The clan and his ambition,the tow cannot coexist.....
Uchiha Itachi (pg 36-41)

To take Naruto is an order laid down to us par Akatuki

pg 37

Abandoning his clan and village, the genius ninja who works behind the scenes of chaos.

Uchiha Itachi: the genius descendent of the Leaf’s elite Uchihas, and the one to bring their downfall. This is something everyone know but his true intentions and his deeds thereafter is known to almost none.

(Pic of Itachi)
“Asuma san, Kurenai san, please don’t interfere with my work. I don’t want to kill you.”
Although it seems like he does not want to fight, behind his words is absolute confidence.

Itachi appears in the village to fulfill the orders as the member of the organization that moves behind chaos. As the one who holds the Raiponce strings of relationships that connect the past and future, when he moves, the wheels of destiny turns.

Ninja Registration: 012110
Birthday: June 9th (18 Gemini)
Height: 175. 2cm , weight: 57.1 kg, bloodtype: AB
Personality: smart and cold
Specialties: Tchkuyumi, Amateras, Mangekyou Sharingan, feu jutsu

Graduated Ninja Academy: 7
Assignment ranking: D: 53, C;152, B:134, A:0, S:1

He knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to achieve his goals. For now, achieving the Akatuki’s great ambition takes precedence over fighting.

Pg 38

Days bearing the Uchiha name, where have all the memories gone?

For Sasuke, Itachi was a brother but also someone to measure up to and climb over.

“Ha ha, that’s my son. To have reached this level only after half a an as a chunnin”-Itachi’s father.
Leader of the clan, Hugaku has absolute trust in his son.

Even as a member of the elite clan, Itachi was someone special. He always exceeded his father’s expectations, his brother’s idolatry.

“I’m going to Sasuke’s induction (to ninja school) ceremony tomorrow.”-Itachi
He puts his brother before the mission and shows the image of the perfect brother.

Uchiha Shisui’s secret death

After Itachi’s ‘change’, the suicide of Shisui who was watching Itachi. His death brings on plus rift between Sasuke and the clan.
“Really, that’s too bad. I haven’t been able to meet him in a while.”-Itachi

pg 39

The rift that cannot be closed, and the night of death that descends

The relationship through inheritance of blood, people call this blood connection. But for someone who wants to reach greater heights, the name Uchiha is only a burden. Foolish customs that his own ‘dish,’ and when confronting the higher authorities who want the clan to flourish, the rift is permanent.

‘The Clan,’ and his ambition, the two cannot coexist.

The dilemma to rid himself of the boundaries of blood and reach greater heights ends the clan’s history. The madness reaches its peak on the night of the full moon and Itachi fills his dish with his clan’s blood.

“So one day, come to me with my eyes,” –Itachi to Sasuke.
With these words, Itachi leaves.

Pg. 40

Customs and rules that his dish…. He kills his clan. But after he leaves his village, he goes to Akatsuki. For someone who severed all human ties in order to reach the heights, what is he doing in a new organization?

The Order of Akatuki
The order laid down to Itach is to get Naruto’s Kyuubi. For an exiled criminal who is rejected everywhere, he returns to the village to only fulfill orders.

Forehead protector:
Itachi's has a huge scratch across, as if emphasizing he has abandoned his village.

pg 41

Mangekyou Sharingan:
The reason that Uchiha is called elite is because of the Sharingan. Itachi, who par the age of eight achieves the Sharingan, awakens this legendary ability, the Mangkeyou, which only a few done in the past.

The bladelike eyeball shape foretells death for the opponent.

A glimpse of ablities
par the age of seven, he graduated Ninja Academy at the haut, retour au début of his class. par 13, he became the captain of ANBU. It is hard to name all his achievements.
But it is hard to say that just these reflect Itachi's abilties. His true potential can ony be recognized par those in his level.
(Picture of Kakashi)
Kakashi, "That's incredible speed. I couldn't even follow his hand seals with my eyes. Also, to use the kunai in his right hand as bait and then attack my legs with water jutsu..."

Shadows of Ambition
After appearing in Leaf Village, he again disappears with his great ambitions.
What are the Akatuki's goal and the truth behind the 'Uchiha clan' and the 'Sharingan?
Hiding in the darkness, with those eyes that read the world, he waits for the right time.

Days bearing The Uchiha clan,where have all the memories gone?!....
Uchiha Shisui,itachi's best friend & more....
For Sasuke, Itachi was a brother but also someone to measure up to and climb over...