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Chapter Four, The House make over.

I decided, I'm going to help Jen fix her house. It's not good for her too live in that run down place. I made a machine that will help fix up her house. I better get GIR so we can get started on her house. "Gir! Come on we're going over to Jen's house!" "Awww, but I'm watching the Angery Monkey show" I look at the Tv "That stupied monkey, toi can watch the montrer later come on!" I grab his hand and pull him out the door, him kick and screaming "Gir!! Ok, If toi come with me I'll take toi to Krazy Taco!!" He stops screaming and starts pulling me down the street...
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Chapter Three, Jen's Secert.

It's been a mois since I've started hanging out with Jen. Me and her are really close Friends now. Me, Gaz, and her eat lunch together, we all hang out after skool. But she still won't let me walk her home. It's like she's trying to hide something from me. The suivant jour after skool, I followed her too her house. I know, I know I'm horrible for spying on her. But... I have to know what she is hiding from me. I finally get to her house and it's... it's just a small shake... it looks really run down. But... why is she living here? Is her family poor ou something? I...
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Chapter Two, A jour At The Lake.

"So Zim, Jen asked toi to come to the park with her? That's nice of toi to go with her. toi and her both need a friend." Gaz tells me as I walk her home. "Yup, I'm supposed to meet her at the lake in the park at 4:00 today." "Well, toi better be nice to her Zim, she really needs a friend. You've seen how she's been all week. Even Dib tried to talk to her, but she just freezes up, starts blushing, and quickly says she has to go. You're the only one who she's talk to, which must mean she wants to be your friend." When we reach her house I give her a goodbye kiss....
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i was abandoned when i was just 3years old. Eventually ou unfortunately in my case,i was found and taken in 2 an orphanage. the orphanage was depressing like me,old and boring.
i couldn't stand it and one jour it drew me mad till i finally said,"thats it,im running away."

I didn't really pack but grabbed 21$s and brought many pairs of my clothes. i didn't really have taste in fashion,i wore a long black chemise that went down 2 my knees and purple and dark rose sleeves that came out. under that i had some striped leggings that matched my sleeves and black boots.i also wore leather gloves where...
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(Zim is sleeping until StarBurst comes into the room)

StarBurst: Master Zim! Wake up! I'm ready for my suivant lesson!

Zim: *moans* Five plus minutes.....

StarBurst: *pounces on him* FIVE minutes IS UP! WAKEY! WAKEY!

Zim: *pouts* Fine, let me take a douche and get dressed....

(later in the shower)

Zim: How did that girl ever get so happy? *looks over, sees StarBurst sitting on the floor watching him bathe* GASP! *grabs a bar of soap and throws it* GET OUT!!!!!!!

StarBurst: *twirls around* Okay! Toodle Loo, yo sexy vampire! X3

Zim: *pouting* How would toi like it if I watched toi bathe?

StarBurst: *jumps* I'd be HAPPY!!!! X333333

Zim: toi PERVE!!! 0_0

StarBurst: *having nasty thoughts*

Zim: Why toi little!!! *grabs her and accidentally looks into her eyes*

StarBurst: *rubs zim's chest*