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Inuyasha et Kagome
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This Inuyasha fan-art might contain chaussant, le tuyau, bonneterie, tuyau, jambes nues, collants, pantalons moulants, skintight, pantalon skintight, pantalon collant, collant, and bustier.

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The following morning Hatchi meets up with Miroku alone. He tells Miroku what happned yesterday. Mioku then went to Inuyasha and Sango and made them confess. They did not know what he was talking about. He told them then they looked at eachother and smiled. They both blushed in a flash. Miroku was real mad at Inuyasha but he just walked off. Leaving the two "love-birds" behind. He returned an heure ou so later finding only Shippo and Kagome. He looked in the hut where they slept. He found them asleep suivant to eachother. Miroku was now completely jealous! He wanted to get back at Inuyasha for...
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