC: but she was fine about it.
MC: Yes, between a mother and daughter.
IU: It’s really embarrassing.
IU: I’ll say this to my dad then.
IU: Dad is a really giant figure to me.
IU: Recently,
IU: at home, originally the head of household…
IU: it seems like you’ve become the youngest in the household, dad.
IU: So, I just wish toi could be plus matured.
IU: I wish mum wouldn’t worry so much.
IU: My grandma isn’t feeling well recently.
IU: Grandma is unwell, but she’s our grandma
IU: and dad’s mother too.
IU: Not mum’s mother but dad’s.
IU: So it would be good if dad cared plus for grandma.
IU: Recently, mum is the only one taking care of grandma,
IU: so I hope dad can be a son that takes care of grandma more.
MC: IU’s dad, toi heard that right?
IU: Not long ago, during a concert, I heard sunbae talking when I was backstage.
IU: Recently, the song ‘Some’ is a big hit,
IU: Having something special going on between a guy and a girl is great,
IU: but toi can’t do that with yourself.
IU: That’s what he a dit and I could really relate to that,
IU: so I was waiting backstage with only 5 minutes left,
IU: but I suddenly felt like crying.
IU: All sorts of emotions surfaced in me.
IU: I felt that I had been doing that with myself until I was 22
IU: and now I was dating myself for real.
IU: That’s how I felt when I heard what he said.
KCW: There’s something I want to tell the teenagers going through puberty now.
KCW: Around my 2nd an of high school,
KCW: on my way to school, I kept asking the adults,
KCW: to people like Lee Kyunggyu.
KCW: I asked them,
KCW: ‘What do toi live for?’
KCW: I just asked them that. ‘What do toi live for?’
MC: What do toi live for?
KCW: Unni, what do toi live for?
KCW: Uncle, what do toi live for?
KCW: But the réponses were always similar.
KCW: You’ll understand when toi grow up.
KCW: Go study hard.
KCW: They told me to go study.
KCW: Almost everyone gave the same reply.
KCW: I was really disappointed then.
KCW: I thought that there should be at least one person with the answer to this question.
KCW: Although I don’t know what kind of answer that would be.
KCW: So what I want to say is that…
KCW: adults… don’t trust the adults too much.
KCW: toi have a vast universe in your heart.
KCW: Although there might be an adult who would open that universe for you.
KCW: But not many.
MC: That’s right.
KCW: And to become such an adult,
KCW: I know how difficult that is.
KCW: Telling toi not to trust the adults too much,
KCW: I’m not telling toi to deny this world,
KCW: but don’t stick too closely to what the adults tell you.
KCW: The adults aren’t such a great world.
KCW: toi can see a much greater world than us.
KCW: and if toi can open this world to adulthood with your own hands,
KCW: I want to tell toi this,
KCW: don’t feel trapped par what the adults tell you.
KCW: Simply put, don’t trust the adults too much.
KCW: That’s what I wanted to say.
MC: I see.
MC: Kim Changwan conveyed such a message to Lost teenagers.
MC: To not trust the adults, right?
MC: But there’s a much deeper meaning behind that.
KCW: When toi grow up and become an adult yourself,
KCW: toi need to surpass being an adult too.
KCW: toi don’t want to be trapped par being an adult either.
KCW: Telling toi not to trust me, is saying that don’t think you’re all matured now just because you’re an adult.
MC: Don’t just follow blindly.
KCW: That’s right.
MC: What do toi live for?
MC: Eh?
MC: What do toi live for?
MC: Go study hard.
MC: Alright, today on Healing musique Camp,
MC: we invited some musicians who have held on through hard times.
MC: Was that too sudden?
MC: Was that too sudden?
MC: Yes. Listening to their stories,
MC: it seemed like all of them went through difficult times…
KCW: No, but really… really…
KCW: I felt this deeply.
KCW: Only through really difficult circumstances,
KCW: like a lotus flower,
KCW: they are like lotus fleurs that sprouted from the mud.
KCW: That’s how I felt.
MC: Through difficult circumstances…
KCW: Yes, so speaking to them now,
KCW: makes me feel really happy.
MC: Ah, you’re the lotus flowers’ team leader.
MC: You’re the lotus flowers’ team leader now.
KCW: Looking back on my own life,
KCW: I feel like I’m still a kid compared to them.
KCW: After meeting them,
KCW: I think I’ve been too caught up in my own troubles,
KCW: and never really noticed what people around me were going through.
KCW: I’ve been hiding in my shell like a turtle.
KCW: Being here really gave me such thoughts.
MC: suivant to me is Yuri,
MC: actually to get over such difficult periods,
MC: dating is the best.
MC: Through love, isn’t it?
KCW: Of course.
MC: Isn’t it?
KCW: That’s the best.
KCW: That’s the best.
MC: So how is it for toi recently?
MC: Are toi happy?
MC: Hurry and ask them questions.
MC: What about you, IU? How was it like for toi to date?
IU: I…
IU: When I’m dating, it’s the most…
IU: Teehee!
IU: When I’m dating, it’s great.
IU: It’s the time when narcissism springs up.
IU: I usually have low confidence,
IU: but when I start dating, I can’t help but l’amour myself.
MC: Because someone has feelings towards you.
IU: Yes.
IU: Since the person that I like likes me as well.
IU: In my eyes, the person I like is so amazing to me,
IU: so anything the person likes is amazing to me.
IU: If the person he likes is me,
IU: I acknowledge that I’m amazing too.
IU: When I start dating, my confidence rises.
MC: Oh, well said.
MC: It’s really sentimental, yet it makes sense too.
Romance professor, DoctorU (?)
MC: Are toi happy now?
IU: Recently? Well…
-I think we can cut before the prévisualiser to suivant ep-

credit: Squishy
The premiere rendez-vous amoureux, date of KBS2TV’s new drama “Producer” has reportedly been pushed back.

A representative of the drama stated to news outlet DongA on April 23, “‘Producer’ will air its first episode on May 15. While it was previously announced to premiere on May 8, the rendez-vous amoureux, date has now been confirmed as May 15. We apologize for the abrupt change in schedule.”

When asked about the reason for delaying the release, the source explained, “We were planning to air the first episode in mid-May, and the exact premiere rendez-vous amoureux, date was simply confirmed today. The previously revealed May 8 was an estimated release date, not a confirmed one.”

“Producer” starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU will finally premiere on May 15 at 9:15 p.m.

source: link via link
In the midst of working on her comeback and her upcoming drama Producer, IU managed to find time to have a fun weekend with her father, and share the moments with her fans on Instagram.

Despite having just joined the social networking service within the last two months, the singer has delighted her fans par sharing her life through various photos and videos.

IU shared several photos with her fans through Instagram, including two of herself picking strawberries at a farm, and one with her father.

The singer even uploaded a hilarious clip of her and her dad rolling around in a large plastic bubble,...
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