Uchiha brothers forever
As toi all should know par now,Itachi died on purpose.Yes as toi are wondering g it looked like he was trying to kill him in book 48,but,he only did that because he did not want Sasuke to know that.And that probably doesn't make since but it does.Why? because he was ordered to kill his clan from the one i know as Tobi.Because Tobi's not Madara,that's proof in book 58 ou 59...i forgot,and proof hes not Obito in book 27.He actually doesn't have a name because he doesn't want to be known as anyone but its just easier that way. Well,back to Itachi. Itachi always loved Sasuke and died on purpose because he didnt want him to know the truth and he didn't want to kill him that's the real reason he didn't kill sasuke when he had a chance,because he couldn't kill his dear,loving (well,used to be) little brother,he just couldn't! Eventually Sasuke Found out about Itachi's truth when Itachi died because of Tobi. So,the point is Itachi's truth is he is a true hero,and those who don't believe me,live with a lie i tried to tell you. THE END!