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does anyone agree that the Inuyasha animé makes kikyo seem sinister?

in the manga she does not pull a couteau out on Inuyasha ou say yeah i was going to kill kagome what are toi going to do about it? its hinted in the manga that she tried to kill her cause she tells kagome toi are me and there should be only one of is in this world then theres kagomes thoughts about it; but its not like the episode in the anime. that episode is usually why people dislike her; and in that part of the manga when Inuyasha shows up she tells him that she took it the jewel fragments but doesnt act mean about it. kagome and Inuyasha dont have a relationship til the end so what is she getting in the way of? Inuyasha is the one who goes looking for her when he catches her scent ou sees the soul collecters. then the Inuyasha films were based on the series but were not created par rumiko so are kinda irrelavant. kikyo believes only she has the power to purify naraku and the jewel so to sustain life and conquer him its essential to live off souls of already dead people. after lire the manga then watching the animé i felt that kikyo was not portrayed in the best light.
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SasodeiYaoiLuv said:
Very true kikyo is my fav character. :3
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